Are Vessi Shoes Good quality? (Answer Explained!)

Vessi claims to manufacture the world’s first truly waterproof shoes. Yes, you read it right. Vessi claims that their shoes remain waterproof even in the wettest conditions. This is a bold claim since Puma, Nike, and Adidas have been advertising many of their shoes as waterproof. 

So, we decided to dig deep into the matter to know if or not are Vessi shoes good? We went through a series of customer reviews and shoe experts’ opinions; we found that Vessi shoes are worth any investment. The company is known for manufacturing one of the best traveling shoes and sneakers worldwide. 

Apart from their traveling sneaker and shoes, the company also manufactures standard boots, waterproof shoes, breathable running, walking shoes, etc. Also, Vessi is famous for increased comfort and cushioning through its trademark design and fabric. 

So, let’s find the top reasons to buy Vessi shoes, their sizing standard, and the top Vessi shoes for every person. You will also find the top two alternatives of Vessi shoes, in case you need them.

Are Vessi Shoes Good quality

Where Are Vessi Shoes Made And Manufactured?

Vessi shoes are highly revered for their fashionable design. Following it, the company has maintained excellent manufacturing and design quality throughout its presence in the market. Also, they have different design and manufacturing centers. 

  • Vessi designs its sneakers in Vancouver, Canada. 
  • Vessi makes its shoes in its production facility in Taiwan.

However, Vessi has production facilities in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Hence, you will find various manufacturing facilities for Vessi shoes. If you are keen to know where your Vessi shoes come from, you need to look at the product label. 

How Does This Shoe Warranty Work?

Vessi follows a standard warranty period for their shoes and sneakers. Yes, you will get a 1-year warranty for Vessi shoes for any manufacturing and material defect. However, the warranty period becomes null and void if you use the shoes with harsh chemicals and modify the shoes. 

You may claim the warranty through their online system. It will take up to 8 working days to resolve the warranty claim.  

Are Vessi shoes true to size?

Vessi shoes will run true to size. The company follows the standard US shoe and sneaker-appropriate measurements for its clients. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about their shoe size fitting. If you have extra-wide feet, you may need to look carefully for the right fit. 

It is crucial because Vessi doesn’t manufacture wide or extra-wide shoes. It is a setback for the sneakers from Vessi. 

Are Vessi Shoes Good? 5 Reason To Buy One

Are Vessi Shoes Good

Vessi has been famous for its fashionable design throughout its history. They have presented the world with some unique styles. Apart from their fashionable appearance, Vessi shoes and sneakers are ideal for their cushioning, foot support, and durability. 

Trendy and distinctive design:

Vessi mainly focuses on their sneakers. Yet, they have been able to manufacture versatile styles and models within their sneakers. You will find 7 different models with unique styles and look for Vessi shoes in the market. 

The sneakers are truly famous for their colorful yet minimalistic appearance. You will love different color combinations with a fashionable appearance. Thus, these sneakers suit both men and women alike. 

Easy maintenance and cleaning:

Vessi sneaker users praise the easy cleaning and maintenance facility of these shoes. You may easily clean off the dust and residues from the upper of these shoes. Also, Vessi says their shoes are 100% waterproof and machine washable. 

You may easily clean them off using liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Thus, you can keep the sneakers neat and clean like the first day. It will be a great relief during the long distances and traveling in outdoor locations. 

Best for comfort:

If you want a pair of sneakers for comfort, nothing can beat the performance of Vessi shoes. Vessi uses “Dyma-Tex” as the top layer of the shoes. Vessi has patented the material. It is highly breathable while still being waterproof. 

It has a stretch0knit mid-layer to accommodate the natural movement of your feet. On top of it, you will find their moisture-wicking facility highly useful for keeping you cool and dry. 

Supports orthotics insole:

Vessi includes a removable footbed for their sneakers. Thus, you can easily remove the insole to get your preferred insole inside the Vessi shoes. It also allows you to use an orthotics sole for different foot problems, including bunions, hammer toes, etc. 

On top of it, the ability to use an orthotics insole will maximize your comfort and cushioning during long-distance walks. It is useful for traveling. 

Free-shipping facility:

The last benefit of owning Vessi shoes is their free shipping facility. If you buy Vessi shoes worth $80, they offer free shipment in America and Canada. Thus, you will save a good chunk of money on shipping for Vessi shoes. 

Top Available Vessi Shoes On The Market 

Vessi established its company only in 2018. Yet, it has been able to set rage in the market with its unique styles and fashionable looks. 

Everyday Move:

The Everyday Move is a sneaker with thicker soles and added support. The sneaker is available for both men and women. So, the grip is available on both sides and the top for added cushioning and support. The fabric is lightweight, airy, and breathable, which ensures better comfort too. 

Everyday Sneakers

The Everyday Sneakers, true to their naming, are made for daily uses. The sneakers are made of 100% airy and waterproof fabric for breathability and comfort. It has a trendy design for fashionable people. On top of it, you will love the athletic support during walking or running with the Everyday Sneakers on your feet. 

Are there any good alternatives?

Vessi sneakers are made for all seasons and occasions. Thus, you don’t need an alternative to Vessi shoes as such. Yet, wearing different sneakers in your closet will boost your walking and running versatility. 

Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe

The running shoe is a perfect alternative to Vessi’s Everyday Sneakers with 100% textile synthetic fabric. The slip-on shoes have a sock-like fabric for comfort and support. Plus, the mesh upper has a breathable fabric to ensure all-day comfort. 

Its Cloudfoam midsole also offers brilliant cushioning with every step you take. 

Skechers Unisex-Adult Classic Fit-Delson-Camden Sneaker

With air-cooled memory foam, the Skechers sneakers are the right fit for everyone. As the memory foam has an air-cooled feature, it keeps your feet dry and cool even after walking miles with the sneakers. Plus, you will find the breathability highly suitable. 

Last but not least, the sneaker is priced similarly to Vessi. So, you don’t need to pay additionally for them. 

FAQ about Are Vessi Shoes Good quality

Do Vessi shoes make your feet stink?

A few customers claimed that Vessi shoes lack breathability. So, it caused their feet to stink. However, you may use socks to stop the stinking of your feet. 

Do you wear socks with Vessi shoes?

The choice of wearing socks with Vessi shoes depends on your choice. These shoes offer a sock-lite fitting, so you can easily wear them without socks. 

Is Vessi really waterproof?

Vessi shoes use Dyma-Tex fabric. The company says the Dyma-Tex fabric is highly breathable and 100% waterproof. So, you can depend on its waterproofing facility. 

Our verdict on Are Vessi Shoes Good quality

Vessi shoes are good and reliable as an everyday sneaker choice. Vessi has been only 4 years in the footwear market. Yet, the company has set a strong foothold in the market with its unique design and 100% waterproofing facility. 

The company has 7 different sneaker designs to meet everyone’s requirements. Thus, you will easily find the right sneaker model from Vessi to meet your daily necessity.

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