Who Makes Earth Spirit Shoes: are they any good?

Earth Spirit Shoes are one of the best choices for people who are suffering from orthopedic problems like foot pain and a bad back. The shoes may relieve the wearer of that pain and help to enjoy his or her daily movements.

Who makes earth spirit shoes? The Earth Spirit Shoes were designed by the Scandinavian architect Anna Kalso. They started their journey in the USA in 1970. Raymond and Elenor Jacobs are the founders of Earth Shoe. Earth, Inc. is the manufacturer of Earth Spirit Shoes.

Let’s dig more to explore more facts about Earth Spirit shoes. 

Who Makes Earth Spirit Shoes

Where are Earth Spirit Shoes made and manufactured?

The Earth Spirit Shoes were designed by the Scandinavian architect Anna Kalso. They started their journey in the USA in 1970. Raymond and Elenor Jacobs are the founders of Earth Shoe. Earth, Inc. is the manufacturer of Earth Spirit Shoes.

The Earth Spirit Shoes are made in the United States of America. Their head office is located in Waltham, Massachusetts (USA). The Earth Shoe is also known as the Kalsø Earth Shoe.

First Earth Shoe was inaugurated in New York City on April 1, 1970. After that, the shoes became very popular within a few days.

Now they have over 123 outlets to sell their boots, sandals, and shoes that all are made with negative heel technology. The Shoes are also famous in Canada and Europe.

These shoes are made in their factories in a controlled and embedded system, where they use various climate-friendly recycled materials carefully that are good for the environment as well as human beings. So, it is called a climate-smart shoe brand.

How does Earth Spirit shoe Warranty work?

Earth Spirit Shoes has an easy return, refund, and warranty policy. If the customers are not completely satisfied with their purchased shoes, they can return them within 30 days of the actual purchase. But the products should be unworn, defectless, and in the original packaging. 

They also support exchanges and refunds for their shoes. 

Are Earth Spirit Shoes true to size?

Yes, the shoes are true to their size. But, if you wear a half-size, you need to select a size up from the size you usually wear for the perfect fit.

Earth Spirit Shoes offers its customers premium comfort at an affordable price. It offers an anatomic arch prop for the proper balancing of the body.

Are Earth Spirit Shoes good? 5 reasons to buy one

Are Earth Spirit Shoes good

1. Negative heels technology

The Earth Shoes is one of the traditionally made unconventionally designed negative heels shoes. The concept of these negative heels shoe technology was the creation of Anne Kalso. Anne Kalso was a Danish yoga trainer.

Negative heel technology is unique. Because the sole designed by this feature is thinner at the heel side and thicker at the forefoot.

These negative heel technologies ensure good health and natural alignment of the human body. The wearer’s heels remain down than his or her toes in this type of shoe. This down position is designed in a way that the wearer feels natural override in the sand.

This technology is helpful to relieve foot pain, and back pain and allows a high breathing facility. It also helps to burn calories.

2. Convenient Design

The Earth company is also serious about the arches in their shoe designs. They use layers of soft padding for supporting the arches and for cushioning the feet. These arch supports are very strong and will not wear out. It increases the longevity of the shoes.

3. Comfortable to wear

The shoes are very comfortable to wear due to the over-padded arches. This padding gives a comfortable feel when walking outside.

4. Affordable in price

The Earth Shoes are also very affordable in their price. You can’t imagine any other shoes which are foam-cushioned, arch-supported, contoured footbed, and extra heel padding at this price range. It is only possible with the Earth Spirit Shoe brands.

5. Made with comfortable material

To provide extra comfort, some of the earth’s models use Gelron 2000. This material is placed inside the insoles to resist the body from shocks when the wearer moves.

Top Available Earth Spirit Shoes on the market?

Earth Company is the manufacturer of original Earth Shoes. At present, they are producing a lot of new design shoes, sandals, and sneakers for men and women. They also make some vegan styles that are created without any animal products.

Here are some popular Earth Spirit models :

Earth Spirit Cleveland: 

It is a sporty T-bar-designed Earth Shoes for women with a hook and loop fitted with velcro straps. Cleveland is a super comfortable shoe that is perfect for spending long days on your feet.

Earth Spirit Lynbrook:

Lynbrook is an all-around summer sandal that has three flexible velcro straps on the front side. There is another strap in the back that is also adjustable. The shoes are very comfortable and have arch support with the cushioned insole.

Men’s Talon Active Sandals: 

Talon Active is one of the most popular men’s adult synthetic rubber sole earth sandals models. It has adjustable straps, cushioning heels, flexible and strong outsole. It can be cleaned up easily with wet clothes.

Are there any alternatives to Earth Spirit Shoes? 

Earth Spirit Shoes is famous for its negative heel technology. Yet, Earth Spirit Shoes have many competitors and of course some alternatives. Allbirds, Vionic Shoes, Birdies Slippers, Aetrex, Oofos, and Orthofeet are the common alternative to the Earth Spirit Shoes.

Limitations of the Earth Spirit Shoes?

Shoes-making is a lengthy process. From leather cutting to lasting, it needs to go over 15 steps to make a shoe. Hence, flawless shoe-making is almost impossible. Though Earth Company uses high technology to manufacture their shoes, they have some lacks.

The Hammer toe problem, tight-fitting than the assumption, and curve soles are some common drawbacks of the Earth Spirit Shoes. 

FAQ about Who Makes Earth Spirit Shoes

Are Earth and Earth Spirit Shoes the same company?

Yes, they are two different footwear brands but made by the same organization Earth, Inc. 

Are Earth Spirit Shoes made by Earth Shoes for Walmart only?

No, Earth Shoes and Walmart are two different companies. Earth Shoes are not only sold by Walmart. But, they sell out some Earth Spirit shoe models, especially some discount ” Earth Spirit Shoes” for Women.

Where one can buy Earth Spirit Shoes?

Earth Spirit Shoes are available in different retail stores like Planet Shoes, Walmart, and eBay.

What are Earth Spirit Shoes used for?

The Earth Spirit Shoes are specifically designed for working-class people. These shoes are very popular among them due to their comforts. They also formulate safety shoes and men’s sandals. 

Our verdict on Who Makes Earth Spirit Shoes?

Nowadays, shoes are one of the excellent parts of fashion. You may easily understand a man’s taste in fashion by the judgment of the shoes he or she wears. For this reason, shoe selection is very important to represent you as a stylish person.

You may feel hesitation during the shoe selection, especially, when there are a lot of options to choose from.

Our today’s post on the US-based shoe brand “Earth Spirit Shoes” was surely helpful for you!

Premium designs, affordable price, highly comfy, negative heel technology, and weather friendliness are the key features of the Earth Spirit Shoes. We hope you are enjoying your daily running, stepping, tour, and travels wearing the comfortable Earth Spirit stylish shoes.

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