Are Air Forces Good For Lifting? (Detailed!)

No, the Nike Air Forces are not the best option for lifting. But you can still utilize these shoes for low-intensity workouts. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent cushioning system of the shoes, these can be a good choice for activities such as walking and playing or hitting the gym for low-intensity workouts.

Not every shoe is cut out for doing heavy lifting. Unfortunately, Air Forces fall under this category. But thanks to the cushioning they can still be worthy for other activities. 

Read on to know are Air Forces good for lifting and in detail about the things at which the Nike Air Forces are good, and about the workouts, you can do with the Air Force as well the qualities that make a shoe suitable for weightlifting. So, let’s not spend any time and jump into the article.

Are Air Forces Good For Lifting (Detailed!)

What Are Air Force Shoes Good for?

Nowadays, AirForce is among the most sought-after pairs of sneakers for everyday use. In the early 1980s, the Air Force 1’s initial design made them functional as basketball shoes. Let’s look at some activities that the Nike Airforce is good at. 


Despite their heft, Air Force shoes are fine for moderately long walks. The midsole’s cushioning system is an ’80s reminiscence. The plushness, though, still makes for a pleasant stroll.

An ideal walking shoe shouldn’t have too much difference in height between the heel and toes. Moreover, they should be more flexible on the forefoot. At the arch, there should be medium-level flexibility, not too much.

The substantial sole of the Air Force 1 doesn’t degrade and there’s a hidden Air pocket that ensures the highest comfort.

Air Force shoes aren’t the most lightweight option out there, in fact. But they are not so clunky to feel obstructive as well. The shoes come with Achilles Tendon Protector that absorbs the shock while walking. The decent heel counter of the shoes protects your heels while walking.

Also, the comfortable collar, durable leather, and foam-like insole of Air Force shoes make them the best choice for walking.

Playing Basketball

As its original purpose, AirForce is occasionally seen on the feet of professional basketball players. Air Force 1 Low Cashmere Laser, Air Force 1 High White/Silver shoes, and Air Force 1 Low Playstation are three of the best options for Air Force shoes for playing basketball.

Even if there are newer and better shoe technologies available, the Airforce could still be useful for certain types of play.

Going to the Gym

The Airforce can be a good option for the gym; but not for squats or heavy weightlifting though. 

Thanks to the solid Cushing of the Air Forces, you can work out in a comfortable way. The Air Force is surprisingly durable for a pair of casual sneakers. For a regular-wear option to the gym, you’ll want a breathable shoe that provides light support and has little to no curve in the sole. And, that’s what you can get from Air Forces shoes.

Can You Workout in Nike Air Forces?

As long as it’s a low-impact activity, you certainly can. Please keep in mind that the Air Force 1 was originally designed for basketball. As a result, they are built to withstand the stresses of running and other vigorous exercises. 

Even yet, that doesn’t always make Nike Air Force 1 the best option for hitting the gym or hitting the pavement. Some alternative footwear may even outperform Nike in the gym.

Yet, you can do the following exercises with the Nike Air Forces.

  • Casual strolling
  • Jogging laps
  • Ergometer use
  • Light Lifting
  • Slowly rowing
  • Casual biking

What Are Some Great Nike for Lifting?

Nike has a wide range of shoes and some of them work like a boss when it comes to lifting. Let’s see some of the Nike shoes that are great for lifting.

Product NameBest forKey featuresPros (give 3-4 pros for each shoe)Cons (give 1-2 cons for each shoe)
Nike Metcon 7liftingConsists of a wide feel which is permanent. The heel plate provides a stable lift.
The foam bottoms are flexible and comfortable 
The rubber outsole offers grip and traction.
Still not good for running.
Thinner Mid-Foot Construction.
Nike Savaleos
liftingCan be used for both running and working out. Adaptable as a lifting shoe.Outstanding stabilityPriced affordably.
Not suitable for  wide feet
Nike Metcon 5Heavy SquatsThe stability in the heel makes them ideal for hard squatting and deadlifting.Wide fit, roomy toes, very comfortable.Wrapped, durable upper and sole.Metcons-compatible lifting inserts.Dreadful running ability.Lace is quite easy to come undone.
Nike City Rep TRHIIT exerciseThis shoe is a terrific alternative for all-day training sneakers.BreathableCushioned for short runs and all-day wearDurableSupportive for light gym activitiesMay not be for wide feetFeels cheap

6 Qualities That Makes A Shoe Good For Lifting

As we already have discussed that not every shoe is made for high-intensity workouts or lifting. Shoes that are capable of carrying out these tasks have some unique qualities. These are.

1. Firm sole cushion

Underfoot padding keeps feet comfy, sturdy, and supported. A good shoe for lifting has stiffer heels and softer forefoot foam cushioning to alleviate stress from high-impact movements.

The firm sole allows your feet to transmit more force into the ground so you can stabilize your body plus create a stronger contraction.

2. Heel stability

Shoes good for lifting come with wide heels because they provide a more stable basis for your feet. A small lift of the heel can aid enhance power, especially when doing more explosive motions.

While doing squats, the raised heels allow you to be more upright and activate both pulls as well as a lockout position.

3. Breathability

The perfect weightlifting sneakers should come with a breathable mesh upper to enhance airflow. Combine a ventilated shoe with sweat-wicking socks for fewer sweaty (and smelly) feet.

4. Traction

A foot slip can be deadly, especially while moving big weights. Properly tractioned weightlifting shoes can keep lifters safe. Rubber treads and precise traction patterns assist you in maintaining your footing at the gym.

5. Straps

Nike Romaleos have an adjustable strap across the laces to assist secure your feet when lifting. Weightlifters with straps aren’t required, but some prefer them. Consider trying a shoe with and without straps to determine which you prefer.

6. Versatility

Some weightlifting programs, like CrossFit, work the whole body, so an adaptable shoe can help. For instance, the Nike Metcon is a multipurpose weightlifting shoe that meets several needs while exercising. 

The Nike Metcon 6 has a broad, wide heel for stability throughout weighted exercises and a detachable Hyper Lift insert to change heel height between sets. The rubber outsole and sidewalls of the shoe provide grip for activities like rope climbing and traction on dry surfaces.

FAQ about Are Air Forces Good For Lifting

Why are Air Force 1s so popular?

The Air Force 1’s widespread acceptance can be attributed to several factors, including the shoe’s timeless good looks, pragmatic dimensions, wide distribution, and cozy wear. 

The long and storied history of the Air Force 1 is just one more reason why it is so popular among sneakerheads.

Are Air Force 1s perfect for your feet?

Yes, the Air Force 1s are good for your feet. The Nike Air Force 1s prioritizes comfort, support, and a natural stride with features including a molded forefoot and responsive cushioning. They’d do well for a short stroll, whether to the supermarket, the pack, or just the park.

Does the air force become wet?

Even though it’s one of Nike’s best-selling models, the Air Force 1 is a classic basketball shoe that isn’t exactly designed with wet weather in mind. 

The sneakers have a synthetic leather upper, a lace system with D-ring eyelets, a Lunar cushioning system, and a tractioned rubber sole.

Our verdict on Are Air Forces Good For Lifting

Nike Air Forces are a popular casual sneaker choice for a lot of people. And this casual design and the attributes of this shoe make them not suitable for lifting. Nevertheless, the Air Force 1s still remains an excellent choice if you are not planning to do heavy workouts.

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