Do Huarache Run Small or true to size? [Sizing Guide]

Everyone wishes that their boots fit snugly on their feet without being too tight or loose. Also, they want comfort and style from the boot they wear. And these are the exact selling point of the legendary and popular Huarache boots. So, do Huarache run small?

Well, Nike Huarache has a somewhat unusual fit which is a little bit tricky to describe unless you have worn the shoe. But, we have fixed the issues with getting the right size for the Nike Huarache boots to give you a snug and comfortable feel.

But before we jump deep into the sizing of these global hotcake boots, let’s see what type of booth Huarache is and its history. You will be amazed to know that Huarache’s story dates back to the pre-colonial period in Mexico and part of America.

Do Huarache Run Small or true to size

Do Huarache Run Small, big, or true to size?

Nike has gifted shoe and boot lovers with some legendary footwear, and the Nike Huarache is definitely one of them. This boot is known for its stylish look, comfort, and above all, the perfect fit.

But that fitting point being said, the boot has an unusual fit.

Many people compare it fits close to a pair of thick socks. The comparison with the socks came since the shoe will stretch with the feet as you walk or run wearing it. Also, these shoes with thick soles and narrow looks tend to have a small and narrow fitting.

When you order the shoe, you must remember that you will probably get half to one size smaller than your actual shoe size. Thus, you must order one size up for the Huarache boots to get the perfect snug feel.

Also, expect that even the right-fitted Huarache on your feet will run narrow. It is mainly because of the sleek and narrow design that gives it a popular look. But it shouldn’t be a problem unless you have elephant-like feet.

The narrow fit, in fact, provides your feet more comfort while you put pressure on the toe. Also, the toe end has cushions to minimize the effect due to its narrow shape it has. So, at no point will you feel discomfort with these boots.

*** Nike huarache has there own sizing tutorial and chartClick here to check it out at (the link takes you to the website)

What Kind of Shoes Are Nike Huaraches?

Nike Huarache is a type of running and jogging shoe. When you walk or run with the Huarache on your feet, it will stretch slightly throughout the day.

Nike adapted this stretchy design because it has been scientifically studied that human feet stretch a bit from morning till dawn. And as he goes to sleep, the feet come back to their original size, similar to that of the morning.

Thus, the Nike Huarache offers suitable flexibility as you run, jog around, or work out. The flexibility keeps your feet in comfortable and good condition. It won’t feel tightness around the toe and ankle. It is indeed useful to reduce ankle pain and toe ache.

You can also wear the boots during daily business. It will always ensure your comfort in all weather and conditions.

Why Are Nike Huaraches Called Huaraches?

The naming of the Nike Huarache has an appealing story, and it dates back to a few hundred years. Yes, it is a shocking yet true story that you may not have ever heard.

Huarache is a word derived from the Purépechan language. The original word is “kwarachi.” Linguistics has translated it as sandals in English. Indeed, it refers to a type of Mexican sandal. The origin of such types of sandals is linked back to the pre-colonial period in Mexico.

Nike opted for the name because, just like the original Mexican sandals, the boots come with optimal flexibility and stretchiness. Thus, while launching the boot in 1991, they branded it as Nike Huarache to directly market its selling point.

Also, another reason for naming the boots Huarache was part of Nike’s marketing to attract American and Mexican hippies. The hippy lifestyle has happily integrated the leather-made Mexican Huarache since 1960. So, Nike naming the boots as Huarache gave the manufacturer multiple benefits-

  1. Expressing the boot’s main feature and quality
  2. Attracting a certain portion of people
  3. Showing the manufacturing quality of the boots

Do Nike Air Huaraches run small?

Nike Huarache has boots both for men and women, excluding the kids. These stylish boots have been a popular Nike brand in the shoe market. Nike brands and advertises these boots as a boot that fit well and fit truly well.

It means the boot features a comfortable size. But the reality is something different and may astonish you.

These boots have the weirdest fitting you will ever come across. The boots, at one point, have a narrow shape. And on the other point, it runs slightly smaller too.  You will most likely get from size half to size full down compared to your standard shoe fitting.

For instance, the Nike Huarache 8.00 will most likely have the standard 7.00 or 7.5o fitting scale. Thus, it is recommended that you choose one full-size up while purchasing the Huarache boots. Otherwise, you will hurt the toe end.

If going one size up gives you a slightly loose fit, you can cover it by wearing medium to thick socks. The socks will also keep your feet dry and cool.

Do Mexican huaraches run big or small?

Yes, the Mexican huaraches will run slightly small. The sandals have an optimal stretchy feature. Thus, these sandals are purposefully made slightly down-sized so that when it stretches, it gives you a true fit. It, therefore, ensures your feet enjoy the best fitting with maximum comfort.

Is a half-size in shoes a big difference?

Yes, a half-size in shoes truly makes a big difference. It will be the difference between your comfort and discomfort. Thus, it is always better to go half-size bigger than half-size down while getting the boot of your liking.

It is because you can use socks to cover the slightly loose fit. But if the boot is already too small, you can’t increase the space inside. Also, boots running smaller will cause foot ache.

How long does it take to break in huaraches?

Nike uses high-quality leather with a premium insole to manufacture Huarache. It needs at least three days to break in Huaraches properly to get the desired snug feel. Thus, if you are going to buy the Nike Huarache for any special occasion, you should plan and prepare ahead.

You can insert old newspaper or socks inside the new Huarache to stretch it out and break in soon. Also, you may use the spoon technique.

What shoes give you the most height?

Shorter people want shoes that will make them look taller. Thus, getting a pair of shoes that give you the most height is a concerning issue.  Luckily, the Huarache boots have an air model to give you a taller look instantly.

It would give you up to 1.6 inches of additional height. Also, Nike’s Air Max boots and shoes line is made to provide you with an optimal height.

Our verdict on Do Huarache Run Small or true to size

Nike Huarache will run almost 1.00.-1.50 sizes-small on your feet. Thus, you should always choose one size up to buy these stylish boots. Also, the sizing is different. So, you should wear them and feel how it fits before purchasing them. And for the best fitting, try the boots with the regular pair of socks you wear.

Nonetheless, the premium leather and insole construction of Huarache is ready to give you the comfort you always want.

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