Do You Know Who Makes Jordans Shoes? [Quick Answer!]

Jordan shoes are made by the shoe brand “Jordan”. They manufacture and market elegant shoes like “Air Jordan”. The name ” Jordan” has come from the greatest American basketball player Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963). He is also known by his initials as MJ. 

Aristocratic footwear and apparels are their main products. At present, the Jordan brand is a branch or more than a branch of “Nike”. The Jordan shoes were designed by Peter More for Nike. However, Jordan brand shoes are designed, produced, and sold by Nike. 

Jordan contains different styles of shoes and Air Jordan is a sneaker series of the Jordan brand. 

Still, have a thirst to know who makes Jordans shoes? Let’s dive in. 

Who makes Jordans shoes

Where are Jordans shoes made and manufactured?

Though Jordan is a part of the brand Nike. Nevertheless, the Jordan shoes have a diverse corporate structure rather than Nike’s. They have their own designers and advisors, including Michael Jordan on the advisory committee.

Michael Jordan is also the owner of a large portion of the Jordan brand. He also guides and generates ideas on the shoe’s design.

But the information will amaze you that the Jordan shoes are made in China. So, be assured about the Jordan shoe’s quality and fame. 

Because a lot of companies like to set up their factories in a country like China. They outsource and produce their products from different countries like China due to the low labor costs. Hence, the technology and designers are from the origins of the Jordan brand. So there is no question about the quality.

How does this shoe Warranty work?

All of the Jordan shoes have a 12- month warranty from the date of actual purchase. This warranty is applicable against any manufacturing defects and only for the original purchaser. 

The product sold by any third party will not be covered by the official Jordan brand warranty. In this case, customers have to contact the seller directly.

Claim Procedure: 

To claim the warranty, customers have to show their real order number and photographic evidence. The process can be accomplished by a warranty request form or by emailing

Before any repairs or replacement, the shoes may need to be returned to Jordan Fitness for checking.

If any manufacturing problem is found in the product during the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced by Jordan Fitness as needed without any more questions.

The carrying and returning cost isn’t covered by Jordan Fitness. The purchaser has to bear these costs. 

Issues that are not covered by Jordan’s warranty: 

  • Any damage due to the negligence and misuse of the customer.
  • Natural wear or tear.
  • Damage due to the high temperature and excessive water.
  • Damage for using any incorrect cleaning solutions.
  • Any cosmetic damage to the product.

Are Jordans shoes true in size?

Yes, the Jordan shoes are true to their size. You can buy the same size as other sneakers that fit your legs, no matter if you buy any Jordan sneakers like the Air Jordan series. Each of the sneakers is the same in the size range.  

You just need to follow your actual or True-To-Size. 

Are Jordans shoes good? is it worth buying?

In recent few years, Jordan shoes have gained extreme popularity for their unique design, hot style, and premium quality. Especially the Air Jordan sneaker series has gained enormous favor for its air technology.

Let’s see 5 reasons to buy the Jordan shoes:

Premium-quality and high-performance products:

Jordan shoes are high-performance and top-quality footwear. For this reason, people like to buy Jordan shoes more than any other sneaker brand.

Strong Support and comfort:

You can buy Jordan shoes for their extra support and comfortability. Jordan shoes provide extra cushioning to avoid chronic foot pain and heel spurs. So people always like to buy sneakers like Jordan shoes.

Best Quality materials:

The Jordan Shoes are famous because they use top-quality materials in their sneakers.

Especially, the soles and liners of the shoes are made of some high-quality materials.

Unique styles :

The design of the Jordan shoes is also unique and trendy with the time. Customers who like to buy quality products of some unique design always like to buy Jordan shoes and sneakers.

Smart design

People like to wear Jordan shoes due to their great designs. Even some Jordan basketball sneakers are very popular among the people who aren’t basketball players or even not basketball fans.

Top Available Jordan shoes on the market

Top Available Jordan shoes on the market

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. He has a legendary impact as an all-around pop culture superstar. The sneakers “Jordan” which bear his name, have the same grade.

Here are some of the famous Jordan shoes on the market. Among all Jordan shoes, the Air Jordan series is the most popular.

Air Jordan I

Air Jordan I was first released in 1985. Which is still very popular among sneaker lovers. That Air Jordan was the first Nike worn by MJ on the basketball court.

Air Jordan III

Air Jordan III was released in 1988. This sneaker has created a revolution in the sneaker market. The model was the sneaker which was designed by Tinker Heartfield. The sneaker is still beloved by all sneaker lovers.

Air Jordan XI

This shoe was first released in 1995. That was a game-changing shoe at that time. Still, it has the same appeal in the shoe market.

Air Jordan IV

This Jordan shoe was first introduced in 1989. The lacing support system, which is called wings, was its main attraction. This model is the first Jordan shoe that was released globally. Its popularity is still alive in the world’s shoe market.

Air Jordan XXXV DNA

It was released in the year 2020. This one is the most notable Jordan shoe of all time. Air Jordan XXXV DNA is one of the latest Jordan shoes.

Are there any good alternatives?

Yes, there are some alternatives to Jordan shoes.

  1. Adidas: Adidas, one of the most known global shoe brands, is an alternative to Jordan shoes. It is a top competitor as well.
  2. New Balance: One of the most similar alternatives to Jordan shoes is New Balance. Their shoes and sneakers are sold in over 120 countries around the world.
  3. Converse: Converse is one of the most iconic sneakers brands worldwide. That also can be considered as an alternative to the Jordan shoes.

FAQ about Do You Know Who Makes Jordans Shoes

Is Jordan owned by Nike?

Yes, Jordan shoes are manufactured and marketed by the American Corporation called Nike. Air Jordan is the series of most popular basketball shoes.

Is Jordan a luxury brand?

Yes, Jordan is one of Nike’s luxury shoe brands. Their sneakers are of top quality. It produces sneakers and basketball shoes.

Is Jordan the same as Nike?

Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike shoes. Since 1984, the Jordan shoes have been expanded in Nike’s wing. They introduce the shoe lover with modern sneakers and basketball shoes. 

Are Jordan shoes popular? 

Obviously, the Jordan shoes are very popular. The best Jordan shoe ever is the Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago. 

Is Jordans still popular?

Yes, the Jordan shoes are still the ‘great of all times in the sneaker industry and are popular among sneaker lovers. 

Our verdict on Do You Know Who Makes Jordans Shoes

Jordan shoes is one of the most renowned shoe brands since its beginnings in 1985. Peter Moore is the greatest designer of this famous shoe brand. Modern sneakers were introduced by the Air Jordan series of the Jordan shoes.

The Jordan shoes favorite for their impressive grip, long durability, strong support, high performance, and striking appearances. Their shoe spares like insole, outsole, liners, and socks are also made of high-quality materials.

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