Are Nike Travis Scott Shoes Good – [full Brand overview]

Nike Travis Scott shoes are a great combination of comfort and style. Not only the premium build quality but also the unique design make these shoes different from all others.

The eye-catching color combination and durable performance is the prime thing that works behind the popularity of these shoes. Since not too many pairs of these shoes are made, fashion-concerned people grab them as soon they are available.

Here in this article, we are going to share all the necessary information about Nike Travis Scott shoes. So, if you’re one of the fans of these shoes or thinking to buy one, this article is going to be the perfect guide for you!

Who makes Nike Travis Scott Shoes?

One of the leading shoe brands Nike is the manufacturer of these shoes. But the design and style have collaborated with the famous rapper Travis Scott.

But Nike is not the first brand to make a collab with Travis Scott. Rather, Travis tried to design shoes for some other brands too like Helmut Lang or Jordan Trunner.

Then in 2017, Travis Scott made the first product with Nike named “Travis Scott Nike Air Force 1”. Since then, many new models have been released and gained popularity all over the globe.

Where are Nike Travis Scott Shoes made?

Nike Travis Scott shoes are made in Italy. But not all Nike products are made there.

Mostly Nike manufactures their shoes in China and Vietnam. But all the models of Travis Scott are made in Italy. The reason behind manufacturing these shoes outside the United States may be the labor cost, raw material prices, etc.

How does this shoe warranty work?

The warranty policy of Nike Travis Scott shoes is not fixed. It depends on the models of shoes and on the seller.

Generally, you will get 1-2 years of guarantee. Though it can charge you some extra money, you can repair any issues in your shoes from the seller. But most of the dealers will provide a lifetime authenticity guarantee for most shoes of this brand.

Are Nike Travis Scott Shoes true to size?

Mostly Nike Travis Scott shoes are true to size (TTS). But there are different opinions from users on what size you should buy.

Some prefer a bit large size so that the shoe does not be too compact. This may hamper your comfort. On the other hand, some say that buying a half-size down won’t affect that much. Rather, it will be good in case the shoe stretches after use.

So, it’s better to recheck the size when you buy one of these shoes.

Are Nike Travis Scott Shoes good? 5 reasons to buy one

Nike Travis Scott shoes are one of the best choices for shoe lovers. Some of the reasons for buying these shoes are mentioned below.

#1 – Design

All Nike Travis Scott shoes come with unique designs and color combinations. That’s why, no matter if users already have a pair of Travis Scott, they are always willing to buy a new one.

#2 – Material

I’ve already mentioned that the built quality of these shoes is awesome. The cotton and nylon that is used to make these shoes are so soft and light, that you would love to wear them.

#3 – Varieties

A lot of models are available in these shoe categories. From the “Air Force 1” to “Nike SB  Dunk”, there are a lot of options to choose from.

#4 – Durability

Since the price of these shoes is a bit higher than normal, of course, the life span will be better. Even after very rough use, these shoes will perform for a long time.

#5 – Comfort

Last but not least, comfort always matters. No matter how good the material is, if it’s not comfortable, it’s useless. In this case, Nike Travis Scott is undoubtedly good.

best travis scott shoes shoes from nike

Some of the best shoes from this brand are listed below.

  • Travis Scott-Duck Low

This model was released in 2020. This is currently one of the most popular models from this brand.

  • Travis Scott-Nike Air Force 1

It is another popular model which is in the top choice list of customers since 2017.

  • Air Jordan 4-Cactus Jack

Back in 2018, when this shoe was released, it was almost sold instantly due to its fantastic design and look. 

Are there any good alternatives to Nike Travis Scott Shoes?

If you are looking for sneakers of similar quality as Nike Travis Scott, the following brand can be options for you.


One of the leading shoe brands. Have almost all models like Nike Travis Scott.

Rick Owens

Another premium shoe brand. The price is similar to Nike Travis Scott shoes.

FAQ about Are Nike Travis Scott Shoes Good

1. How many Travis Scott 6s were made?

These shoes have a limited edition of 50,000 pairs.

2. Who design Travis Scott shoes?

Hiroshi Fujiwara is the designer of Travis Scott shoes.

3. When did Travis and Nike start?

Back in 2017, Travis Scott and Nike started to collaborate on their design and product.

Our verdict on Are Nike Travis Scott Shoes Good

Nike Travis Scott is widely popular due to its brand value and quality product. For a long time, these shoes are in the top choice list of shoe lovers.

Though the price of these shoes is not average, rather a bit higher, people consider them a worthy investment. The unique design, great materials, and long-time performance are some of the features worth mentioning.

So, if you’re willing to buy a new pair of shoes, I will suggest having a look at Nike Travis Scott. Of course, if you have plenty of budget to spend.

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