Who Makes Hey Dude Shoes? Are They Any Good?

You are looking for a renewed brand from where you can get your desired collection of shoes, right? Then, your first choice will be the “Hey Dude shoes” company. 

It has a vast collection of shoes for each kind of user. Hence, you can get your desired pairs of shoes very quickly. And these shoes are highly renewed because of some crucial features such as being affordable, comfortable to wear, lightweight, etc. 

However, this article will inform you who makes Hey Dude shoes and about the manufacturer, warranty system, and size measurement of Hey Dude shoes. Besides, you will get proper guidelines for purchasing these shoes. Also, we will describe some alternatives to Hey Dude shoes. 

So, let’s learn all the necessary information about Hey Dude shoes without wasting time. 

 who makes Hey Dude shoes

Where are Hey Dude shoes made and manufactured?

The Hey Dude shoe brand is highly prominent all over the world. Among many more brands, it creates its place and recognition of quality products and services. But the question is, where are these shoes manufactured? 

Well, the Hey Dude shoes are made in China and Indonesia. But the company started its journey in Italy in the year 2008. However, you can find the shoes of this brand around the world. Especially the company sells its shoes mostly in online marketplaces. 

Notably, the headquarter of this company is situated in the USA. And it distributes its products in many countries from the headquarter. 

How does Hey dude shoe’s Warranty work?

Unlike other brands, Hey Dude shoe company has a user-friendly warranty policy. You will get a warranty on your purchased shoes for 60 days. And this warranty will work for all products of this brand. 

The company warrant that your purchased shoes will be free from defects and workmanship during this period. But if you find any fault, you will get a warranty. 

Remember that the warranty will work for the consumers who purchased shoes originally. If the shoes get damaged due to improper use, transportation issues, or other external causes, the warranty will not work. 

Importantly, to get warranty service, you have to email the concerned team of Hey Dude company. 

Are Hey Dude shoes true to size?

Are Hey Dude shoes true to size

True to size means the shoes come with the exact size, measured with a foot measuring tool (Brannock). While checking true to size, you must check for some common factors. You should check for the shoes’ length, width, and arch. 

Notably, the Hey Dude shoes come true to size. So, never be worried about the size of the shoes. You just need to check the size guide of the shoes from the outlet. After reviewing the size guide, you must match it with your feet. 

Never forget to make a trial while purchasing Hey Dude shoes. This crucial step will help you to get the perfect size shoes. 

Are Hey Dude shoes good? 5 reasons to buy one

The Hey Dude shoes will ensure your fit, comfort, and style. So, you can get your desired pair from this company without hesitation. Importantly, Hey Dude makes eco-friendly shoes.  

Now, let’s look at the five crucial reasons you must know before buying Hey Dude shoes. And I believe, after learning these fundamental reasons, you can make a better decision. 

Lightweight shoes 

A pair of lightweight shoes will allow you to move easily from one place to another. And undoubtedly, you will get a comfortable walk experience from lightweight shoes. 

Considering customers’ comfort, the Hey Dude make their shoes very lightweight. Hence, you can choose a pair of Hey Dude shoes to go to the office or construction works. 

Ensure style 

You want to get unique, stylish shoes for casual or formal appearance, right? Then, Hey Dude shoes can be your first choice. The company is highly renewed for its stylish collections of shoes. 

So, you don’t need to compromise with your style by taking a pair of shoes from Hey Dude. The outstanding fabric, comfortable insole, durable outsole, supportive toe box, and exact fitting make these shoes different from others. 


Affordability is another crucial factor of Hey Dude shoes. You can get your desired pair of shoes within your budget. And the company trust that expensive doesn’t ensure the quality. Hence, it makes its products in affordable ranges.  

Compared with other brands, the Hey Dude shoes are less price but of good quality.


Comfortability is the most crucial feature of Hey Dude shoes. Most previous users appraised the company for the comfortability of the shoes. Even you can stand the whole day wearing these shoes. 

The proper cursing, high breathability, wide toe box, and flexible soles will ensure your comfort. And the shoes will prevent your foot fatigue. Most importantly, they come from quality materials and the latest technology. So, undoubtedly they are comfortable. 

Proper fitting 

If your shoes are not fitted well, you will face issues the whole day. Hence, Hey Dude shoes are made with proper fitting. The shoes are highly prominent as they are ergonomic and wide fitting. 

Top Available shoes on the market

The company has a vast collection of shoes for all age ranges. It makes shoes considering three basic categories: men, women, and youth. 

Each category contains many collections under some sub-categories such as wally, wendy, casual, sandal, etc. Now, let’s look at the top available shoes of Hey Dude on the market. 

Name of shoeCatagoryColorPrice range
Hey Dude wally sox shoeMenMulticolor47$ to 135$
Hey Dude Boy’sYouthMulticolor42$ to 70$
Wally Youth
Hey Dude Women’s Wendy ShoesWomenMulticolor42$ to 90$

Hey Dude wally sox shoes 

Among vast collections, the wally sox shoes have a great reputation as they can be used for many occasions. And you will be able to use these shoes for multipurpose.

At the same time, you can adapt them easily to your shoes. And they will ensure breathability, comfortability, and universal moving. 

Women’s Wendy Shoes

In this category, you will find many options with many colors and styles. All the shoes are highly reviewed and praised by the users. So, you can select your desired ones based on your interest and budget. 

Most importantly, the shoes contain a comfortable foam insole and durable outsole. And they are very lightweight and machine-washable.

Hey Dude Boy’s Wally Youth

For your kids, the wally youth shoes of Hey Dude company will be superb. Importantly, these shoes are made with flex and fold technology. So, they will be durable and comfortable undoubtedly. 

Good alternatives to Hey Dude shoes

You may find suitable alternatives to Hey Dude shoes in the market. Each brand tries to make its shoes the best. But all do not succeed in this step. Now, let’s look at a list containing the names of some brands that can be alternatives to Hey Dude shoes. 

  • Nike
  • VF corporation 
  • New balance athletics
  • Converse 
  • Under Armour. Inc

FAQ about Who Makes Hey Dude Shoes

Are Hey Dude shoes good for standing the whole day? 

Yes, you can stand the entire day with Hey Dude shoes. Their proper cushioning, high breathability, and wide fitting will support you immensely. 

Is wearing socks with Hey Dude shoes a good idea? 

Undoubtedly, it is a good idea. Though you can wear the Hey Dude shoes without shocks, we recommend wearing them. 

Why is Hey Dude so popular?

The Hey Dude shoe brand is trendy among many users because of its quality, affordable price range, and maximum comfort. 

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