Where Are Drew Shoes Made| Are They Out Of Business?

It’s not every day that we get to write about a shoe company that was founded in the 1800s and is still in business. 

Since its founding in 1875, Drew Shoes (main website link) has offered some of the best footwear for people who require special care for their feet due to ailments like arthritis. 

The brand is primarily known for its orthopedic and medical shoes for people who have foot issues. 

Drew Shoes have at least 20 performance features that set them apart from other footwear brands. 

We were interested in where Drew shoes are made after noticing the high price tags on their footwear—because the cost of the shoes would not be reasonable if they were produced cheaply in nations like China or Vietnam. 

So, we ran our investigation to find out where are Drew shoes made and if they are worth the money. 
This article will reveal what we have found from our investigation.

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Where are Drew Shoes Made

Where Drew Shoes Are Made?

Drew Shoes are made in Ohio, USA. The company has its manufacturing and operations facilities in Lancaster, Ohio. 

This means Drew Shoes is a fully American company and their shoes are made on the soil of this country. 

Hence, we can justify the higher price tags on their shoes as the cost of shoe production is much higher in the US compared to China. 

Do Drew Shoes Run True To Size? 

Yes, Drew Shoes run true to size. The company uses the US standard Brannock Device to base its shoe size. 

This means that if you wear a size ten shoe, the same size from Drew Shoes will fit you perfectly. 

How Does Drew Shoes Warranty Work? 

Drew offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with each pair of its shoes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can either replace the item or get a refund for your payment. 

In the event of a manufacturing defect, the company offers 6 months of a money-back guarantee.

Quick link:  Drew shoe warranty page 

Are Drew Shoes Any Good? 5 Reasons to Buy One

Yes, Drew shoes are good and worth the money you invest in them.
Here are the top five reasons to buy a pair of Drew shoes. 

Room for Orthotics

Orthotics are customized shoe or heel inserts prescribed by a doctor. It’s a tool to treat foot, leg, or back problems. Orthotics cannot be worn in all shoes. Drew shoes have extra room in the forefoot for inserting orthotics. The shoes are ideal for people with medical issues with their feet and back. 

Cushioned Collar

The collar is the opening of the shoe where you insert your feet. You probably had a shoe that was so tight that you had to force your feet into the shoe. Not with Drew’s shoes. These shoes come with an additional foam cushioned collar that gives a smooth and snug fit to your feet. 


Drew shoes have an extra heel stabilizer that supports the back of your foot while you walk. It prevents heel slippage and keeps your feet inside the shoe. Furthermore, the shoes also provide arch support using a steel shank. 

Removable Insole

The shoes come with a removable insole that has double density to keep your feet dry and moisture-free. The insoles mold according to the shape of your foot and provide extra cushioning. 

lightweight outsole

A wide shank on the outsole gives plenty of room for your feet to settle and move forward when walking. It allows the feet to fit perfectly in the shoes and gives you the comfort and stability you desire.

Alternative Shoe Choices for Orthopedic & Medical Foot Conditions

Drew is a renowned and trusted brand for Orthopedic and medical shoes. They offer some of the best and most stylish shoes for people with foot conditions.
However, sometimes the price of their shoes might be a little more expensive for many people.
That’s why we want to suggest three alternatives to Drew in terms of orthopedic and medical shoes. 

Dansko Shoes

Dansko is renowned for its clog medical shoes that provide great support and comfort. They are a great choice for people who need to stand for several hours each day, such as chefs, doctors, nurses, and field workers. 

Dansko has some of the most stylish clogs available on the market. Furthermore, they are much more inexpensive and affordable compared to Drew shoes.

Handy Hint: You can check our article on where Dansko shoes are made.?


Aetrex uses advanced 3D technology to get accurate measurements of a user’s foot size, height, weight, pressure, and arch type. You can get the perfect fit with a customized shoe that matches your foot size. Their shoe line includes built-in arch support and alignment of the feet, as well as relieves common foot pain. 


Spenco has its own patented technology, Total Support Shape, in all of its footbeds. 

The technology includes a metatarsal pad to evenly distribute forefoot pressure for comfort, a heel cup to stabilize the foot, enhancing forefoot cushioning, and anatomically designed arch support to help with plantar fasciitis discomfort. 

Spenco shoes are both stylish, fashionable, and highly comfortable for people who have issues with their feet and can’t wear regular shoes.

FAQ about Where Are Drew Shoes Made

Now that you know where are Drew shoes made and they are with the money, let’s address some of the other crucial questions that might be running through your mind?

Do Drew shoes have arch support?

Yes, Drew shoes have arch support. 

Does Drew shoe ship to Canada? 

Drew shoes do not ship to Canada at the moment. However, they have distributors around glove, and they are also available on Amazon. 

Are Drew Shoes made in China? 

No, Drew shoes are not made in China. Drew manufactures their shoes in Ohio, USA. 

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