Who Makes Yeezy Shoes: Does Nike Own Yeezy?

Yeezy shoes are one of the most demanding sneakers around the world, having outstanding design and long-lasting durability. There are so many burning questions about Yezzy shoes, like Who Makes Yeezy Shoes? Which type of Yeezy shoes are best? 

Kanye West, known as a musical artist, is the founder of the Yeezy brand and has a great design sense too. Joint venture projects with other brands also raise Yeezys fame.

However, the past history of this extremely influential brand sounds interesting, but the non-stop succeeding story is yet to come! 

Who Makes Yeezy Shoes

Where are Yeezy shoes made and manufactured? 

From a small ground, Yeezy now rules over the footwear industry. And that happens because of its product wellness and mind-blowing marketing policy of Kanye. The weird but impressive features of each model of Yeezy turn the whole scenario different. 

With the collaboration of renowned brands, Adidas Yezzys are usually made and manufactured in China. Kanye spends most of his days at Yeezy factories situated in China. 

Though he has a plan to move Yeezy sneakers production to his own country, the United States, it is a long procedure. If it happens, then the Yeezy lovers will be upset as shoes will be more expensive. However, demanding a high price with high-quality service won’t lessen fame, rather it is increasing like a boom!  

How does Yeezy shoe Warranty work? 

The warranty period of Yeezy shoes is a minimum of 6 months. One can file warranty claims by submitting necessary documents. Items can be exchanged within 30 days. Regardless of purchase location, warranty service is available where buyers reside. Accidentally damaged shoes will not be under warranty coverage. 

Are Yeezy shoes true in size? 

Still, this question remains unanswered. Most often the consumer complains about size as they find it smaller than the real size and does not fit but the difference is less than half a point.

So, purchasing half or full size larger is recommended. 

Are Yeezy shoes any good? 5 reasons to choose 

Yeezys never underestimate the quality and individualism. This brand has already shown a thrilling run in the world market.


After all the pressure put on shoe day long, they will still look fragile and fresh only after a wash the next morning. The material used in it is supersensible and kind of inseparable, it lasts a long period of time. That is why your every penny is worth it! 

Pricing vs Quality

It is obvious that high-quality things demand a high price. Indisputably, Yeezy shoes ensure quality with the combination of thick material. You may get other brand shoes at a low price but you will not meet the excellence of Yeezy. Moreover, the limited stock and buyer demand are also Responsible for price hiking.

However, with a sense of quality, the pricing of Yeezys is decent.

Unique Design 

The most prominent feature of Yezzys is minimalistic designs and a variety of styles. Yeezy has earned popularity because of the combination of comfort and glances. In every season, they offer a new collection with a new fashion theme. And the interesting fact is, you won’t get the previous design in the present season.


Yeezy’s are something that has more acceptance than other branded shoes. The main cause behind the hype is that they are pretty much comfortable and easy to wear. Whenever you run or rush, you don’t need to think about your feet as they will always be in an affluent situation.

Suite for all-purpose

YEEZYS are used for daily usage. But, you can wear them everywhere, including at wedding parties! These shoes have versatile features, so they can go with any kind of outfit.

Top Yeezy shoes on the market

Top Yeezy shoes on the market

Around 20 different models of Yeezys have been released since the birth of the brand. Having unique features, all the models sold out rapidly and brought immense shouts all around the world!

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2

This V2 version debuted around 7 years ago. Featuring a higher cut and patterned Primeknit upper, Adidas Yeezy 350 V3 has earned much reputation!  

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner is an exclusive and sustainable product. This is evidence of  Kanye West’s commitment to the betterment of quality and design. Influenced by the design of Adidas Yeezy 700, the new one has laces or moving parts.

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3

This model resembles the brand value of Adidas. An extra feature of these shoes is an upper composed of monofilament engineered mesh with RPU overlays which enhances the stability. The sophisticated design of the Yeezy 700 V3 is more attractive than any other shoes of the same brand. 

Yeezy Calabasas PowerPhase 

Presenting the most controversial shoes designed by Kanye West. Along with 70s classics features, it has the vibe of an old-school aesthetic. The combination of three colourways also makes it iconic.

are there any good alternatives yeezys?

the uniqueness of Yeezy is undeniable. but the cost of Yeezy makes people think again. so brands like puma, reebok, and Nike are becoming the competitors of Adidas by releasing different types of Yeezy alternatives at a lower price!

nike roshe one

Where Yezzy follows old fashion, Nike focuses on versatility. If you are searching for simply designed shoes like Yeezy but with less spending, then the Nike Rose one is best for you. Regardless Variety of designs, it provides reliable solace. 

Reebok Workout Plus 

For those who have the expectation to buy Yeezy running shoes but can’t afford it, Reebok Workout plus is for you. It gives better support and comfort while doing the workout. This model design is based on mobility and obstacle-free motion

Buy Yeezy shoes or go for alternatives? 

Before jumping to the answer, have a look at the comparative scenario and your mindset about Yeezy and its alternatives! Yes, there are numerous models of shoes that meet with the Yeezy type.

Thinking about money, quality, and brand, you may get confused. So ask yourself a revert question. Your preference will be the real answer.

If you prioritize quality over price and you are willing to have Yeezy then you must go for it, otherwise, you may find some best alternatives. 

FAQ about Who Makes Yeezy Shoes

Is Yezzy a luxury brand?

Yeezys are not effective but they ensure excludability and high quality. So, the word luxury is suitable in this regard.

What is the best feature of Yeezys?

Undoubtedly, Yezzy provides unparalleled comfort. With the outstanding design, the comforts make Yeezys worth buying.

How can I find real Yeezy?

There’s always a sign of real Yeezy. You just keep your eyes out for the authorized design, exact materials and prices of each pair.

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