What Color Shoes Go With Black Pants? [4 great options]

Black pants are very versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. Any standard color of shoes such as brown, navy blue, and black complements perfectly with black pants. Furthermore, you can also mix and match different types of shoes, like oxford, derby, blucher, loafer, and boat shoes, with black pants to take your style to the next level.

This blog will provide you clear idea about what color shoes go with black pants. I will show you different colors and types of shoes that you can pair with black pants according to the occasion. I will also share what colors of shoes you should avoid when wearing black pants. 

What Color Shoes Go With Black Pants

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What Color Shoes Go With Black Pants? (4 great options)

Most shoes match with regular black pants such as chinos, jeans, or trousers. However, there are a few specific colors of shoes that are better suited for black pants. Let’s briefly go through them one by one. 

1. Brown shoes

You can wear brown shoes with black pants to add some contrast. Both light and dark brown shoes match with black pants, especially formal pants. With black pants, lighter shades of brown typically stand out more vividly than darker ones. 

2. Black Shoes

Black on black is an elegant and classy look for most occasions. It’s also the safest option. If you are attending a formal event, you can wear black pants, trousers, or slacks with a pair of black oxfords, double-monks, or derby shoes. 

3. White shoes 

Sneakers are the most popular type of footwear. Black pants and white sneakers make a superb combo for any casual occasion like a party or a day out with friends. You can add a jacket on top to take the outfit up a notch.

Black pants with white kicks are one of the best casual outfits for both young guys and men in their early 30s. 

4. Burgundy shoes

Burgundy shoes look great with black pants, especially on a formal occasion. These shoes, in a slightly darker shade, perfectly complement black pants.

5 Color Shoes NOT TO WEAR with Black Pants

There are a few colors of shoes that MUST NOT be worn with black pants. They look absurd and out of place. So, avoid wearing these few colors of shoes with black pants. 


The combination of black pants and beige shoes looks boring. This is because black doesn’t have an earth tone as beige does. Beige shoes usually complement colors like navy blue, sky blue, and dark brown. 


The fusion of black and green is usually a no-go. These two colors don’t make for attractive visuals. Green shoes are usually very hard to pull off with any outfit. But I have seen a few Instagram influencers make pretty decent looks with army green-colored boots. 


Orange is one of the most vibrant and bright colors and the complete opposite of black. Hence, they are hard to match in outfits. That’s why it’s better to avoid wearing orange color shoes with black pants.


Black pants with red shoes are way too off-putting for men’s outfits. Frankly, it’s a disturbing combo. And it’s not that it looks bad, but it’s just unusual. So, I suggest you avoid wearing red shoes with your black pants.


Yellow is a bright and eye-catching color. Bright hues like orange and yellow don’t really go well with black. You will look funkier if you wear yellow shoes with black pants or jeans and team them up with a yellow shirt or cap. It’s almost impossible to pull off formal attire with yellow shoes. 

How to Choose The Right Shoes For The Occasion 

How to Choose The Right Shoes For The Occasion

Shoes say a lot about a man. If you don’t know how to match your shoes with an occasion, it can really damage your image in other people’s eyes. 

Here, I want to share a short guide that will help you understand what shoes to wear on which occasions. 

1. Oxford shoes & black pants

Oxford shoes are perfect for formal occasions like formal meetings, interviews, formal events, etc. You can also wear Oxford shoes to the office. It will give you a very formal and professional look and will also make you stand out from your peers.

2. Derby shoes

Derby shoes are another great choice for formal occasions. The open-lacing design gives Derby shoes a chunky look. Both the Deby and Oxford shoes look quite the same. However, Derby shoes are slightly less formal than Oxford shoes.

So you can wear derby shoes to less formal meetings or conferences. 

3. Sneakers

Sneakers are one of the most preferred shoes among the younger generation. Sneakers give you a very cool look, and they complement both casual and formal outfits. You can wear sneakers with a white t-shirt or a suit. 

4. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a great choice for casual winter wear. These shoes are one of the easiest ways to elevate your style. They give you more of a smart casual look. If you go on a date wearing a pair of Chelsea boots, it will quickly attract the attention of your date. Moreover, Chelsea boots are also very comfortable to wear in the winter. 

5. Loafers & black pants

Loafers have become very popular and trendy in the past few years. Loafers are a signature piece that every man must have in their closet. You can wear a formal outfit on both casual and formal occasions.

They complement jeans, slacks, trousers, chinos, and most other styles of pants (except joggers).

4 Tips To Improve Your Style with black pants

Tips To Improve Your Style with black pants

Here are five keys that can elevate your style and make you the best-dressed man in any room. 

Neat Shoes Create Neat Impressions

Always keep your shoes clean. It sends a sign to everyone about what kind of person you are. If your shoes are dirty, it leaves a negative impact on the people around you. That’s why you always have to clean your shoes and polish them before going to an event.

Accessories Make You Stand Out

Match your accessories with your clothes and shoes. If you’re wearing black pants with black shoes, you can match them with black bracelets, rings, and a watch. If you are wearing brown leather shoes, make sure that your watch has a brown leather belt. 

When to Wear Sandals?

In my opinion, the only two places to wear sandals are in the pool or at the beach. In these two scenarios, you can wear sandals or slip-on as they are easy to wear and remove.

If you want your outfit to be a little more stylish, you can wear slip-on sneakers.  

The Only Formal Shoe You Need 

To look your best on a formal occasion, you must have at least one pair of dress shoes in your closet. This pair could be a double monk strap, Deby, Oxford, or a loafer.

This pair will help you create a positive first impression at interviews, presentations, weddings, and funerals. 

FAQ about What Color Shoes Go With Black Pants

In this part of the blog, I want to address a few more questions that many people have about wearing black pants.

What kind of belt to wear with black pants?

In a formal setting, it’s better to match the color of your belt with the overall outfit. Pairing a black belt with black pants is the most common and synthetic combination. You can also go for a brown belt if you have brown shoes to match with.

Is it OK to wear brown shoes with black pants?

If you are wearing black formal pants, it’s perfectly fine to wear a pair of brown shoes with them. You must match your belt color with your shoes to maintain the harmony of the outfit. 

How do you keep black pants from fading?

To keep your black pants from fading, soak your pants in cold water mixed with white vinegar. White vinegar works best to protect the dark colors. Also, hand washing your pants inside out will protect both fabrics and dyes.

What type of black pants is most comfortable?

Black-colored trousers, joggers, chinos, and stretched cargo pants are made with breathable materials, which makes them comfortable for your casual outing. These types of black pants make many stylish outfit combinations and are comfortable for both lounging and outing.

Our verdict on What Color Shoes Go With Black Pants

Remember: Fashion is all about comfort and style. Everybody has their own styles and choices as well. So do you. 

If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment down below and I will get back to you.

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