do nike air force 1 run big Women’s? [air force 1 sizing]

Air Force 1 usually feels a bit more spacious than other sneakers. However, going down a whole size won’t get you the fit you expected. If you’re looking for a snug fit, going down a half size will be more than enough.

Although Nike claims that the Air Force 1 fits true to size, you can still size it down by half a size if you’re concerned about creasing.

This blog goes into great detail on how Air Force 1 fits, and how you can accurately measure your shoe size and get the perfect fit. I will also address a few frequently asked questions about the fitting of Air Force 1.

do nike air force 1 run big Women's? [air force 1 sizing]
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Do Nike Air Force 1 Run Big Women’s? Should I Go a Size Down in Air Force 1?

Air Force 1s appear slightly bigger compared to other Nike shoes. But that’s what sets them apart and makes them more unique and comfortable.

Air Force 1 comes with a big rounded toe box that offers sufficient space to wiggle the toes. People with narrower feet may find Air Force 1s slightly large at their true size.

That’s why it’s recommended to go down by a half size for a snug fit.

So, if your actual sneaker size is a US 8.5, you should opt for a US size 8 for Air Force 1.

Even so, it’s recommended to try them on in person to figure out the perfect fit in any authentic retail store.

how do air force fit – Sizing Tips for Air Force 1

Air Force 1s are one of the most popular casual shoes out there as they complement almost every casual outfit. These classic shoes will remain ever-trending for their aesthetic look and comfortable design.

If you plan on trying these street-style sneakers, here are some essential sizing tips for you:

#1 – Know your true size

To determine your true shoe size, you’ll need the following items to measure your feet: a piece of paper, a pen, a ruler, and measurement tape. 

It’s preferable to seek assistance from another person for a more accurate result. 

Follow the steps below to easily measure your feet:

  • Step 1: Place a blank piece of paper on the floor and rest your feet on it comfortably. You can also put on a sock, which may help you trace the outline with ease.
  • Step 2: Using the pencil, carefully outline your feet. Be careful when drawing the line; the outline should be neither too close nor too far from the feet.
  • Step 3: Now draw straight lines using the ruler that touch both sides and both ends of your foot’s outline. Be careful of lines straying from the outline.
  • Step 4: Use the ruler or a measuring tape to figure out the length by measuring from top to bottom. Also, determine the width by measuring from the left side to the right side at the widest point. 
  • Step 5: Use the length and width measurements to determine your shoe size on the official size chart. The size chart can help you determine shoe sizes for men, women, and children as well.

#2 – Use the Official Size chart

#2 – Use the Official Size chart

Like any other shoe brand, Nike has also provided a size chart dedicated to Nike shoes. 

The official size charts are available on Nike’s official website, where you can look up the perfect shoe size. 

There’s a slight difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes. Women’s sizing is 1.5 up from men’s. For example, men’s US 8.5 = women’s US 10

There are also differences in measurement standards among countries. For example, men’s US 10 = UK 9 or women’s US 11.5 = UK 9.

>> Click here to see the size chart to get a clear idea of your shoe size.

#3 – Understand How The Perfect Fit Feels Like 

A well-fitted shoe is one that is correctly sized, balanced, and comfortable. It should support your heels and provide comfort for your toes to prevent straining your feet over time. 

Air Force 1 was initially introduced as a sports shoe. That’s why Air Force 1s are a bit chunkier and have a bigger fit compared to other shoes. 

Air Force 1s are good for casual use as well. Their big silhouette supports your ankles and helps you maintain good posture while wearing them for a longer period of time.

Air Force 1s are such a good fit for all ages and genders, making them one of the most sought-after sneakers to this day. 

#4 – Consider Sock Size

It’s important to know what kind of socks go well with the style. Here’s some idea on how to style your Air Force 1s with socks.

For men, ankle socks or crew socks work well with shorts on a hot summer day. If you’ve decided to wear trousers for the day, it’s pointless to wear long socks. Just going with extra low-cut socks or invisible socks will do the job.

For women, low-cut socks and invisible socks both look good with floral dresses, skirts, and shorts. And it makes sense to wear ankle socks with pants or trousers.

It’s recommended to match the color of the socks you plan to wear with your shoes. Also, socks must have good elasticity; baggy socks will ruin the vibe paired with sneakers.

Check the Return Policy

Different retailers or online stores have different policies. It’s important to be aware of the return policy, especially when you’re buying shoes online.

You’re mistaken if you think it’ll be safe to buy them from a physical store. Manufacturing flaws in the shoes, such as incorrect gluing or poor sewing, cannot be detected unless they are worn for a while.

So make sure to check the return policy before buying any shoes.

How to Care for Air Force 1s?

Although the Air Force 1s are not high-maintenance shoes, they need some level of care to stay fresh and clean. So, here are a few tips on how to care for Air Force 1s.

#1 – Cleaning

It’s preferable to wash your old pair of Air Force 1 by hand. With a toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and white vinegar, you can clean it very easily. 

One tablespoon of baking soda, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and one cup of water should be mixed together to make that solution.

#2 – Creasing

It’s normal for shoes to crease with regular usage, and Air Force 1s aren’t exempted from it. You can simply use a crease guard to prevent creasing your Air Force 1s. Crease guards are affordable and make it easy to prevent creasing in the long run. 

Are Air Force 1 Good For Everyday Use?

Are Air Force 1 Good For Everyday Use

AF1 are a classic sneaker piece that many people use as their everyday shoes. This model is highly versatile and goes with different types of outfits. It has been in fashion since the 90s and still remains one of the most famous sneaker pieces.

In terms of comfort though, there’s a mixed opinion from the public. Some people love the fit and comfort of the shoes, and some say the Air Force 1 is too large and heavy. 

To be honest, there are many sneakers that are far more comfortable than the Air Force 1s. But, AF1 has its own heritage that sets it apart and the design and silhouette make it highly fashionable footwear even after 30 years of its release. 

So, if you want to rock AF1 for your daily use, go for it. 

FAQ about do nike air force 1 run big Women’s

Now that you know how Air Force 1 fits, let’s address a few frequently asked questions before wrapping up this blog. 

should i size down for air force 1?

Although Nike claims that Air Force 1s run true to size, it’s better to size down 0.5 to get a more snug fit, especially for people who have narrower feet. 

do nike air force 1 run true to size?

Air Force 1s run 0.5 larger than their actual size. So, if you wear size 8 shoes, you should get Air Force 1s in 7.5 sizes. 

Can you run in Air Force 1?

Yes, you can work out in Air Force 1s without any worries. Air Force 1 was initially introduced as a basketball shoe. They were designed to assist players in their constant jumping and sprinting. That’s why Air Force 1s come in bulky and bigger fits compared to other sneakers. 

How many inches do Air Force 1s add?

Air Force 1s will add approximately 1.18 inches to your height, which is equivalent to 3 cm. You can also wear height-increasing insoles inside the shoes to add an extra few inches to your height.

our verdict on do nike air force 1 run big Women’s

I have done my best to provide information regarding Air Force 1 shoes as well as guide you to choose the right size for your feet.

I hope this article has relieved your concerns about choosing the proper sized Air Force 1s.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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