Who Makes Birkenstocks? (The Untold History Of Birkenstocks)

Nowadays everyone tries to be unique in his style and fashion. Among all fashion accessories, the shoe is one of the most excellent parts. People of all ages have their zest for shoe choice. I think you are also a stylish shoe lover. 

And that’s why you love Birkenstocks shoes, right? Yes, Birkenstocks is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in German. Now, Who Makes Birkenstocks? 

Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co is the producer and manufacturer of Birkenstock shoes and sandals. They are famous for their contoured tab footbeds (soles) which are made of strips of goat leather and jute.

Its headquarter is located in Neustadt(Wied), Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Current Manufacturer of Birkenstock Shoe“Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co. KG”
First Introduced in America1966
Founder NameJohann Adam Birkenstock
Company First Founded in1774

Our today’s post is to satisfy your curiosity about this shoe brand. Let’s have a deep insight!

Who makes Birkenstocks

Where are Birkenstock shoes made and manufactured?

Birkenstock shoes and sandals are manufactured in Germany. They make their products in a controlled and safe environment in their factories. In fact, Birkenstock has its own production facilities.

They go through a lot of handwork to make a pair of shoes or sandals. They undergo almost 17 steps to make one pair of shoes for the different models. Over 100 skilled hand movements are needed to ensure well-furnished Birkenstock closed-toe models.

The closed-toe models of Birkenstock are made in Portugal to ensure the hand craftsmanship of centuries-old customs. Birkenstock always maintains top-quality standards in their shoe industry around the world.

They never compromise on quality, whether the shoes are made by hand or by an industrial process. They use the best materials for their shoes.

The major materials for Birkenstock shoes are high-quality leather, cork, copper, wool felt, brass, natural latex, and copper. All of these materials are collected from Europe.

How does Birkenstock shoe Warranty work?

Birkenstock shoes have no specific warranty or guarantee. However, they do have some return policies that are mentioned below:

  • Birkenstock shoes that are purchased from their online store have to be returned online at https://www.birkenstock.com/us/returns. Shoes cannot be refunded or returned from any Birkenstock showroom or any approved retailer shop.
  • Birkenstock Footwear items may be returned without any charge in the unchanged purchase condition and wrapping, within a maximum of 30 days after delivery. They follow a checking process before any return. The containers and packaging have to remain unchanged.
  • If you want to return any Birkenstock shoes, please visit https://www.birkenstock.com/us/returns and just follow the instructions accordingly.
  • For exchanging any product please call at 844-505-4055 or email at info@support.birkenstockusa.com and they will help you immediately.

Are Birkenstock true to size?

Yes, the Birkenstock shoes are true to size and are very comfy to wear. A new pair of shoes may take some time to be well fitted with the legs.

But, Birkenstock shoes are environment-friendly, stylish, and super comfy. When you wear a Birkenstock shoe, you will realize that your feet were crying for the shoes. The shoes match any formal and informal dress, whether it is a trouser or a trailer suit.

We have listed some guidance on fitting the shoe here for the Birk fans. This list will help you to enjoy the comfy world of Birkenstock shoes.

How do the Birkenstock shoes fit with legs?

Though most of the Birkenstock shoes are true to their size,, overall fitting with your feet may vary from one model to another. Choose your model according to your foot shape

How can you achieve your style with Birk Shoes?

You can enjoy your favorite birk in different ways and styles. But, if you feel any suspicion, just keep things simple. 

You may wear it with blue jeans, blazers, white tees, black dresses, or gray sweatsuits, etc…

The ways of taking care of your Birkenstock shoes:

The best thing about Birkenstock shoes is they require less maintenance than any other shoe. It’s very easy to keep your Birkenstock shoes clean. You can use wet clothes or a soapy soft brush to keep it clean.

Are Birkenstock good? Top 5 reasons to buy one pair 

Birkenstock Shoes is one of the most comfortable and modest shoe producers. It is one of the most trusted shoe brands. They have been producing superior-quality shoes and sandals for over two decades.

Birkenstock Shoes are very special to use in the summer. Their simple design and best quality will ensure you enjoy the tour and travels wearing them. The top five reasons to buy Birkenstock Shoes are: 


When buying a shoe, comfort should be your first priority. Birkenstock Shoes are very comfortable. Their well-designed footbed easily fits with your foot shape.

Their footbed materials will protect your foot from fungus and sweating. They will not rub your foot at all. So, it is one of the most significant benefits of Birkenstock Shoes.


The lifespan of a shoe or sandal is one of the main concerns of people. The Birkenstock Shoes are very strong and durable. You should not have any confusion about their longevity.


If the shoes do not fit well with the feet, then they cannot be a good shoes! Hence, all Birkenstock models are made in such a manner that they will fit easily with anyone’s foot. 

It can reduce some foot problems:

Foot-related problems are very common among people nowadays. To avoid any health problems related to the foot, you can start wearing Birkenstock Shoes.

The shoes can heal general foot problems. They have orthopedic insoles and cushioning to keep your feet away from any injury like pain, bunions, ingrown toenails, or calluses. This is one of the best Birkenstock benefits to refer to.


Birkenstock Shoes are popular for their variety of models, sizes, styles, and colors. You will always get hundreds of options for choosing a Birkenstock stylish shoe. They are the best shoes without socks. You can make choices of color and style as you like. 

Top Available Birkenstock Shoes/sandals on the market : 

Top Available Birkenstock Shoes/sandals on the market

Birkenstock Shoes and sandals are very popular from generation to generation worldwide, especially their lady’s sandals, which have become the first choice of the age.

Here are some of the most popular Birkenstock shoes available on the market:


BIRKENSTOCK CLASSICS are the shoes that show the class of their production. The shoes are very sustainable and well furnished. It’s a series of sandals that includes some models such as Madrid, Boston, Arizona, Zurich, Yara, Kairo, and Gizeh. 


It is one of the popular sandal items that are of the Arizona and Gizeh. It has two straps and one toe loop. Its thin straps make it modern and sleek. 


This is also a Sandal item for ladies. It has an extra ankle strap for fit and comfort.

Are there any good alternatives to BIRKENSTOCK Shoes?  

Yes, there are some alternatives to Birkenstock shoes, which are GIABORGHINI, Brother Vellies, Emme Parsons, Alexandre Birman, Neous, etc. They are the top competitor and alternative to Birkenstock. Their brief descriptions are given below: 

Brother Vellies:

Brother Vellies is a shoe brand that was established in 2013 to manufacture traditional African-designed shoes. Now they are producing a lot of handmade African cultural shoes that are very popular among shoe lovers.

Emme Parsons:

It is an American coastal shoe brand. They make their shoes and sandals based on European historicism. They are famous for their ultralight classic shoes.

FAQ about Who Makes Birkenstocks

Are Birkenstocks good for walking?

Yes, almost all of the Birkenstock models are very nice for walking because of their cushioned footbeds and supports.

Are Birkenstocks worth buying?

Of course, they are worth it with the price tag. They last for years and are very relaxing. 

Are Birkenstocks orthopedic shoes? 

One of the main features of Birkenstock shoes is that they are very beneficial for physical fitness. They ensure it by orthopedic insole and Cushioning. 

Our verdict on Who Makes Birkenstocks?

Johann Adam Birkenstock was the man who founded the Birkenstock shoe company in 1774. In later years his sons and grandsons continued the Birkenstock Production. From that time to the modern world, Birkenstock never fell into any decay in its name and fame.

In the modern world, their shoes and sandals are very attractive to shoe lovers. Their smart design, trendy look, glowing color, and quality make them the best in the world’s shoe industry.

We hope that Birkenstock will continue its tradition of making classy shoes.

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