is footlocker legit – Do Footlocker Sell Fake Shoes?

Genuine branded shoes are a desired item for almost everyone but nowadays, the market is filled with counterfeit products. Footlocker says that they provide authentic products, but can they be truly trusted?

Footlocker doesn’t sell fake shoes. It is a reputable brand with over 3000 retail stores dealing in sports items around the globe. Selling a fake or counterfeit item is a federal crime in the US and Footlocker won’t commit this crime for it has a considerable reputation in the market.

The company is also the leading retailer of sports footwear in the US and has established a good reputation since it opened its door in 1974. Keep reading to know more facts like this and how Footlocker markets its products.

A Brief History of Footlocker

Footlocker is an American sportswear and footwear retailer which has become a leading global brand in terms of athletic footwear with 3000 stores in 27 countries. Its branches are in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

The store brand is a flagship store of the Venator group or previously known as Woolworth Corporation. The Woolworth Corporation was founded by Frank Winfield Woolworth in 1879. The company quickly expanded and became a household name in the west of states. 

In 1963, The Woolworth Corporation acquired Kinney shoe corporation. Kinney Shoe Corporation was renamed Kinney National Company, and the company’s emphasis was changed to footwear. Kinney National Company went public in 1974, and the company’s name was changed to Foot Locker, Inc. in 1988.

Foot Locker swiftly grew in popularity, with stores sprouting throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The brand became well-known for its extensive assortment of athletic footwear and apparel, and it quickly established itself as a favorite among athletes and sports aficionados. The brand became so popular that it became the first retail shoe brand to become a partner with the UEFA Champions League. 

Now, Footlocker has more than 3000 stores around the world. The company brings in more than 8 billion USD as revenue every year and has assets of over 6.6 billion USD. 

Why Doesn’t Footlocker Sell Fake Shoes?

Now, that you know Footlocker is one of the most reputed shoe retailer stores out there, you may understand how well-trusted it is. You may question, why doesn’t footlocker sell fake shoes as they have a lot of resources and can easily sell fake shoes without worrying about anyone. 

What are the reasons that compel Footlocker to sell original shoes? The truth is very simple, Footlocker will lose rather than gain if they sell fake products. The reasons are given below: 

  • Losing Reputation 

Footlocker is a brand that has been around for decades. For that, they have an impressive image around the globe. Their image and reputation have been instrumental in their progress. If Footlocker gets caught selling fake shoes, then its reputation will get destroyed. 

  • Losing a Loyal Customer Base

Footlocker doesn’t only sell shoes. It also sells clothes and other apparel which shows how broad the store has become. The store brand achieved this success due to its reputation and its loyal customer base.

If Footlocker starts selling fake shoes, then it is natural that it will lose the support of its loyal customer base. The foot and online traffic will decrease and the company will have no choice but to close its doors. 

  • Losing Stakeholders

A company relies heavily on its stakeholders. The stakeholders put their foot down when the company is in peril. They will ensure that the company stays afloat. In return, the company will provide them with an opportunity to earn money. The stakeholders also have a priority call on the shares and if the company performs well, the share value increases. 

If Footlocker loses face by getting caught selling fake shoes, stakeholders will lose their trust in the company. They will take their monetary assistance and influence other companies which will use them more efficiently. This eventually results in the death of the company.

  • Losing Partnerships with Popular Shoe Brands

Footlocker is like a treasure trove for shoe lovers. One can find renowned shoe brands from all over the world in a footlocker store. From athletic shoewear to luxury footwear, you can find anything in Footlocker. The reason is that Footlocker is in partnership with famous brands such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Adidas and etc. 

Brands only have a deal with Footlocker because of favorable reviews of Footlocker. If one can prove that Footlocker is selling fake products, then it will be negative marketing for the brand. And in present times, Social media alone is enough to make or break a brand. 

Footlocker knows this and they understand that selling authentic ones are better than selling fake ones for a higher profit margin.

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is footlocker legit? 3 Reasons for Buying from Footlocker 

So, what are the reasons that make thousands of people buy Footlocker shoes? Below are the answers.

  • Quality Product and Service

Footlocker is a trusted and loved brand name by shoe lovers around the world. The retailer guarantees the authenticity and the quality of the shoes that they sell. The company employs a strict quality control processes to ensure the genuineness of the shoe. Alongside this, The company also provides top-notch customer service. Their team is always ready to solve any problem that their customer may face.  

  • A lot of Options 

Footlocker is in cahoots with renowned shoe brands around the globe. They offer a wide range of options to their customers. From Vans to Puma, From sportswear to luxury shoes, Footlocker has it all. This enables you to find the latest styles and designs from leading brands, all under one roof! 

  • Rewards Program

Foot Locker has a rewards program called FLX that allows customers to collect points on their purchases and redeem them for future purchase discounts. This rewards program is one of its strongest advantages as this will make sure that customers come back to the store once again. Other benefits of the program include free shipping and early access to new products. 

How to Spot a Fake Shoe From a Real One?

Due to the rise of online shopping, distinguishing between real and fake shoes has become tough. You have to judge the authenticity of the product solely on the picture and buyer’s description of the product.

You don’t get to inspect or feel the product with your own eyes or hands which leaves room for speculation. Some prefer physical shopping for these reasons, but you cannot always tell the authenticity as not all of us possess the required skill. 

Fortunately for you, We will now share some tips with you which can help you to tell the difference between real and fake shoes. These tips will ensure that you will not get cheated of your hard-earned cash. 

  • Firstly, look at the seller’s authenticity. If the seller you are buying from isn’t authorized to sell the product, then it is a big red flag. All authorized sellers like Footlocker have contracts with companies like Adidas, Nike and etc. The authorized sellers ensure authenticity and that is the reason they list the items at a high rate. 
  • Research the original price of the shoe. Companies like Adidas and Nike tend to price their shoes at a higher rate compared to your average shoe companies. If the shoe is being sold at an abnormally cheaper rate, then steer clear of it. It’s most probably a fake.
  • Look at the packaging. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Vans pay close attention to how they package their product. If the packaging looks odd, then proceed with caution. Also, look for how the brand is spelled on the packaging or how the logo is drawn. Fake product creators don’t replicate the logo or the brand design perfectly.
  • Always be aware of the type of shoe you want to purchase. Before stepping into any shoe store or Footlocker location, go to the brand’s website and become familiar with the shoe design. If the shoe looks different in the store, it’s a fake.
  • Next, Pay close attention to the logo engraved on the shoe. Brands like Nike and Adidas, engrave their brand logo on shoes to ensure their customers that they get the real product. If the engraved logo does not match the original logo, then abandon the product. 
  • Check the insole and outsole of the shoe that you are buying. If the soles look cheap or low-quality, then the shoe is fake
  • Also, be sure to check the weight of the shoe. Fake shoes use low-quality materials and that makes them heavier than the authentic ones. So, weigh your shoes properly. 

FAQ about is footlocker legit

1. Does Footlocker sell Jordans?

Footlocker sells authentic Jordans. In fact, footlocker is one of the biggest retailers of Jordans. Due to their immense popularity, Jordans can be seen in Footlocker stores all over the globe. Footlocker has a wide collection of Jordans, From the old retro ones to the new ones. 

2. Does Footlocker have real Nikes?

Footlocker sells real Nike. Footlocker is an approved Nike retailer and typically sells genuine Nike items. One will find the appropriate Nike product for their needs from Footlocker’s vast range of the latest shoes and classic collections.

3. Is it safe to buy fake shoes? 

It is generally not safe to buy fake shoes. Fake shoes are made out of cheap materials. The soles of the shoe might be uncomfortable and will be more of a nuisance than an assistance. Besides, they are not cost-effective as one may need to buy fake shoes often as they are not durable as the originals. 

our verdict on is footlocker legit

Footlocker is an American shoe retail store chain. It sells branded shoes. It sells mainly athletic footwear but also has luxury shoe brands such as Vans. Footlocker ensures that all of their product is authentic and go through a rigorous quality test. So, Buy shoes from Footlocker without breaking a sweat.

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