Do Nike Blazers run big? -[Nike Blazer’s size guide]

Nike blazer shoes won’t run big. It is recommended to choose the perfect size of the Nike blazer, as it will fit narrow and slim feet. If you have wider feet, you must choose 1.5 sizes extra to get a perfect fit.

Are there any athletes and shoe lovers who did not hear about the nice, well-made, and comfortable Nike shoes? I think there are not an iota of people who do not know about the popular brand Nike.

The manufacturers also created different styles and named them uniquely. So, let’s know about one of the shoes from Nike, which is NIKE BLAZER, as many of the new players and shoes are curious to get an idea about this. Many stylish and athletic people love to keep updated about the shoe brand, so some questions, do Nike Blazers run big?

Do Nike Blazers run big

Do Nike Blazers Run true to size?

Nike Blazers can make you confused. Because many people and I personally say that if you want to purchase these sneakers, you need to know the proper size.

And if you are ordering it online, it is designed for people who have narrow and slim feet. So you have to buy 1.5 sizes bigger than your feet if your feet are broad and big to make your feet eye-catching wearing a Nike blazer.

According to the study, fit is one of the main problems when buying shoes or sneakers, and 60 percent of people find the wrong size. So always check properly before you buy because a pair of Nike Blazers are not for you if you have big and wide feet!!!!

*** Nike has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

How does Nike SB Blazers fit low?

Nike SB Blazers is also one of the good choices for athletes and skaters. If you have narrow feet, it will superbly fit on your feet. But you have wider feet; it will be a good idea if you buy at least 0.5 sizes bigger than your original size.

I would like to say why you should buy, and you should not buy, these beautiful pairs of Nike blazers.

The reason to buy:

  • The weight of these sneakers is very light, making you comfortable during exercise and playing.
  • It is terrific when you see and wear in real than looking at the image online.
  • The interesting thing is that it can be customized in which you can change the color.
  • The price is not that expensive, but the quality is surely good because of the leather’s appearance.
  • There are variations of color so you can choose any of them you like!!!

The reasons you should not buy :

  • Some of the customers complain that they are not comfortable and sometimes they find it difficult to put it off and wear it.

How much height do Nike blazers add?

The Nike blazer has a high heel that provides a good amount of height as the extra layers of heels are attached under the shoes, making it best for workouts and skating.  It usually increases size up to 1.5 inches. There are some others also. They are:

  • Nike Air Max ltd 3 height increases up to 1.39 inches
  • Nike Air max 270 size increases up to 1.4 inches
  • Nike vapor max plus height increases up to 1.3 inches
  • Nike Air max 720 height increases up to 1.5 inches

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Should your size up or down in Nike Blazers?

If you want to purchase Nike blazers shoes, you have to size them up for better wearing because Nike blazers are usually made for narrow feet. But if you like to wear these shoes and have wide feet, just buy 1.5 sizes bigger, you will not feel stress and tightness on your feet.

These shoes are designed for the size of both males and females, and you will not find models of these sneakers that big.

Are Nike Blazers comfortable?

Wearing comfortable shoes is really important as it will give you support while running, playing and working, etc. Since the feet support our whole body, you should always buy comfortable ones that perfectly suit your feet. 

Nike Blazers may not be the comfiest sneakers because it has no capabilities of absorbing. It is also not comfortable like other features of Nike sneakers.

Normally, they fit tightly, and manufacturers have specifically designed them for slim and narrow feet, but it looks classy if you wear them. If you want to purchase these sneakers, you have to know what kinds of fit would be perfectly suited to your feet.

When you wear it for the first time, you will feel a little uncomfortable, but it will give extra support to your feet after some days.

Are Nike Blazers low comfortable?

Nike blazers can be uncomfortable if you buy the wrong size online or when someone gives you as a gift because I have already said you should buy 1.5 sizes greater than your own size of the fits.

For example, suppose your size of the sneakers is 38. In that case, you have to buy 38.5 or 39 sizes for better wearing if your size is bigger and wider. Because wearing the wrong size shoes and sneakers causes back pain and stop flowing oxygen.

This can be a serious problem, especially for athletes and sportsmen.

Are Nike Blazers good for running?

Nike Blazers is good for running at an affordable price if its size is perfect for your feet.

Most of people and I are also on the same page that Nike Blazers can be perfectly used in workouts or traveling. But it can be smelly if you do not wash it frequently because some bacteria appear as these shoes have no sweat absorbing ability.  So, you have to wash them very often. 

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How to wash a Nike Blazer?

Cleaning or washing methods are quite easy. I would like to give you a little idea about cleaning Nike blazers, although it is common to wash other kinds of sneakers or canvas.

  • You can use your unused toothbrush to remove the dirt materials attached to the Nike blazers for some time, but you should do it gently.
  • Apply some detergent mixed with water and again use a brush and rub it calmly. Soak these inside the bucket of water.
  • Washing laces is irritating. Just apply a little detergent and rub it softly, and put it inside the water that contains clothing soap. Do not use a brush as it can be torn.
  • If the sneakers are not clean the first time of washing, do the same method again
  • Keep it dry under the sun.

Note: Never put these pairs of sneakers inside the washing machine. It will not be clean, just your sneakers will be torn.

How long do Nike Blazers last?

Nike Blazers were released in 1973 as a basketball shoe but it is still one of the popular branded shoes and many people are happy to get such a high-quality sneaker still now.

If you use these pairs of sneakers frequently, I think the lower part of the trip which is located under the shoes will last for just two weeks and it can last longer. It has durability because of the two-layered tape on the part of the toe that makes a stunning look.

Are Nike blazer leather?

Nike Blazers are made of leather that brings exclusive attention as it is furnished with a swoosh design. These sneakers pop up with a classic look as it is beautifully adorned by leather and synthetic materials.

And it also gives comfort and support. As the days are moving forward, new styles and colors are blooming, making people eager to buy when the new collection arrives.

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