Are Justin Boots Good Quality? Yes! (Guide + Other FAQs)

Yes, Justin boots are a really good choice if you are looking for convenient and budget-friendly work boots.

In 1879, H.J. Justin perfected the skill of boot-making and founded one of the best western brands. Justin Boot Company has been a consistently good quality footwear line ever since. 

People instantly think of Cowboy boots when the Justin footwear brand name comes up. There is no doubt that they produce the best cowboy boots. They have also dropped a huge collection of work boots ranking on the top list in the market.

Speaking of the Justin cowboy boots, they have excellent quality and ensures a 12-month warranty. It also has multiple types of leather available in the variation of these shoe collections. 

A variety of price points lets you choose whether you want to buy a budget-friendly pair or go with some premium luxury.

Nonetheless, all of the boots ensure innovative comfort and safety technologies. These cowboy boots best suit ranch work and show rings and guarantee stylish comfort.

The padded insoles provide excellent foot comfort, whereas the outsoles are durable enough to secure you from scrapes and bruises. These boots are also shockproof, slip-resistant, lubricant-resistant, and waterproof. As a result, you can use them even in wet seasons.

are justin boots good quality

Why Do People Love Justin Boots?

Justin boots are made from the unique skins of animals such as crocodiles, elephants, reptiles, ostriches, snakes, and others.

The Vintage cowboy boots fashioned from alligator leather are a lovely pair that is white in the shade and has a very classy appearance.

These boots are the most comfortable ones I have encountered. Also, the construction and durability are pretty good too. However, they have some drawbacks as well. The maintenance is very high. You have to maintain a strict cleaning routine to retain its qualities and longevity. 

The additional features give the Justin Cowboy Boots for Men even more appealing. You can read more qualities about these boots in these research papers

are justin boots good quality? 6 Reasons to Buy

Let us look at some major benefits of these exclusive branded boots.

1. Construction 

Justin boots are made of 100% pure animal leather and have synthetic soles. It has a curved topline and a hemmed shaft.

The quality spray-tanned leather provides the boots with a fashionable appearance. It has a mesh fabric under there is taped within the seams, which provides for ventilation in the boots and keeps your feet breathable.

2. Durability

As I like durability and protection at the same time, I found that the Justin boots are the right option of shoes to work in because it has storm-welt construction

The Justin boots for men are constructed with the right material, steel toe, durable and expandable leather, and an outer sole made of polyurethane to guarantee that these Justin boots endure a long time.

3. Comfort

The brand that manufactures these boots is over 100 years old, and it assures that you feel comfortable while wearing them.

The high-quality animal leather material gives you a butter-like feeling to your feet as you wear them all day long. These boots are also designed to provide sufficient grip and traction.

The pull-on straps at the top make it simple to put on and take off. Worth adding, the lace-up mechanism ensures a great fit and protection for the feet.

The durable double-density midsole that provides excellent foot cushioning is one of these boots’ distinguishing features.

4. Designed to be the everyday boot 

These boots are suitable for daily use. People who wish to work outdoors in a construction setting or in humid surroundings of oil, water, or mud can choose Justin boots as their daily companion.

At the same time, the color and design of the Justin boots on the market are exquisite and appropriate for wearing any color and trend of uniform or formal clothing.

Also, the boots are approved for Electric Hazard. So, it is suited for use in the electricity sector-related work.

5. Good for Hiking

The special characteristics of the Justin boots offer it simple for hikers to wear them.  With their durability and flexibility, as well as their firm grip, these Justin boots make climbing hills or slopes much simpler. 

The leather utilized to manufacture these boots allows the foot to breathe, resulting in less perspiration and dampness in the foot.

It provides adequate breathability for the skin to receive humidity and air. This keeps the foot both fresh and hydrated.

6. Price

These boots are not very expensive. The price range seems quite appropriate to me as it is offering so much. So, you won’t regret investing in a pair of good Justin boots. 

Are There Any Drawbacks of Justin Boots?

Well, yes. Here are the shortcomings you might have to face after buying them so you can take appropriate measures.

Narrow in width 

When you ask ‘are Justin Boots true to size?’, we can’t please you with a straight ‘yes’. Justin boots are quite narrow which makes them uncomfortable for people with wide feet.

You can buy a size up to see if the problem is fixable. You can switch to other boots from the Justin brand that fit your feet (scroll down to get some alternatives to Justin boots).

Takes time to break in

When I put my feet in, I immediately realize these boots would need quite a long time to break in. It was uncomfortable before breaking in, and it took quite a bit of walking indeed.

Hassle of Cleaning 

Leather will appear to dry excessively and wear off if it is not properly conditioned and cared for. It is critical to keep your boots clean, conditioned, and shined to retain their quality and look. 

It also requires “weather-proofing.” The items that are required for cleaning the boots release hazardous fumes.

Do Square-toe Justin Boots Fit Differently Than The Round Toe Boot?

Square and round toes The Justin Boots have the same fit. If you pick square-toe o, you will have an extra toe area. Some tips to make the boots break in and fit better are given below. 

  • Put on your boots as often as possible after you buy them. The longer you use your boots, the more snugger they will become.
  • Use an ice bag. Placing a pouch of water inside the toe of the footwear and freezing them for a few hours will enable the ice to grow and spread out the boots.
  • Put on two pairs of socks. Increasing the number of socks you wear will keep your ankles from blistering as you wear new boots.

Are Justin’s made in America?

Are Justin's made in America

Justin boots factory is located in El Paso, Texas. It was founded in the USA in 187. Even after 130 years, the same craftsmanship and strategies are used as the founder H.J Justin used while making the legendary boots. 

Since then, the company has expanded worldwide and has many global parts of it. But the headquarters remains in the USA with its rich heritage.

A Quick Overview Top Available Justin Boots of Market

Boot NamesFabric TypeSole MaterialInsole/OutsoleHeelOrigin
Justin Original Work Men’s SE4681 Justin100% LeatherRubberOrtholite® Dual DensityWalking/BlockImported
Justin Boots Men’s 11-Inch Bent Rail Riding Boot100% LeatherRubberDual Density Translucent Rubber Performance OutsoleNailed On HeelMade in the US
Brahma Men’s Grate II 100% LeatherRubberRemovable insole and Slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsoleNailed on heelMade in the USA and Imported

Are There Any Good Justin boots Alternatives?

Justin Cowboy boots are on the top of the list of comfortable Cowboy boots. Though there are some brands that can be replaced with Justin boots. 

Some of them are Ariat, Rocketbuster, Corral, and Lucchese. These boots also have prominent features and good reputations in the field of cowboy boots. These boots are available in retail stores and online shopping platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

FAQ about Are Justin Boots Good Quality

1. Ariat Vs Justin Work Boots: Which One Is Better?

Whether the cowboy or work boots, both companies provide your feet with a stable, good experience. Both boots are really similar. The pricing range is the same. The degree of comfort is comparable. Even the materials utilized by both are exceptional.

The significant distinction, however, is the technology employed to create the final items.Both companies have their own patent for producing supportive soles. Waterproof by Justin is used by Justin boots, and Waterproof pro is used by Ariat boots. 

For comfort, Justin boots use the J-Flex Flexible Comfort Mechanism, whilst Ariat uses 4LR devices. So, the decision is up to you.

2. How Long Does Justin Work Boots Last?

If you take good care of these boots and maintain them on a regular basis, these boots will last for three to four years.Even though we know that an average boot lasts for six to twelve months. Justin boots have very high durability which enables them to last for a longer period of time.

3. Are Justin Boots Waterproof?

The boots are waterproof, making them ideal for working in the rain or for people who work in damp environments.The waterproof boots make the foot dry and hence prevent all types of bacterial growth that occurs when the foot is contacted with a wet environment.

Our verdict on Are Justin Boots Good Quality

To conclude, Justin’s boots are very popular and praiseworthy. It has all the qualities to be your favorite pair of boots. The comfort, durability, resistance to water and oil, affordability, and classic style & design easily keeps it on the top rank.

Pure leather is also another unique attribute that all these boots have. So, if you are willing to own a pair, look for the pair that suits your taste and comfort, and trust me, you won’t regret it.

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