Where Are Dansko Shoes Made: Are They Good? [Detailed]

Dansko shoe company was founded in the early 90s by an American couple, Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot  

The company quickly became known for its clogs. 

Dansko clogs have anatomically contoured arch support, a rocker-bottom sole, and a slightly raised heel.

These features provide increased shock absorption, additional stability, and relief for the leg and back muscles of wearers who stand or walk for several hours each day.

In the first two decades of operation, Dansko had to constantly alter its manufacturing facilities in order to reduce production costs. 

They had experimented with manufacturing their shoes in the US, Poland, Italy, and Brazil.

But what about now? Where Are Dansko Shoes Made
This is precisely what we will investigate in this blog, and we will also look at the quality of Dansko shoes.

Let’s get started.

 Where Are Dansko Shoes Made

in brief, Where are Dansko Shoes Made and Manufactured?

There is ambiguity in the answer to this question. Due to higher production costs within the first two years of operation, Dansko was forced to relocate its manufacturing facilities outside of the US. 

They initially relocated to Poland, where they produced their shoes and clogs up until 2005. The manufacturing facilities were transferred to Brazil the following year. 

In 2007, they made their footwear in Italy. They eventually relocated to China the following year.

In 2022, Dansko manufactures the majority of its shoes in Asia. They most likely manufacture the majority of it in China. There are some shoe models made in Europe as well, most likely in Italy.

How Does Dansko Shoes Warranty Work?

Rumors claim that Dansko shoes come with a lifetime warranty, which is absurd considering that all shoes deteriorate with time. 

Dansko provides a manufacturer’s warranty with their shoes. This means you can get a replacement or a refund for your money if there is a design flaw or a manufacturing error. 

Are Dansko Shoes True to Size?

True to size basically means that the shoes are sized according to the industry standard. In the US, shoemakers use the Brannock Device to measure the true size of shoes. 

Dansko, on the other hand, uses the European sizing standards for footwear. Therefore, they are not true to size for Americans. 

You can check the conversion chart from this link to match your shoe size. 

Are Dansko Shoes Any Good? 5 Reasons to Buy One

Yes, Dansko shoes are good and worth the money. With more than three decades of experience in the field, the company is well-versed in quality, comfort, and fashion. 

Here are the top five reasons to buy a pair of Dansko shoes: 


A lightweight shoe will come in handy whether you run around or sit at a desk from nine to five to get the job done. Dansko shoes are lightweight and allow more air to flow around and keep the feet cool and dry. 


Dansko shoes are highly durable and long-lasting. The shoes are made of imported materials. Additionally, they only use 100% genuine leather for their dress-up shoes, making them waterproof and incredibly abrasion resistant. 

Soften Footbed

The insole of a shoe either makes or breaks the shoe. You can not wear the most fashionable shoe that has a hard insole. 

Dansko makes their shoes with a soft and comfortable insole that gives ankle and arch support. It makes wearing the shoes more enjoyable while reducing the amount of fatigue on your heels and feet. 

Easy to Wash

When is the last time you washed your shoes? Probably not recently. Washing shoes can be an inconvenience for most people because of how hard it is to properly wash shoes.

Dansko shoes are easy to wash and clean. Their sneakers are waterproof – making them require fewer washes. 


Compared to other shoe brands of the same caliber, Dansko shoes are much more affordable. They are able to sell their shoes for less because they import them from China and Italy, where their initial cost is significantly lower. 

The Top Three Clog Shoes Available on The Market

Dansko’s clog shoes have been popular ever since they first started doing business. 

And they were so well-liked that Dansko was listed among the 500 fastest-growing companies by Magazine Inc. in 1999–2000. 

Dansko is still producing clog shoes—however, in a more fashionable and modern design. 

Here, we will have a look at the top three alternatives for Dansko Clog shoes. 

TroentorpClogs Smithy Original Leather Clog

The first one on our list is this simple yet modern black leather clog from Swedish brand Troentorp. This unisex piece is both comfortable and affordable. And, it easily matches casual and semi-formal outfits. 

Crocs Classic Bae Clog

No, it’s not your regular Crocs that you can get from Walmart. The Classic Bae Clog from Crocs might be the most comfortable clog available on the market. 

It stands out because of its added height and vivid color, which highlights the wearer’s vivacious and outgoing personality. 


This is the cheapest and most budget-friendly choice out there. According to OOFOS, the shoe has modern technology that reduces stress on the knees, ankles, and back. 

FAQ about Where Are Dansko Shoes Made

Now that you know where are Dansko shoes made and if the shoes are worth the bucks, you have some more questions running through your head. Let’s quickly answer them in this section of the blog. 

What country is Dansko from?

Dansko was founded by an American couple on their trip to Denmark. The company’s headquarters are based in West Grove, Pennsylvania, United States. 

What is special about Dansko shoes?

Dansko shoes are highly comfortable and supportive for the feet. 

Where are Dansko walking shoes made?

Dansko walking shoes could be made either in China or Italy. 

Are Dansko Shoes Made in China? 

Yes, Dansko shoes are made in China and also in Europe.

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