Are Clove Shoes Good: Why Should You Get Clove Shoes?

If you are in the healthcare sector, you may have already heard about Clove shoes (Main website). Some say Clove shoes are best for healthcare workers for legit regions. In fact, the company focuses on different shoes, boots, and socks for healthcare workers. 

While most praise these shoes, a few suggestions are that Clove shoes are simply a scam. They aren’t a good deal for healthcare people. So, it brings an important question, Are clove shoes good? Should you choose Clove shoes for daily uses or in the healthcare sector?” These questions have become even more crucial during and post-pandemic situations where healthcare workers have been working extra hours to save people’s lives. 

Fast Company, Good Morning America, and Forbes have featured different shoes from Cloves. These shoes have affordable pricing, a pain relief facility, great after-sales, customer care service, and payment options with installment systems. Also, with 47K Instagram followers, the company has a strong social media presence.

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Are Clove Shoes Good

Where Are Cloves Shoes Made And Manufactured?

Clove’s shoes didn’t come under our radar for a long time. During the Corona pandemic, Cloves shoes saw a surge in their demand among healthcare workers. As nurses and doctors had to work extra hours, their feet started feeling pain. As a result, these healthcare workers looked for shoes to relieve their foot pain. 

Following the search, Clove shoes gained immense popularity. The company has mainly been manufacturing its shoes and boots in China to meet their demand. Their production facility is in Dongguan, China, and their warehouse is in the USA. The company takes care of its highest quality in the production lines to offer nurses maximum support and relief. 

How Does Clove Shoes Warranty Work?

Clove shoes don’t offer any warranty period for their shoes compared to other brands such as Vionic, Propet, or Vessi. The company only offers a 30-day return and exchange policy. If you find the shoes not fitting your feet properly or if there is any manufacturing defect, you can return the shoes and exchange them. 

Sadly, Clove doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. It is quite surprising for a big company like Cloves, which has sold millions of pairs of shoes in the last 2 years. 

Are Cloves shoes true to size?

Although Clove shoes follow a standard size, they don’t run true to size in most cases. Therefore,  Clove’s official website suggests you choose 0.5 sizes up from your actual size for the best fitting with these shoes. 

It simply means you should choose 7.5 US standard size if you wear 7 US. Henceforth, you will find Cloves shoes smaller than the standard size. For the best fitting, always choose a bigger size. It will also provide better space for the toes and help relieve foot pain. 

Are Clove Shoes Good? 5 Reasons to Buy One

Clove shoes are known for their comfort, support, and reasonable pricing. Although the company doesn’t ship outside, they are considering expanding their market following their great demand. 

Made especially for healthcare workers:

The first thing that will hook you up about Clove shoes is that these shoes are made particularly for healthcare workers. Clove has worked closely with healthcare workers such as nurses and doctors to know what they want. 

At first, they have figured out what type of foot problem these workers face. Then, they implement technologies to safeguard the workers from such foot problems. The shoes help the workers to get rid of foot pain during long working hours in hospitals, clinics, etc. 

Affordable pricing:

Even if you need multiple pairs of Clove shoes, their reasonable pricing will be useful for you. A pair of Clove shoes will cost you around $130. So, you can easily buy multiple pairs and wear them in turns in your healthcare place. 

It will be useful since, during Pandemic and emergencies, you might need to work for more than 12 hours. At those moments, having multiple pairs of Clove shoes with sharp pain relieving facility will be helpful. 

Lightweight and comfortable:

As healthcare workers must walk frequently and stand mostly on their feet, Clove has addressed the issue. They have purposefully made their shoes lightweight with energy-feedback cushioning. It gives back a good amount of energy to your feet and saves you from being fatigued soon. So, you can work for long hours confidently with full energy. 

Payment options through installment:

Another big selling point of Clove shoes is its installment option for payment. Yes, Clove shoes offer installment payment options in their selected products. They offer it through Affirm. If you are joining any healthcare sector and are tight on budget, you can avail yourself of this great opportunity. 

As you pay in installments, the pricing of the shoes won’t be a burden on your shoulder. So, it gets even more convenient with the current affordable pricing of the Clove shoes. 

Careful and free shipping:

Clove offers free shipment throughout the USA. Also, they take extra care during the shipment to help their customers feel special. Often Cloves will include greeting messages and gift cards with their shoes to welcome the healthcare workers and acknowledge their work. 

It has increased the popularity of these shoes among nurses superbly. 

Top Available Clove Shoes On The Market 

Clove has a few limited models of shoes on the market. They focus on quality instead of quantity and have brought only a few models to the market. 

Women’s Grey Matter Clove Shoe:

With reinforced material, these shoes offer the best grip and comfort you can imagine in a shoe. The support system of the shoe is quieter than you anticipate and offers excellent comfort. On top of it, it is fluid-resistant and lightweight. 

Men’s Grey Matter Clove Shoe:

Just like the Women’s Clove Shoes, these Men’s Grey shoes are also endlessly comfy with excellent grip, support, and cushioning. Clove has designed these shoes for people who need to walk and stand a lot of time in their workplace. 

So, it soaks the pain and gives back some of the energy. It keeps you free from foot aches and pain. Also, the shoes are easy to clean and maintain. It will greatly relieve healthcare workers who need to change their shoes frequently. 

Are There Any Good Alternatives?

Clove shoes are undoubtedly an excellent option for nurses or healthcare professionals. Sadly, they only ship in America and some parts of Canada. So, you want an alternative to Clove shoes, especially if you live outside the USA. 

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Ii Clog:

Crocs shoes are revered highly for top-of-the-line quality and the comfiest inserts. The Neria Pro clogs aren’t any exception to Crocs’ quality and comfort. These shoes are made for women workers with greater support and grip. 

Plus, these Crocs shoes provide thicker toes for relieving foot pain and protection from spillage. 

FAQ about Are Clove Shoes Good

Should I size up for clove shoes?

Yes, you should go half-size up when choosing Clove shoes. Their website recommends choosing ½ size up for these shoes for the perfect fitting. 

How comfortable are cloves?

Clove shoes offer moisture-wicking and cool-dry technology with better cushioning. So, these shoes offer superior comfort and support for extended hours. 

Why do my clove shoes squeak?

Sometimes the moisture within the shoes may get trapped in the midsole and outsole of the Clove shoes. When the moisture gets trapped, your shoes will start squeaking. It would help if you kept the shoes open-air to let the moisture dry and stop the squeaking sound. 

Our verdict on Are Clove Shoes Good

Clove shoes have rightly addressed the problems of healthcare workers. Consequently, they made these shoes to help the workers work for an extended period without getting tired and exhausted.

On top of it, these shoes offer affordable pricing and installment payments. It will be a great relief for those on a tight budget and joining the sector newly.

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