Are Jordan 1s Good For Lifting or Squatting? [Answered!]

Although we cannot say that Jordan 1s are the best lifting shoes, they are unquestionably good. Among those few things comfortable weightlifting requires, a good shoe is one of the most important, isn’t it? 

A good weightlifting shoe will help make your performance better, your confidence higher, and your lifting performance improved. Since the heel is the most crucial body part that bears the whole weight, choosing a convenient shoe is indispensable.

Considering all the specifications, the answer is that Jordan 1s are a pretty good fit for weightlifting. Let us discuss how.

Jordan 1s: Deliberation

Jordan 1s are the most popular basketball shoes in the world. They were designed by Nike and released in 1985. The shoe is named after Michael Jordan, and it was his first signature shoe with Nike. 

The shoe has had many different releases, but the original release is what people are referring to when they say “Jordan 1s”. Jordan 1s have been a staple in the sneaker community ever since their release, and there are many reasons why you would want to wear them for a squat workout.

According to Amazon sellers, this is one of the most popular products that you can use for several purposes. If you visit Amazon and look for Jordan 1s, you’ll see this shoe has high specifications, and its user demand is comparatively higher than other pricey options. Without a doubt, the product is a bit expensive. It’s worth flexing for.

Important considerations for a good lifting shoe

Before discussing what Jordan 1s will offer their gym users, let’s learn what we should consider while choosing lifting shoes. In other words, what makes a good lifting shoe?

Take a look-

  • Comfort:

Your weightlifting shoes must have a little cushioning to give comfort. A gym is where you can spend a few hours exercising and relaxing your body and mind. Think about wearing shoes that are not comfortable or making you remember having legs all the time. You know what we mean, right? 

Your legs have to bear a lot in the gym, and in the case of weight lifting, your legs play the most vital role in lifting the whole body weight. So, you must wear something where your legs are supported comfortably and relaxed.

  • Support and structure: 

Here, we mean reducing ankle movement. Is your selected shoe providing all the necessary support for the ankles? This is crucial. Lifting pounds after pounds is difficult when your ankles are not steady and sway rapidly back and forth. 

This would make the task harder and increase the possibility of injury to the feet or ankles.

So, yes, a good lifting shoe will help limit ankle movement and help with strength level improvement. Because, with vertically aligned ankles, your foot and calf muscles may create the most strength since they pull directly upwards and at maximum lift.

  • Sole Material: 

Lifting shoes are manufactured with robust soles. Strong sole material in shoes helps transfer force directly downwards with the least compressing.

So, you will not buy a heavily cushioned shoe on the bottom, making it soft. Choose a less cushioned one for a sturdy structure and to ensure a perfect fit for lifting motion. 

Jordan 1s – can you wear jordans to the gym?

You will see many people wearing basketball shoes in the gym. You may wonder why they are not wearing regular sneakers or sports shoes instead of these basketball shoes like Jordans. But yes, they have reasons. 

Basketball shoes are good for weight lifting. Although they can not replace the comfort of lifting shoes, they offer most of the specifications you will need for weightlifting. 

If we are specific, then what about Jordan 1s? Let’s not say Jordan 1s are the best shoes for everyday gym use. Still, they are considered better than any other basketball shoes or shoe options considering comfort, ankle support, and sole material. Durability and design features.

Besides, it may seem silly, but we have different logic for choosing your Jordan 1s for gym wear. Jordans are a comparatively more expensive option than many other shoe brands. You will not want to wear these fancy shoes for everyday use or in some places where you may do heavy walking or running. 

A gym is ideal where you won’t need to run or do anything that could scratch your shoes. However, wearing the most expensive Jordans in the gym should be avoided too. Jordan 1s are among the good choices. They have a low-top and provide a lot of support. They also have a rubber sole that provides traction.

How is Jordan 1S going to be favorable for Squats and Deadlifting?

Squats are one of the most challenging exercises to strengthen the lower body. For beginners, it is essential to have a good shoe that provides stability and comfort.

The shoe should also have a good grip on the floor, a significant heel-to-toe drop, and a wide toe box to stretch your feet apart and generate a more extensive foundation in contact with the ground. This will help you keep your balance and avoid slipping or falling.

Jordans will provide you with all of these specifications except one thing. These shoes are specially made for basketball players, so the cushion is a bit softer than it needs to be for squats. But, it should be fine. You’ll have no trouble with it.

Are Jordan 1s Good for Deadlifting?

Deadlifting shoes are specifically designed to help you lift more weight and protect your feet from injury. They provide stability and grip on the floor, which is important when lifting heavy weights. Although deadlifts are pretty different from squats, the needs in shoes are the same. 

So, we’ll say the same as squats for the deadlift. Jordan 1s can be a good fit for deadlifting, but these shoes are a bit more cushioned.

Besides shoe specifications, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind when picking out your deadlift shoes:

  • The shoe’s width should match your foot’s width for optimal stability.
  • The height of the shoe should be at least 1 inch or 2 cm taller than your heel to help with ankle mobility and prevent injury.
  • You want a snug fit so that they stay on while you’re lifting heavy weights, but not so tight that they cause discomfort or pain.

Keep these things in mind when picking your own.

FAQ about Are Jordan 1s Good For Lifting or Squatting

Is the Jordan 1S the best shoe for lifting?

No, Jordans are best for basketball players. Still, choosing Jordan 1s for lifting is not bad at all.

Are Jordan 1s good for lifting?

This question requires discussion, but considering the whole explanation in this article, yes, Jordan 1s are good for lifting.

Which shoe is best for weightlifting?

The answer may differ. But according to us, it’s Nike Romaleos 4.

Our verdict on Are Jordan 1s Good For Lifting or Squatting

We won’t say that the Jordan 1s are a perfect shoe for lifting weights. But they provide enough support to help you lift more while at the same time protecting your feet.

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