Are Rick Owens Sneakers Good – is it worth buying?

Rick Owens sneakers are popular due to their fantastic durability and extreme comfort. Each shoe is made of highly fabricated material like cotton, fiber, rice waste, etc. So Are Rick Owens Sneakers Good?

As a result, while using or keeping it in the wardrobe, it remains perfect for a long time. Since media like TikTok and Instagram are becoming popular sources of fashion ideas, people tend to follow what is trending.

As you may already know, among many fashion influences, and content creators, Rick Owens is the best choice. Here, I’ll be covering every asking about these shoes. So, to have an overall idea about Rick Owens, keep reading.

Who makes Rick Owens shoes?

Richard Saturnino Owens, most commonly known as Rick Owens, is behind this brand. He is one of the most famous fashion designers these days. He along with his team of designers makes Rick Owens shoes.

Though he was born and raised in America, later he shifted to Paris. There he started his journey with Rick Owens and soon it became popular. The uniqueness in design, color, and material is the reason for this popularity.

And guess what, due to the gothic design of these shoes, Rick Owens is called the “Lord Of Darkness”.

Where are Rick Owens’s shoes made?

All of the shoes from Rick Owens are made in Italy. The factory is in Concordia, Modena, where the design team is working on new innovations and products.

But in the beginning, Rick started the journey on Hollywood, Boulevard in 1994. Later he moved to Paris in 2003 along with his spouse. There he started to manufacture shoes in a five-storied building and thus the brand began its journey.

How does Rick Owens’s shoe warranty work?

Well, this is something that may disappoint you a bit. Because as per some customer reviews, there is no clear warranty or replacement policy for Rick Owens shoes.

If there are any faults in the shoes, the seller may repair them by charging an amount of money. But this can vary with time. So, it’s better to contact customer care if you face any issues with the shoes.

Handy hints >> Rick Owens Warranty Page

Are Rick Owens’s shoes True to Size? (with the Size chart)

Rick Owens’s shoes are mostly true to size. But most users suggest buying a downsized shoe. That’s because the sneakers or shoes tend to stretch a bit while wearing or using them.

So, it’s better to buy a comparatively smaller one for the best fit. There are plenty of sizes available for each shoe model. Here below I’m providing the size details for different regions.

  • USA: For the USA customers, the size starts from 5 and increases by 0.5 up to 14. You can choose your preferences from anywhere in between these sizes.
  • EU: In the European Union region, the smallest size is 38. You can find sizes like .8.5, 39, 39.5, and so on up to the maximum available size of 47.
  • UK: For Uk users, the smallest size is 4. The available sizes are 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, and so on up to 13, which is the maximum size.

Are Rick Owens Sneakers Good? 5 reasons to choose

Rick Owen’s shoes are one of the great choices for fashion-concerned people. Here, I’m mentioning five reasons why you can choose this brand.

#1 – Design:

Rick Owen’s shoes come in exceptional designs and colors. Due to the gothic aesthetics, the shoes and sneakers have become favorites for unique lovers.

#2 – Material:

Each shoe from this brand is made of highly fabricated fiber, cotton, rice waste, etc. As a result, durability and comfort both are maintained.

#3 – Durability:

I’ve already mentioned that the material and finish of these shoes are so good that they will remain really good for a long time. No matter whether you are wearing them or keeping them in your wardrobe, they will be safe for a long time.

#4 – Size:

There are a lot of different sizes of Rick Owens shoes. From the different regions, there are various size charts which I’ve mentioned above.

#5 – Models:

Rick Owens offers a plethora amount of different models of shoes. Sneakers, boots, regular shoes, they have almost everything for regular uses or for occasions.

Top available shoes from Rick Owens

  • Rick Owens Sandal:

These are for regular use. There are several models and colors of sandals available on the official website of Rick Owens. You can choose as per your preference from there.

  • Rick Owens Shoes:

Like sandals, they have different models of shoes too. Converse, Sneakers are available in different sizes and models.

  • Rick Owens Boots:

These are the most popular products from the brand Rick Owens. High heel boots named ‘Kiss boots” are one of the unique products from the brand. There are more models too which you can consider.

FAQ about Are Rick Owens Sneakers Good

1. Do Rick Owens shoes worth the money?

The unique design, long life of the material, and comfort are so good, that they can be considered a good investment.

2. How do you clean Rick Owens sneakers?

Feel free to use a shoe brush to clean the sneakers. Depending on the type of shoes, you can also use polish.

3. Are Rick Owens shoes comfortable?

For long-time use and night out, Rick Owens shoes are very comfy as they are light and soft.

our verdict on Are Rick Owens Sneakers Good

Rick Owens shoes are top choices for people all over the world. If you are willing to spend a well amount of money, this is the brand you can choose without any hesitation!

Depending on your preferences, you can select from a wide range of options. From sneakers and boots to regular shoes, there is almost everything you can imagine as your style companion.

Though the price is higher than regular brands, for those who never compromise with their style, it can be compensated. 

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