Are Metcons Good For Lifting? [Answered!]

Yes! Nike Metcons are perfect for lifting. Thanks to the wider build of the Metcon as well as the material used in the sneakers, they are perfect for lifting. Moreover, the Metcons are one of the few sneaker lineups that can withstand the brutality of strength training.  

For doing intense workouts such as lifting, ordinary shoes don’t stand a chance.

You need a good grip along with enough space for the movement in order to withstand the force of lifting. And the Metcons provide these so that you can lift them more comfortably. 

Read on to know are Metcons good for lifting and in detail about the reasons why one should buy the Metcons for weightlifting, the best Metcon for lifting, and what to look for while buying shoes for lifting. So, let’s not waste any time and dive into the article to know all about Metcons and shoes for lifting.

Are Metcons Good For Lifting [Answered!]

5 Reasons to Buy Metcons for Weightlifting

When it comes to workout footwear, Nike Metcons are some of the most versatile options. However, they aren’t the best option for long-distance running, these sneakers are perfect for sprinting, lifting, and any other type of high-intensity workout.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose Metcons for weightlifting.

The Wide Sole and Broad Heel 

A weight-distributing inner plate makes the wide, broad heel even more stable by distributing weight throughout its whole length. Its toe box is broad. Additionally, the Metcon flexes to provide comfort during exercise intervals.

Top-Notch Functional Fitness

The Metcon series has always aimed to tackle functional fitness issues, Nike Metcons help you move fast in every angle, fixing dragging toes on burpees, and giving a platform that spans effortlessly between weights and sprints. 


Nike Metcon sneakers offer unbreakable stability as well as ground-gripping traction for multidirectional movement. Rubber tread provides traction from the gym to the street.


Metcon uses TPU yarns on the sides and top of the shoe to protect the breathability, flexible robust mesh from frequent rope climbs. The outcome is a more robust, lightweight trainer.

Material and Design

The upper features a breathable material, which is an absolute must for working out on those hot summer days. In addition, the sleek style of the shoe makes it suitable for post-workout hangouts.

Which Is The Best Nike Metcon for Lifting and Why?

Nike Metcon 7 is the best shoe in the Metcon lineup for lifting.  First off, Nike React Foam has been added to the Nike Metcon 7’s midsole.

The complete midsole of the Nike React Metcon 7 uses React Foam to give it a far more responsive and versatile sensation.

The increased rope guards on the left and right sides of the shoe are a subtle benefit of the Nike Metcon 7 for some athletes and lifters. For people who primarily rely on their feet for rope climbing, it’s a fantastic addition that will increase the model’s long-term longevity.

Although some people might not necessarily need or want this additional material, it doesn’t really affect how well the shoe performs overall, and if it increases durability, that can never be a negative thing.

What to Look for in Good Shoes for Lifting?

The toe box of lifting shoes should be broad so your toes can spread enough while working out. The boxes should also encourage your toes to touch the ground when exercising. This may improve the shoes’ coziness and the user’s security.

Let’s look at some factors that you should consider while looking for a good lifting shoe.

Find the right-sized heel using your height and flexibility:

If you’re short, have flexible ankles, or squat broad, choose a heel under .75″. On the other hand, tall athletes, those with low ankle movement, and those who have a narrow squat posture must choose a taller heel.

If you’re average height, flexible, and your squat stance is shoulder-width, choose a .75′′ heel for the optimal ankle-angle while squatting.

Choose the proper fit and skip leather:

Shoes must be wide enough to fit your foot. They shouldn’t restrict blood flow or stress pressure points. The shoe sole must grip your heels so your foot doesn’t slip when lifting. Synthetic material won’t stretch out when you break in leather, so choose that.

Choose a single- or multi-strap shoe:

Most weightlifting shoes have laces and a strap for added support during squatting. Single-strap shoes are acceptable, but shoes having two or more straps provide more stability.

Only intermediate to advanced powerlifters or weightlifters need many strap shoes. Multiple straps are overkill for most squatters.

What Are Some Great Metcons for Lifting?

Product NameBest forKey featuresProsCons
Nike Metcon 7LiftingConsists of a wide feel which is permanent. The heel plate provides a stable lift.
The foam bottoms are flexible and comfortable 
The rubber outsole offers grip and traction.
Still not good for running.
Thinner Mid-Foot Construction.
Nike Metcon 6RunningGood for running in comparison to other Metcons.Solid Outsole.Built with a split insole.Strong and Durable Upper.A hard heel cup irritates the heel.The design is divisive.
Nike Metcon 5Heavy SquatsThe stability in the heel makes them ideal for hard squatting and deadlifting.Wide fit, roomy toes, very comfortable.Wrapped, durable upper and sole.Compatible lifting inserts.Dreadful running ability.Lace is quite easy to come undone.
Nike Metcon 8Crossfit.A good cross-training shoe for CrossFit and lifting athletes.Redesigned Upper Could Increase Toe Box DurabilityGood shoes for climbing ropes.Forefoot Feels Responsive Thanks to Nike React Foam.Blocky heels aren’t good for running.Unsuitable for Wide Feet.It’s hit or miss with new branding.
Nike Metcon 4HIIT Exercis eA suitable training shoe for everyone who enjoys HIIT exercisesMobile and versatile Nike Free Tech.Breathable Upper Has Been Reworked.The Huarache Heel Strap Aids in Securing the Foot.Tight Sizing and Low Volume

What Are The Best Alternatives to Metcon Shoes for Lifting?

Product NameWhy Choose ItWhere to Get
Reebok Nano X2Greater cushioning than standard CrossFit shoes.Click Here
Do-Win Classic LifterCost-effective shoes made specifically for weightlifting.Click Here
Adidas AdiPower 2It includes a forefoot that is incredibly flexible, making them great for any workout that requires more than just squatting.Click Here
Inov-8 Mens F-Lite G 300Comfortable for those who have wide feet.Click Here
PUMA Men’s Axelion Spark Good for arch support and shock absorption.Click Here

FAQ about Are Metcons Good For Lifting

Are Metcons only for CrossFit?

No, Nike Metcons are not suitable for Crossfit only. These sneakers are versatile gym shoes in their own right. Weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, and other forms of athletic training can all benefit from wearing shoes like these.

Do I need specific shoes for lifting?

Yes, you need specific shoes for lifting. For example, don’t try to lift in your running shoes or any other type of athletic shoe. 

Lifting exercises that benefit from a shoe with a higher heel include squats and deadlifts. When lifting weights, you also don’t need shoes with as much arch support.

What is Nike Hype lifts for?

A pair of detachable Nike Hyperlift inserts are included with the majority of Metcons, increasing the heel-to-toe offset and effectively converting them into lifters.  To allow oneself a wider motion range when lifting bigger items, simply slide them into the heels.

our verdict on Are Metcons Good For Lifting

Nike Metcons are perfect for lifting or any other intense workout. The features of Metcon shoes that include, proper grip, strong stability as well as quality are really the core things that you will need while lifting.

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