Is Snipes USA Legit? Does Snipes Sell Fake Shoes?

Snipes USA, is legitimate streetwear and sneaker-selling company. It has many stores across the USA and Europe. However, Snipes Online shop and its app have a lot of technical issues and shortcomings in terms of providing service. That’s why it might seem like the company is fake.

More than 450 Snipes locations can be found throughout Europe and the US, making it a worldwide leader in the sneaker and streetwear industry. Even if most reviews are negative, you may still rely on them because of their credibility.

But their costs are just too cheap to be real. They are not getting their goods from the source they claim to represent. It’s possible to secure yourself if you have doubts about the company’s validity.

is snipes usa legit
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What Is Snipes USA?

SNIPES is an international retailer in the sneaker and streetwear market. It was a German-based retail shop that expanded to the USA by buying Kicks USA and to European countries by buying Jimmy Jazz. 

Snipes USA is now a big brand with hundreds of stores worldwide. The stores provide sneakers, clothes, and streetwear at a very reasonable price making the world-famous brands purchasable to all. 

Who Is Snipes USA Owner? 

Snipes was first released in 1998 by its creator, Sven Voth. Essen is the location of the first of these stores. Germany’s Deichmann SE is the owner of this brand.

The company has grown over the years, and now it has 250 locations in nine different European nations and over 680 worldwide. 

More than 300 employees call Cologne, Germany, home to the company’s headquarters. Our locations are home to almost 3,000 hard-working individuals.

Did Snipes USA Buy Jimmy Jazz?

Yes, Jimmy Jazz has officially merged into SNIPES USA. The European lifestyle shop SNIPES has agreed to acquire the American sneaker store Jimmy Jazz for a value that has not been revealed. 

The deal gives SNIPES access to a new stable of footwear, clothing, and accessory brands, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Asics, Kappa, Hunter,  FILA, and others, allowing the retailer to stock even more items from leading franchises like Nike, Jordan. Jimmy Jazz, with headquarters in New Jersey, has over 170 locations in the East, Southeast, and Midwest of the United States.

According to SNIPES, this purchase ranks as the company’s biggest ever. With Jimmy Jazz on board, SNIPES will have 270 stores throughout the United States, surpassing its present footprint.

In its initial stage, Snipes USA bought Kicks USA, marking its first foray into the American market.

How Does Snipes USA Work?

On the day of release, the sneaker will be offered in stores and website on a “first come, first served” basis. This involves waiting in line outside the business until it opens so customers may make their purchases. 

New releases are regularly updated on the website. You can also win a raffle pair by getting a ticket and having good fortune. 

Snipes USA Warranty and Return Policy 

No warranties. You’re responsible for your purchases. Any Snipes shop will replace an unused product with a receipt. You may return your product within 30 days after arrival for a full refund.

But there are some rules you need to follow to get a refund. Those are discussed below.

  • Include the original shipping slip with the product you are returning.
  • Verify that there is no “Final Sale” sticker on the merchandise.
  • Products returned for a refund or replacement must be in unused condition with all tags still attached.
  • Please do not mail shoes in the original packaging.
  • It is not possible to return shoes if the package has been opened or is damaged.
  • When returning footwear, place the original package inside a second shipping box.
  • When sending anything back, please include the original shipping slip.
  • The cost of return postage will be on you.

When the returns department receives your shipment, it will process your reimbursement. After they get the shipment, it will take 5–7 business days to credit your account.

Snipes USA Reviews – does snipes sell fake shoes?

The customer service reviews are horrible. Especially there are numerous complaints and bad reviews all over the internet about the customer service. They do not attend to the customers with care.

The online stores are also in miserable condition. The shipment process takes a long time to deliver the product, and they are not responsive at all sometimes. Also, some attributes look like the website is fake, such as the images and contact addresses.

The quality of the clothes and shoes is also questionable.

Often time they provide counterfeit products. Sometimes the sneakers or the sweatshirts maintain their quality while being super cheap. But you must be lucky to be in one of these rare situations. 

fAQ about Is Snipes USA Legit

How long do I receive my order from Snipes USA?

Your package will arrive in 3–8 business days using basic delivery. Delivery through APO shipping typically takes between 21 and 30 business days. Your SNIPES Account is where you can monitor the delivery of your purchase.

What was Snipes called before?

In 1998, Snipes opened its first store in Essen, Germany, under the title “Spike’s,” which was subsequently changed to “SNIPES” owing to legal concerns. The name “Spike’s” already existed, and the company lacked the funds to acquire the necessary licenses to use the title.

Who did SNIPES buy?

Snipes bought retail store Expressions.  By purchasing Expressions, a shoe store in New England, Snipes is extending its rapid development strategy throughout the United States. Snipes finalized the acquisition of Expressions on Tuesday, which owns and runs 35 locations in the states of Massachusetts, Ct, and Rhode Island.

does snipes sell authentic shoes?

Snipes is a retail chain that primarily sells sneakers and urban fashion apparel. The authenticity of the shoes and products they sell can vary depending on the brand and the specific item. Snipes typically carries products from well-known brands, and these items are expected to be authentic.

Our verdict on Is Snipes USA Legit

Snipes USA is legit but not the best option to buy your favorite pair of sneakers from. I would not recommend it because of the constant negative reviews that the internet is filled with.

Even if you take the risk of buying anything from them, at least their return policy is promising, and you can send it back and get a refund.

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