Who makes Vans Shoes? VF Corporation! (Answered!)

At present, one of the best quality sportswear-making American Shoe brands is Vans Shoes. Vans Shoes is an iconic brand of sneakers as well. Their sneaker shoes have conquered the hearts of sneaker lovers all over the world. Especially the skaters who like to wear heavy soles and comfortable upper parts are fans of the VF shoes.

Who makes Vans Shoes? Presently, Van Doren Rubber Company is known as VF Corporation (Vanity Fair Mills until 1969), which is the owner and manufacturer of Van shoes. Their popular products include skateboarding shoes and other related apparel. 

VF Corporation sponsors motocross teams, surf, snowboarding, and BMX. Now they are selling their shoes in 97 countries through 2,000 vendors, according to the VF.

Manufacturer of Van shoes“VF Corporation”
Former Name“The Van Doren Rubber Company”
Founder NamePaul Van Doren, James Van Doren, and Gordon
Company First Founded inMarch 16, 1966,
Who makes Vans Shoes

Where are Van Shoes made and manufactured?

VF Corporation started its journey 56 years ago on March 16, 1966. Two brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren with their partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia founded Van Shoes under the name Van Doren Rubber Company. Its headquarters is located in Anaheim, California of USA.

However, the Van shoes are designed and manufactured in Italy. They also manufacture their shoes in some other countries of the world Turkey, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cambodia, and of course in the USA. VF Corporation scattered its factories worldwide due to low labor costs and versatility.

They made their shoes with eco-friendly organic cotton and fabrics. 

How does this shoe Warranty work?

Van Shoes is committed to customer satisfaction. They recruited some product experts to help the customer to select the fit of Van Shoes for them. They encourage their customers to take some guidance before purchasing.

Despite this support, if you need a return, their sales associates help to facilitate the return.

To start the return process, you have to call or email them. You can collect their supporting numbers from the Contact Us page of their website.

Vans Shoes’ return policies may vary from customer to customer based on the reasons to return. Any stock-out products during the sale are considered a special order and that is not cancelable.

Most of the Van Shoes are covered by the one-year parts and repairing warranty. Their refund policies depend on their store’s policies and types of orders.

Are Van Shoes true to size?

The Vans Sneakers and shoes are fit to size. Their whole sizing system is very simple.

Van Shoes also can be attainable in some half sizes. Those half-size shoes are for the UK 11 and up. Half sizing is very important for those who are in between the two sizes. Van Shoe specialists always suggest their customers go one size up that fairly well than going one size down.

For instance, if you usually wear a UK 11.5, you should go up ½ size and buy a UK 12.

To choose an accurate pair, you may use a scale to assess the actual size of your foot. You have to measure from the back of the heel to the lengthiest toe and calculate in the unit centimeter measurement. 

UK sizeUS sizeEU sizeLength (cm)

Are Van Shoes good? top reasons to buy one

The simple answer is yes. Van Shoes are good for many reasons. Let’s see why you should choose Van Shoes? Van shoes are very durable and comfy.

  • All of Van’s models are good in quality and obviously, fairly priced. Its rubber foundations ensure no slipping.
  • Van Shoes are very good for walking outside due to the rubber sole and canvas formation.
  • The hidden beauty of Van Shoes is in their stunning versatility. Their boat shoes and deck shoes are exclusive for walking on the beach.
  • Van Shoes vulcanized cup sole which is called Wafflecup is made with very special technology. That technology makes them durable. They use boosted board feels along with a perfect grip for their vulcanized shoe.

Are there any Limitations of Van shoes?

Van Shoes has very few weaknesses to refer to. Here are the Vans drawbacks:

  • VF Corporation mainly focuses on the skateboarding manner of clothing.
  • They can’t penetrate rising markets relating to their competitors.
  • Their refund strategies are not as strong as their brand value.

Top Available Van shoes on the market:

Top Available Van shoes on the market

There are a lot of talks, let’s see some of the best Van Shoes.

Vans Old School:

It is a traditional shadow type, super comfortable, and an easy-wear shoe that should be in any wardrobe. The shoe is true to size, and exceptionally breathable, with a durable outsole.

The drawback of this model is reaping stains easily and is not much like contemporary skate shoes.

Vans Sk8:

Vans Sk8 features a padded collar and ankle-support durable  Vans model. It is also breathable and true to its size.

Vans SK8 grabs time to wear and put off, and it is not decent for damp weather.

Vans Old School Platform:

These platform shoes are very protective in their underfoot. It has a bold look with dirt concealer. Overall, it’s a great shoe.

Are there any good alternatives to Van Shoes?

The Van Shoes and Sneakers are more outstanding than any other concurrent shoemaker. But, there are some good alternatives to Van Shoes. Best Vans alternatives are Cariuma OCA High, Greats Wooster, Rothys RS01, SeaVees Legend, and so on.

These all brands are very popular besides Van Shoes.

FAQ about Who makes Vans Shoes

Why are Van Shoes so popular?

One saying is very common in the USA, that the “classics never go out of style”. Van Shoes has made this saying a true word for word. Though they started their journey in the early 1960s, they are still trendy for skaters for their classical model, easy style, variety of colors, design, and good quality.

Are Vans shoes expensive?

The answer is no. Van Shoes are not very expensive. They are usually affordable and you need not break your bank to buy a pair of Vans Sneakers.

Are Vans shoes waterproof?

Vans Sneakers are not watertight; rather, the shoes are water-resistant.

Our verdict on Who Makes Vans Shoes?

Finally, it can be said that the American streetwear brand Van Shoes are very traditional and classical shoemaker. Their vulcanized shoe-making technology is a flawless way of manufacturing shoes and sneakers.

The shoe’s rubber outsoles are compiled on the finely lingered upper parts before the outsole is fully cured. Hence, the shoes are so strong and durable.

We hope you are enjoying your days wearing your favorite Vans model. These shoes are perfect for skating, walking, and traveling outside. 

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