does jd sports sell fake shoes? – Is Jd Sports Legit or Scam?

Shoe- enthusiasts from all over the globe rave about JD sports and swear by it. The company has earned a well-loved image over the years and has become a global brand. But some feel suspicious about the whole affair of JD sports.

JD Sports doesn’t sell fake shoes. The UK-based shoe retailer has been in the shoe industry for quite a long time and is one of the most trusted retailers out there. The shop has a strict sourcing policy and get’s their product directly from the manufacturers to ensure authenticity of the products.

Of course, they won’t risk selling fake products to lose their hard-earned reputation and place in the retail shoe industry.

A Brief Look at JD sports

JD Sports is a UK-based shoe retailer and is a big player in the global shoe market. The company had a humble beginning in Greater Manchester and now has more than 200 stores around the globe with an active online shop.

The concept of JD sports came to founders John Wardle and David Makin. Both of them envisioned a shop that would sell athletic items such as accessories and clothes. The first shop was opened in 1981 in the small town of Bury.

Over time, the shop started selling shoes and became an instant hit! By the mid-90s, the shop became the leading retailer of athletic footwear in the UK.

In 1996, The company went public and raised capital to fund its expansion. This expansion went throughout the 2000s and the company made strong footholds in the shoe market of the UK and Europe.

In 2009, the company started going online and opened its online store. The website of JD Sports is still one of the most popular and visited websites in the UK. 

In recent years, JD Sports has expanded even further and polished what they have.

In 2016, the company acquired Go Outdoors, a specialist retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment. In 2018, it purchased Finish Line, a US-based sports footwear and apparel retailer. These acquisitions have helped JD Sports to become a big fish in the global shoe market.

Brands that You Will Find in JD Sports

JD Sports is renowned for being selective with the brands that they sell. Some consider the company to be snobbish but we consider it as a good side. Rather than selling all brands under the sun, the company chooses and sells brands that are well-loved by all. Below is a list of brands that you can find in JD Sports: 

  • Adidas
  • The North Face
  • Puma
  • Nike
  • Reebok
  • Jack Wolfskin
  • Under Armor
  • Jordan
  • Juicy Couture 
  • Mercier
  • Foot patrol
  • Sketchers
  • Top streak
  • Marshall Artist 
  • Berghaus
  • Speedo
  • Ellesse
  • McKenzie
  • Hood rich 
  • Jameson Carter

The Return and Refund Policy of JD

Refund Policy of JD

JD Sports is known for its customer-friendly policy and this attitude clearly can be seen in their refund and return policy.

The shop gives its customers 30 days to return any purchased products. The product must be unused, the original packaging has to be intact and the product has to be undamaged.

If the product came with a manufacturing defect, then it is another case. You have to mail the product or take it to a JD sports outlet. The shop will either offer an exchange or a full refund. The refund will be sent to you within two weeks after proper evaluation. 

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Is JD com similar to Amazon?

No, there are differences between JD Sports and Amazon.

JD Sports is a UK-based shoe retailer that has been around for ages. The company has an online shop named JD dot com which is where anyone can buy the products JD offers without physically going there. For this, some may compare JD com to Amazon.

But the comparison can be deemed simplified as both of these companies work in different ways.

Amazon is an e-commerce site where buyers can browse and buy their desired products without physically going to the store. The e-commerce site is known for selling everything. From clothes to gaming accessories, you can and will find anything at Amazon.

The concept of the online shops might be similar but there are some major differences between them.

  • Amazon is primarily an e-commerce site that sells everything. JD com primarily sells sports appeals and footwear
  • Amazon is known for having all kinds of branded and non-branded products. JD com is selective and sells only a number of repeat brands.
  • The quality control of Amazon is sometimes questionable due to the site not filtering out sub spinous or fraudulent sellers often. JD com only sells the products that they have authenticated
  • Sometimes, Amazon delivers products that are counterfeit and fake. JD com only sells original and authenticated products. 

is jd sports legit? Why Should You Shop from JD Sports?

Shopping from JD Sports will clearly offer you some advantages. The main reasons why you should buy from JD Sports are given below: 

  • Jd Sports has a huge selection of shoes for you to choose from. Although the shop first started as an athletic footwear retailer shop, it also sells casual shoes such as Bergquist, Hood Rich and etc. It has shoes for every occasion, trend, and fashion for everyone. 
  • JD Sports is renowned for its friendly and top-of-line customer service. All of the staff are professionally trained and are well-versed in the product they are selling. The company has an overall friendly vibe that enables the customers to feel relaxed and focused on their shopping. 
  • JD Sports is also known for its prices. Compared to other shoe retailers, their prices are somewhat reasonable. They also offer frequent sales and discounts for their customers on New Year’s, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Christmas, and other festivals. They are also known to offer gift cards and loyalty rewards to their repeat customers. 
  • Another key advantage to shopping at JD Sports is its secure checkout system. The system was made for making online transactions happen seamlessly. This system reduces the chance of fraudulent transactions and protects your personal information from hackers.
  • JD Sports offers its customers 30-day returns to the products. The shop has a relaxed return and refund policy which makes the whole process more dependable. They either offer an exchange or a full refund without any hidden charge. For them, Customer satisfaction comes first. 
  • JD Sports is also known for being selective about what products they sell. This enables them to ensure quality control and to make sure that customers get what they paid for. The shop procures its products directly from the manufacturers, without any middleman. This ensures that you are not getting ripped off!

What Are The Alternative Options to JD?

JD Sports is one of the most reliable and well-loved shoe retailers out there. But some may prefer to shop in a place just to get a better deal or to satisfy their curiosity. For them, we have created a list of trusted shoe retailers who can be a great alternative to JD. 

  • Footlocker

Footlocker is a US-based global shoe retailer that specializes in athletic apparel and footwear. The company runs its operations in 28 countries and has over 3,000 retail shops around the world. It sells top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and etc.

The company was also the first brand partner to the UEFA champions league which clearly shows its sports roots. The company operates both offline and online. Footlocker offers free shipping on orders above $35 and has  a 60-day return policy

  • Shoe Palace

Shoe Palace is a US-based renowned shoe retail store that operates both in online and offline. 

In fact, Shoe Palace is one of the very first shoe stores that went online. Shoe Palace typically focuses on casual and athletic footwear. Reebok, Vans, Nike, Jordan, and Adidas are its top-selling items. The shop offers you a reward program that grants you huge discounts and exclusive privileges. The company offers free shipping on orders above $75 and has 45 days return policy. 

  • Shoe Carnival 

Shoe Carnival is a US-based shoe retailer shop that is known for its affordable prices and selling family footwear. The shop also sells athletic and casual footwear. Shoe Carnival operates in both the offline and online sales scene.

A significant portion of their sales come from the online scene. The shop has different methods to return a product depending on where the shoe was sold.

But the product must be returned within 60 days. Besides this, the shop also has a special rewards program where customers can get huge discounts on their selected products. 

  • DSW

DSW is a very popular and well-liked American shoe retailer shop. The shop offers you a large number of designer shoes, boots, sandals, etc. The shop is renowned for being selective with brands and also being a retailer with a large fan following.

The shop has more than 500 stores in the US and also has an active online presence.  Due to being selective with brands, you will only find major and renowned brands in the shop.  DSW offers free shipping on orders above $35 and has a 60-day return policy. 

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Our verdict on does jd sports sell fake shoes?

JD Sports is a UK-based shoe retailer shop that is a big player in the European shoe market. The shop offers various types of shoes and apparel. The shop operates both online and offline and is selective about the brand that they sell.

They have a rigorous authentication process and are known for selling only authentic shoes. Anyone can find what they are looking for in JD Sports. So, buckle up and shop for your shoes with JD Sports!

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