Where Are Sas Shoes Made? (Full History & Heritage)

SAS (main website link) has been in the shoe industry for almost five decades. The company was founded in 1976 by two Americans named Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden.

Since its inception, SAS has been producing its shoes entirely by hand. Even today, each pair of shoes is still made by expert shoemakers. 

High-quality leather materials and handcraftsmanship make SAS shoes very durable and comfortable to wear. 

Given that they are an American company with their headquarters in Texas, one would assume that they would manufacture their shoes in our wonderful country.
But is that really the case? And that’s precisely what this article will reveal.

Apart from that, we will also check the shoe’s build quality and see if they are worth the money.

Let’s get into it.

where are sas shoes made

here is the short answer to Where Are SAS Shoes Made?

SAS shoes are made in Texas, USA. The materials for the shoes, however, are imported from outside countries

The company’s shoe factory and headquarters are based in San Antonio, Texas. All of their shoes are constructed in this factory, except their dress shoes.

On their website, they do not specify where their dress shoes are made. The SAS dress shoes could be produced in either Mexico or the US, or even in both. 

How Does SAS Shoes Warranty Work?

For their footwear, SAS offers a fair amount of warranty time

The materials used in shoes, no matter how high-quality they are, tend to degrade over time, so there is no warranty available in the case of normal or abnormal wear and tear. 

Are SAS Shoes True to Size?

Shoes from SAS do fit true to size. They use the Brannock Device to determine the correct size for their shoes. You can check their shoe sizes with this fitting guide

Are SAS Shoes Any Good? 5 Reasons to Buy One

Reasons to Buy SAS Shoes

SAS has been making shoes for fifty years, and their shoes are excellent. Over time, they have mastered the art of shoemaking and currently offer a large line of stylish and comfortable shoes.
Here are the top five reasons why you should get a pair of SAS shoes: 

Genuine Leather

SAS makes its shoes with high-quality genuine leather materials imported from the global market. 

The result is that the shoes are water-resistant, easy to clean, and safeguard your feet from hot liquids or small falling objects. If you work in a laborious environment, leather shoes can protect your feet from an accident. 

Furthermore, genuine leather has a clean, natural scent that prevents your feet from smelling. 


SAS shoes are made entirely by hand using premium leather, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. Additionally, the leather materials promote better airflow and prevent perspiration and moisture buildup on your feet.

The Perfect Fit

SAS shoes are true to size—giving them a snuggish perfect fit around your feet. Currently, the brand offers 88 different sizes for women and 116 sizes for men. No matter what kind of peculiar foot size you have, SAS has the ideal pair of shoes for you. 

Highly Durable

One of the key selling points of SAS shoes is how durable and long-lasting their shoes are. The shoes last a long time because of expert craftsmanship and high-quality leather. These shoes provide a commendable return on investment.

Customer Service

SAS has its customer service department open seven days a week. If you face any issues with the delivery, shoe size, or fitting, you can contact them any day to help you out. 

The Top Three Leather Shoes Available on The Market

Go to Amazon and you will find innumerable brands and shoes to choose from. All these options can easily give you analysis paralysis. 

Here, we will introduce you to the top three styles of leather shoes that should be in your closet. 


Your first pair of formal leather shoes should be the Oxford. It’s timeless, elegant, and makes you look expensive. You can pair the shoes with a formal outfit such as a blazer, tuxedo, or just a plain white shirt with slacks. 


The second pair of shoes that you should invest in is a loafer. These shoes sit in the middle of formal and casual attire and have the best of both worlds. 

These slip-on style shoes are really easy to wear, highly comfortable, and go with almost any outfit. You can dress up or down easily by slipping on a loafer.

SAS has a few pairs of black and brown loafers at a very reasonable price. They have a solid build quality and have a large number of sizes to choose from. 


Boots are a statement piece that everyone should have in their closet. They are highly durable, long-lasting, and fashionable. 

Leather boots are perfect for most scenarios as they are fashionable, comfortable, offer more breathing room, and prevent moisture buildup. They are an asset to your closet, especially in winter. 

The grey Chukka boots from SAS are fashionable and comfortable. You can style them with black or blue jeans, wear them on your job site, or when grabbing a drink with your friends. 

FAQ about Where Are Sas Shoes Made

Let’s quickly address some additional short questions that might be on your mind now that you are aware of where are SAS shoes made, and other significant SAS brand details. 

Are SAS shoes worth it?

Yes, SAS shoes are worth the bucks. These shoes are highly comfortable, durable, and come at a reasonable price. 

What does SAS stand for shoes?

SAS stands for San Antonio Shoemakers. 

Are SAS shoes made of leather?

Yes, SAS shoes are made of high-quality leather imported from the global market. 

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