Do Nike Shoes Run Small Or Big? [Nike sizing]

Have you ever heard the story about Cinderella? Yes, you must have. It is a fairy tale written by Marcia Brown. There Cinderella got her prince with the help of her glazing glass shoe. Buddy life isn’t a fairy tale, so probably you won’t get your dream princess or prince because of a pair of tremendous shoes.

But indeed you could display an impressive first impression by wearing a fabulous pair of shoes. If someone asks you for a morning walk, what the first things come to your mind? You think about the shoes you want to wear. What if you were planning to buy a new Nike and worried about do Nike run small?

Don’t, because Nike offers the perfect fit and is best for frequent usage. Like, the ankle guard is fantastic, and the insole is specially designed to fit your feet.

Let’s explore this in detail.

Do Nike Shoes Run Small Or Big

do nike shoes run small?

What would you do If I offer you a pair of free shoes? You would be happy.

Then I give a condition that the shoes will be one size smaller than your usual size. Probably I would get a black eye by your punch in my face. Not only you, everybody requires shoes in the perfect size.

A pair of shoes that are a size or two large will often slip out of the feet. And a pair of shoes that are a size or two small will cause foot problems and pain in the ankle or surface of the foot. Nike shoes are worldwide well known for their classy design and innovative ideas. Nike fanboys might not agree, but it is a fact that Nike shoes do run small.

People with wider feet face difficulties with their size, and they always have to order a size larger to get a pair that truly fits their feet. Some even need to order shoes one and a half sizes bigger than their actual foot size.

People with narrower feet don’t have to go through that fuss, but those with wider feet have to buy a size larger than the actual size because Nike shoes run small. But you don’t have to worry.

Nike is going to launch “Nike Fit” to determine the Nike size of your shoes. If they found this, you don’t have to face any more hassle in buying Nike shoes.  

*** Nike has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

are all nike shoes the same size? How do I know my Nike size?

If you think about Nike shoes’ quality, it’s undoubtedly a worthy competitor to any other premium shoe brand. But when it comes to the measurement of size, you have to face some difficulties.

If you have narrow feet or average feet, then congrats! You can determine your size through Nike’s chart. It’s recommended for a person with wide feet to buy half or one size bigger than usual.

A Size chart for Nike shoes:

Person & States Size Range
US-Men Size range of 3.5 to 22
US-Women Size 5 to 23.5
US-Kids Size  3.5Y to 10.5Y
UK Size 3 to 21
CM Size 22.5 to 40
EU Size 35.5 to 56.5

As mentioned before, Nike is going to launch Nike fit. After launching Nike Fit, you won’t have to know your size, and only scanning your feet will be enough to get the perfect fit.

What does “R” mean in Nike shoe size?

For men, Nike shoes come in two types. One is a narrow fit, which is denoted by “N”. This is perfect for the guy who has narrow feet. Another type is regular, and it is denoted with the “M/R”. It’s for a person with standard feet.

Woman’s Nike shoes also come in two types. i.e. narrow and regular. These types are denoted by N and R. For women, Narrow is the typical size and regular is the wider size. So women having wider feet can solve their size issues if they buy standard size.

Does Nike 270 run big?

Yes, the Nike Air max 270 runs big.

It is true to size, not small or big. It will fit perfectly even if you have wide feet. You can wear thick socks with them. It’ll not be too tight or loose. It has a bigger space than the exact size of the Yeezy boost 700.

For some people, it fits better when they buy half size down. It has more void spaces compared to other Nikes. Not only that, Nike 270 is one of the comfiest shoes. They used air bubbles to make the shoes super comfortable. Cushioning under the feet makes it arguably the best Nike shoe ever. But it’s a little bit less roomy than other Air Max versions, i.e. 1, 90, 95, 720.

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Do Nikes run small ½ a size?

The answer would be undoubtedly “no”. All Nikes don’t run small ½ a size. Some Nike runs small 1 ½ size while some like run big ½ size like Nike Air Max 270. It also varies from person to person. For a person with narrow feet, Nikes never run small.

All most every model fits perfectly on them. As sometimes people with regular feet face small sizing, people do believe that Nikes run small. But the precise answer regarding this always would be “It depends“.  

Does Nike Epic React run Small or Big?

Nike designed Epic React for a snug fit. So obviously, it does run small. Even Nike recommended buyers buy half a size up if they prefer a roomier fit. This shoe was also a shock for people with narrow feet.

Even some of them had returned the shoes to get ½ size upper. If you are a man having feet of 7 regular size, then you should buy Nike Epic React of 7 ½ sizes. Nike buyers were very disappointed regarding this specific model.

Online buyers faced too much hassle with this sizing issue.

Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Small or Big?

Before answering this, I should provide some info regarding Nike Air force 1.

Nike launched the first version of Air Force 1 in 1982. It got too much popularity that later Nike launched around two thousand versions of this specific model. And every model has its particular characteristics. So, it’s tough to reach in consensus about this model.

If one version of Air Force is roomier, then another is a snug fit. Some version fits comfortably in wide feet; another makes a disastrous situation inside. Though it’s having tons of different opinions, it’s still the most popular and best seller model of Nike.

Do Nike Air Max Run Small or Big?

Many people say it is true to size. But this consensus is arguable as it has five versions. Some people find Air Max 270 runs small while it is way roomier than the Yeezy boost. But almost every user feels optimistic about Air Max 90.

Everybody claims it is true to size. More or less the same opinions are applicable to Air Max 1, Air Max 95, and Air Max 720. As most of its version is true to size, it could be counted as true to size.

Do Nike Vapor Max Run Small or Big?

This model is undoubtedly one of the fanciest models. Nike Vapor Max looks very roomier from the outside, but it’s not even that much roomier.

A bunch of people claim it is true to size. While a group of people says, “It’s true to size for people who have narrow or regular feet”. For people with wide feet, it is preferable to buy ½ size more significant than their usual. So, there is no consensus about Vapor Max.

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How Do Nike Dunk High Fit?   

Nike Dunk High has a very calm and unique design that attracts buyers the most. Most of the buyers claim it is true to size. Even it seems more extensive than usual to some people. It’s like the standard size of Air Force 1 and ½ addition.

So experts recommend buying the actual size even if you have wide feet. If you are a person who likes snug fits, you can purchase ½ size less than your actual size. The same goes for people with narrow feet. They should also buy ½ size smaller.

Our verdict on Do Nike Shoes Run Small Or Big

Now you know the specific characteristics of the particular model. So, you could easily find out the perfect fit for yourself by implementing simple techniques as described before.

But only buying perfect-fit shoes won’t help you to get a flawless look. You have to keep yourself clean as well. So never keep shoes dirty, unless your real hardship in finding a perfect shoe would be spoiled. 

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