Can I Wear Black Shoes with a Royal Blue Dress?

A royal blue dress can most definitely be worn with a pair of black shoes. 

Black shoes are unrivaled when it comes to the most elegant and versatile footwear. Black shoes complement almost every woman’s clothing item. The black and royal blue colors complement each other beautifully and create a stunning outfit.

This blog includes how well black shoes go with a royal blue dress and the top five types and colors of black shoes to wear with a royal blue dress. 

what color shoes to wear with royal blue dress

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How Well Do Black Shoes Go With A Royal Blue Dress?  

The color blue symbolizes success, hope, love, and endless possibilities. Blue dresses give a positive vibe to your outlook. Royal blue, in particular, helps to highlight a person’s beauty and charm. 

On the other hand, black is one of the most elegant and sophisticated colors amongst clothing items. Black shoes complement almost all colors of women’s clothing. Black shoes can be dressed up or down according to the event.

A royal blue dress paired with black shoes looks cute and gorgeous. The darker shades of black shoes highlight the vibrance of the royal blue dress and make you look stylish. 

5 Styles of Black Shoes to Wear with a Royal Blue Dress 

Not all shoes are the same, and if you want to look put-together at an event, you can’t just throw on any shoes with a dress. 

So, here are the top five styles of shoes you can pair with a royal blue dress. 

Pointy Toe Pump Shoes

Pointy Toe Pump Shoes  and royel blue dress

Pointy-toe pump shoes are classy, comfortable, and look very stylish with a royal blue dress. These shoes come in different materials, but the suede ones suit the most with a blue dress. 

Reggie Sandal

Black Reggie Sandals are the most common shoes to wear with a royal blue dress. These shoes look very cute and are quite comfortable as well. You are the perfect pair of shoes to pair with a royal blue dress for a dinner invitation. 

Slingback Shoes

The slingback shoes are another adorable and amazing pair of shoes to match a royal blue dress. If you decide to invest in a good pair, they can be very comfortable and you can wear them to a variety of occasions, including dinners, weddings, parties, etc. 

Ankle Strap Shoes

Ankle strap shoes are famous, but not everyone can pull them off. They look very sexy and stylish when paired with a dress. They are best worn with a royal blue dress at parties or weddings.

Ariella Mule

The black Ariella shoes are simple yet stylish. They elevate the look of any dress with their simplicity and elegance. They match perfectly with a royal blue dress and make a stunning outfit for both casual and business settings.

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what color shoes to wear with royal blue dress -4 options

Now that you are certain you can wear black shoes with your royal blue dress, let’s look at some of the alternative options available to you. 

Pink Shoes with a Royal Blue Dress

Wearing a royal blue dress with pink shoes will make you look charming and lovely. A low heel pink shoe with a royal blue dress looks amazing at a party or on a night out. You can express your feminine side very easily with this outfit combination.

Yellow Shoes with a Royal Blue Dress 

This is an excellent summer outfit. A royal blue dress paired with a pair of yellow pumps makes a bold and stylish outfit. If you decide to try this look, add a white purse to contrast with the royal blue dress.

Blue Shoes with a Royal Blue Dress

Blue Shoes with a Royal Blue Dress

Blue shoes complement a wide range of dress colors, particularly white, black, tan, red, and, of course, various shades of blue. You can match the royal blue dress with any navy or sky blue footwear you have in your closet. You can carry a white purse that contrasts with the all-blue outfit. 

White Shoes with a Royal Blue Dress

White shoes are classic and timeless footwear for women. If you pay attention to historical films or shows, you will see white shoes are ageless and work well in both formal and informal settings. They remain fashionable in modern times. 

White shoes look great with a royal blue dress in all weather. And, I’m not just talking about the high heels or strappy stilettos that brides wear down the aisle, you can wear white sneakers, ballerina flats, and pumps with your royal blue dress. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before I wrap up this blog, I want to address a few more brief relevant questions. 

In What Season Do You Wear Royal Blue?

Royal blue is a vibrant color, and it’s best suitable to wear in the winter. 

Which skin tone goes well with a royal blue dress?

A royal blue color dress complements anyone with a medium skin tone the best. However, it’s a versatile color and would look nice on almost any skin tone. 

Can I wear royal blue to a wedding?

Royal blue dresses look elegant and gorgeous, and they are perfectly suitable to wear to a wedding. 

What Colour would you wear with a royal blue dress?

Here are the colors that you can wear with a royal blue dress: white, pink, cream, silver, and beige. 


Wearing black shoes will enhance the elegance of your royal blue dress. A stylish black shoe creates a fabulous outfit when paired with a royal blue dress. Both of these colors complement each other and make a beautiful ensemble. 

I hope you are no longer wondering about the question “Can I wear black shoes with a royal blue dress?” 

If you have any other queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. 

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