[Style Guide] What Color Shoes to wear With Navy Pants?

So, you are attending an event today and you have decided to wear navy pants. 

But, the dilemma is, you are not sure what color shoes go with navy pants. 

Given that navy is a neutral color, navy-colored pants look best with bright-colored shoes, like a pair of brown shoes. You can, however, wear simple black shoes to keep them simple and elegant. You can also go all in with the navy and pair navy pants with dark blue shoes. 

You can wear navy pants on both formal and casual occasions. But, the design and color of the shoes have to be different in order to perfectly adapt to the occasion. This blog will help you build a stylish outfit using navy pants.

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What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants – (on Formal Occasions)

Navy pants are a classy option for men to wear at weddings, offices, and also on first dates. For such occasions, the pants must be formal, such as chinos or trousers. There are two shoe color options when attending a formal event:

1. Black Shoes & navy pants

how to wear Black Shoes with navy pants

Black shoes look great with navy pants on formal occasions. You can wear a white or black dress shirt to keep the outfit elegant and classy. Adding a jacket on top makes you even more fashionable at those events. 

2. Brown Shoes & navy pants

The dark and light brown shoes also go well with navy pants. If you are attending a wedding or going on a date, you should try brown shoes with navy pants. A brown belt and leather watch complete this very stylish outfit of navy pants and brown shoes. 

Note: Black shoes are ideal to wear in the office or during important life events like funerals. Light brown shoes are a bit fancy to wear on such occasions.

What Color Shoes Go with Navy Pants – (on Causal Occasions)

Let’s say you want to dress down the navy blue pants. In this case, there are two great shoe options available for you. 

1. White Sneakers

Navy pants can also be worn with a pair of sneakers and a white t-shirt to build a casual and relaxed look. This has been a trendy style for the last few years, and it makes you stand out from the crowd and enhances your appearance. 

2. Black/Brown Loafers

Loafers in both black and brown look amazing with navy pants in casual settings. Loafers are semi-formal shoes, but they can be worn to casual events as well. You can create a very stylish outfit with a patterned shirt (untucked), navy pants, and a black pair of loafers. 

How to Style Navy Blue Pants with Different Colored Shoes?

In order to create a dashing outfit, you need to choose the right shoes that match the occasion you are attending. 

Here is the list of the best shoe colors that complement navy pants.  

1. Black Shoes & blue pants

Black shoes with navy pants is a stunning combination that makes you look confident and professional. Black shoes are appropriate for business settings, weddings, and serious life events such as funerals. 

You can match a wide range of shirts, sweaters, and jackets with navy pants and a pair of black shoes. However, white and black colored shirts are the safest and most elegant shirts to wear with navy pants and black shoes. It’s very professional and formal attire and portrays you as a gentleman. 

Fun fact: Many organizations in the USA prefer their employees to wear black shoes, in particular, because of the elegance and simplicity of the shoes. 

2. Dark Brown Shoes & navy pants

how to wear Dark Brown Shoes with navy pants

Dark brown shoes with navy pants look amazing, especially on formal occasions such as a wedding or business meetings. These shoes can also be paired with navy pants in casual scenarios. Their versatility and color combinations match all types of business or casual settings. 

3. Light Brown Shoes

A pair of light brown shoes look wonderful with formal navy pants. You can put on navy blue pants with a pair of light brown shoes in any business setting, party, dinner, or award ceremony. 

4. Navy Shoes

Navy shoes paired with navy pants give an elegant vibe to your outfit. However, this is not for everybody. If you think you can comfortably pull it off, then go for it. 

5. Red

Combining the colors of red and navy looks fantastic at any casual gathering. I am not talking about the bright and obnoxious red color here. Dark red or maroon-colored shoes can really complement navy trousers or slacks. You look confident in your skin when wearing something so contrasty. 

Belts: The Key To Stand Out From The Crowd

how to wear belt with navy pants

A certain way to positively stand out from the crowd is to dress better. If you can accessorize properly, you will stand out from other dudes. 

One of the key elements of any stylish attire is the belt. The belt’s colors depend on the shoes you are wearing. Choose a light-colored belt if you are wearing light-colored shoes. For instance, navy pants paired with black shoes look very classy, but the outfit can be out of place if you wear a brown belt. 

So, always match the belt color with your shoe color. With leather shoes, wear a leather belt. If you are wearing a leather watch, it’s ideal to match the shoes and belt with the watch as well. 

However, this is not a must for casual or semi-formal attire. You can mess around a bit when in casual settings. 

5 Stylish Outfit Ideas with Navy Pants

Now that you know what color shoes go with navy blue pants, let’s look at five different scenarios where you can wear navy pants. 

Now that you know what color shoes go with navy pants, let’s look at five different scenarios where you can wear navy pants. 


You can wear navy suits with black shoes to a wedding—a very common and safe outfit. You can wear white or light blue shirts under the suit to maintain the elegance of the suit.

Office Attire

You can wear navy pants with a plain neutral-colored shirt to the office. You can put on brown or black shoes to look professional.

Casual Settings

On casual occasions, a t-shirt with navy pants looks dashing. Wearing a jacket on top of your t-shirt can make you appear even more stylish. You can choose any white sneakers with a simple design, and they will perfectly go with the navy pants and t-shirt.

First Date 

Navy pants paired with a white shirt and black shoes make a fine outfit for a first date. If you don’t want to look too formal, you can swap the white shirt with a patterned or polka dot dress shirt. Remember, wearing the right outfit is crucial to getting to the second date.  

Running Errands

For running errands or for brunch, you can wear black or brown shoes with your navy pants. You can put on a casual shirt and a nice black watch to keep it standard.

FAQ about What Color Shoes to wear With Navy Pants

Before wrapping up this blog, I want to address a few more questions that might help you create a better outfit using navy pants. 

How long should navy pants be?

Navy pants look best when they’re just below the ankles. Whether you’re going for a casual or professional outfit, navy pants should fall below your ankles and slightly graze the top of your shoes.

Should you wear black or brown shoes with navy pants?

If you want to have an elegant and sophisticated look, go with black shoes. Wear brown shoes if you want to play with a little bit more color and portray a confident persona. 

What color shirts go with navy pants?

Although pairing white shirts with navy pants makes sense most of the time, you can’t go wrong with the light blue shirt and navy pants combo either. Pairing a cram-colored shirt with navy pants will also let you look fabulous in a formal setting.

Where to find navy pants?

Zara and Target have some really good and stylish navy pants at an affordable price. You can also check Macy’s and Nordstrom for navy pants with higher-quality clothing materials. 

Our verdict on What Color Shoes to wear With Navy Pants

Navy pants are classy, and most shoes go along with them easily. However, shoes in black, white, and brown look best with navy pants. The shoe’s color is decided by the style of the pants and the occasion. Different occasions call for different attire, and you need to match the shoes with the pants to fit in these scenarios. 

In order to adapt to every situation, you must know how to dress properly, and I tried to help you with that with this article. I hope you have found value in this blog. Let me know if you have any questions.

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