is shoe carnival legit – Does Shoe Carnival Sell Fake Shoes?

Shoe Carnival is probably your favorite brand but you’ve heard rumors that they sell fake shoes. The fact is, Shoe Carnival offers cheap prices and quality shoes for their customers. The prices at the shop seem outrageous and one is not guilty of wondering, does shoe carnival sell fake shoes? 

No, Shoe Carnival doesn’t sell fake shoes. If they get caught selling fake shoes, they will lose a large customer base and millions of dollars in terms of sales. Also, selling fake or counterfeit products is a federal crime and can result in up to 10 years in prison or a heavy fine.

Moreover, Shoe Carnival, Inc is a reputable shoe retailer that has been in the shoe business for over four decades. The retail store has to compete with other big names in the shoe industry such as Shoe Palace and JD Shoes. So, they will do anything to keep their goodwill.

Is Shoe Carnival Legit - Does Shoe Carnival Sell Fake Shoes

The History of Shoe Carnival 

Before diving into the all-nitty-gritty about shoe carnival, let’s discuss how shoe carnival came to be. Shoe Carnival is a US-based footwear retailer that operates both offline and online. Its journey started during the 70s and is still going stronger than ever.

The retail store first started in Evansville, Indiana in 1978. The founder, David Russell, was a part of the retail industry and had envisioned a new type of shoe store. He argued that customers are more likely to be attracted to a retail store that offered a wide selection of shoe brands, including the top ones, at a discounted price.

He took a gamble and opened the first store in Evansville. The store first started as a single store and took off very quickly. People loved the concept of owning luxury shoes at a cheap price and the business was booming in the very first year. Russell took note and opened several more outlets in the state of Indiana and Kentucky.

By 1986, Shoe Carnival emerged as a top player with 11 stores in five states.

In 1993, Shoe Carnival turned itself into a publicly traded company and continued its wave of expansion over the country. The growth continued into the 2000s with the opening of new stores all around the states. Due to the rising challenge of e-commerce, Shoe Carnival also opened an online website catering to the needs of people over the net.

Shoe Carnival has now more than 100 outlets around the US. The retail store also has a huge following online due to this.

To compete with the recession and growing competition, Shoe Carnival introduced a new loyalty program called Shoe Perks in 2019. The program rewards customers for their purchases. This move has been successful in improving consumer involvement and sales.

Shoe Carnival has taken attempts to strengthen its sustainability policies in addition to focusing on consumer loyalty. In its stores, the company has installed energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, as well as recycling programs and reduced packaging waste.

Why is Shoe Carnival Cheap?

You may wonder, what’s the secret behind the cheap prices of shoe carnival. Are they robbing the shoe factories or are they selling fake products? You will be glad to know that none of the above is true. The company implements some simple yet effective strategies. 

Bulk Purchasing

Shoe Carnival often purchases its shoes in bulk quantities direct from the manufacturers. By doing so, The shop leverages its purchasing power to get a good deal from the manufacturers. Furthermore, buying in bulk can reduce the price of shipping and handling, which can be expensive when dealing with individual orders. The shop then passes down the cheap prices to their customers.

Lower Overhead Cost

Overhead costs refer to the expenses that are necessary to run a business, such as rent, utilities, and salaries. Shoe Carnival opens its shops in strip malls and shopping centers rather than enclosed malls because it costs less to rent these locations. This means that the store can save money on their expenses and provide cheap prices for their customers.

Closeout Deals

Sometimes, stores lower the prices of products to sell them quickly. This is called a closeout or clearance sale. Stores may do this for different reasons. One reason is that the product is not selling well. Another reason is when the store is closing down and wants to sell everything. 

Shoe Carnival often buys lots of these discounted products. Then, the shop decides to sell the products at a cheap rate to the customers.

4 Reasons for Buying from Shoe Carnival 

So, why should one buy from Shoe Carnival or what makes Shoe Carnival the ideal location for your patronage? Here are the details.

Wide selection

Shoe Carnival sells more than 50 brands. It sells from top brands like Adidas, Nike, and Vans. It also sells affordable brands such as Clarks, Yellow-box and etc for customers with a low budget. The store carries different types of shoes such as formal shoes, casual shoes, slippers, flip-flops, athletic footwear and etc.

This is one of the biggest advantages of shopping at a shoe carnival. You will always find the shoe that you are looking for in the shop. If you don’t have any specific style in mind, then you will find a product that is sure to catch your fancy.


Shoe Carnival is known for its pricing. Compared to other big-name shoe retailers, the Shoe Carnival is cheaper. Their pricing makes them a favorite of the mass as the shop covers nearly all price ranges. Also, the store is known for having frequent sales and discount coupons, which again decreases the price of the products.

Customer Service

The customers love Shoe Palace because of its top-notch customer support. The staff has received extensive training and knowledge of the things they are offering. The shop gives off a friendly and chill vibe that ensures that your shopping experience becomes worth it!

Rewards Program

The Shoe Perks rewards program is one of the advantages of buying at Shoe Carnival. Customers can earn points on their purchases through this program, which can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Shoe Perks is a free and simple-to-join program. You just need to submit your email address and other basic information. You can begin earning points immediately after enrolling. Members of the Shoe Perks program get points for every dollar spent at Shoe Carnival.

These points can quickly accumulate and be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.  Shoe Perks benefits vary, but often customers can get $5, $10, or $15 off their next purchase for every 200, 400, or 600 points acquired.

Brands Sold at Shoe Carnival

Unlike other shops, Shoe Carnival offers you a huge number of brands to select from. Some of them are top-of-the-line while others provide relatively good shoes in an affordable range. While we cannot list every brand that is available in the store here, we have compiled a list of brands that are always at the top of every customer’s choice list.

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Reebok
  • Vans
  • Anna Klein
  • Levis
  • Mudd
  • Jambu
  • Heelys
  • Fila
  • Superlamb
  • Skechers Work
  • Skechers Cali
  • Skechers Street
  • Skechers Go
  • Under Armor
  • Vera New Yo
  • Zodia

Shoe Carnival Outlet Locations

From being just a single store in Indiana, Shoe Carnival has made itself a chain store that brings in millions of dollars every year. The shoe retailer has more than 300 locations in 20 different states.

It is natural that we cannot fit all of the outlet locations in this article but we have compiled a list of the most prominent outlets in multiple different states.

El con MallArizona3601 East Broadway Blvd., Tucson, Arizona – AZ 85716
Eastgate PlazaKansas8125 E Kellogg Dr, Wichita, Kansas – KS 67207
Mariposa MallArizona230 W Mariposa Rd, Nogales, Arizona – AZ 85621
Mesa Ranch PlazaArizona1008-1142 E Southern Avenue, Mesa, Arizona – AZ 85204
Quivira 95 FallsKansas2441 N Maize Rd, Wichita, Kansas – KS 67205
Esterella FallsArizonaMcDowell Road and Pebble Creek Parkway, Goodyear, Arizona – AZ 85395
Newmarket SquareKansas2441 N Maize Rd, Wichita, Kansas – KS 67205
East Gate SquareNew JerseyNixon Dr, Mt Laurel Township, New Jersey – NJ 08054
Laselle CenterNew York1500 – 1594 Military Road, Niagara Falls, New York – NY 14304
Florence SquareKentucky7619-7647 Mall Road, Florence, Kentucky – KY 41042

The Return and Exchange Policy of Shoe Carnival

Due being both an online and offline shop, Shoe Carnival has a different return policy for purchases.

Offline Return Policy

Any offline purchase has to be returned within 60 days of the purchase date. The product must be new, unused, and contain the original packaging.

The store will only accept used items if the item has an obvious defect. Offline purchases are to be returned at the same outlet from where the product was brought. No additional fee will be charged for offline purchases.

If you used shoe perk rewards to lower the price, then the value of the award won’t be returned.

Ship it Back

If you have brought the shoe online, then head to this page of the Shoe Carnival website and follow the stops. A fee of $6 would be deducted from the refunded amount.

Drop it Off

If you don’t want to ship it, then return the packages to more than 8000 Walgreens locations around the country. Head over to the return section of the Shoe Carnival website and follow the steps. This also requires a return charge of 6 USD.

Paypal Orders

You have purchased the products online using Paypal, then you have to go through a whole other process. PayPal purchases can only be processed through the Returns Center, and refunds are credited directly to the PayPal account. PayPal returns are not accepted in offline stores.

Klarna Orders

Customers who have purchased things through Klarna have two alternatives for completing returns: either they can use the Returns Center or take the items to a physical store. If a customer returns a Klarna order in-store, they will be credited for the entire item value.

However, any outstanding balance owed to Klarna will still be charged according to the terms of the Klarna agreement

Exchange Policy

Exchanges can be used to change the size or color of the same style of an item or to convert to a new style if the replacement item is the same price as the original item. To begin an exchange, please call 800-430-SHOE (7463) or visit any of the store locations.

What Are The Alternatives To Shoe Carnival?

Up until now, we have only discussed the perks and the shopping experience of the Shoe Carnival. But, some may not be willing to shop at Shoe Carnival for personal or undisclosed reasons. For them, here’s a list of some alternative stores to Shoe Carnival.


First comes to Footlocker. Footlocker is a global shoe retailer that specializes in athletic footwear and apparel. The company is active in 28 countries and has over 3,000 retail stores. It sells top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Vans and etc.

The brand was also the first shoe brand to partner with the UEFA Champions League. The shop offers free shipping on orders over $50 and a 45-day return policy. They also have a rewards program that lets customers gather reward points for discounts. 


DSW or Designer Shoe Warehouse is a popular and loved American Footwear retailer. The shop offers an extensive and vast selection of designer shoes, boots, sandals and etc. DSW is known for its selective brands and also being a retailer with a huge following.

The retailer has more than 500 stores in the US and also has an extensive online presence. The shop has a rewards program that enables the customers to get discounts or priority. The shop offers free shopping on orders above $35 and a 60-day return policy. 

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear is a shoe retailer that operates more than 1000 stores in the US. The shop offers a vast selection of shoes, boots, and sandals for everyone. The main goal of the shop is to provide a comfortable experience in a price range that won’t break the bank.

The shop has a rewards program like other shops on this list. The rewards program helps customers to get discounts and other privileges. The shop offers free shopping on orders above $75 and a 60-day return policy.

FAQ about is shoe carnival legit

Does Shoe Carnival Sells Second-hand Shoes?

No. Shoe Carnival doesn’t sell second-hand shoes. They are a US-based shoe retailer that sells brand-new shoes to its customers in an affordable price range. 

Does Shoe Carnival have Gift Cards?

Yes. Shoe Carnival does have gift cards. The company offers a wide number of gift cards that starts from $25 and goes up to $100. The gift cards can be a very good gift if you don’t what to buy for someone’s birthday or a special occasion. 

Does shoe carnival sell jordans?

Yes, Shoe Carnival does sell Jordans.

Does shoe carnival sell hey dudes

Yes, Shoe Carnival sells Hey Dude shoes. They offer a variety of Hey Dude styles for men, women, and children.

Our verdict on is shoe carnival legit?

Shoe Carnival is a US-based shoe retailer shop. You can get a variety of shoes here at an affordable price range. The shop has more than 100 outlets all over the USA and sells more than 50 shoe brands. Anyone can find what they are looking for in Shoe Carnival. So, Tie your laces and quickly get to your nearest outlets to get awesome deals. 

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