Can I Wear Boots with Mom’s Jeans? YES! [Detailed]

High-waisted jeans that were popular among women in their late twenties back in the 80s and 90s are now called “Mom Jeans.” Can I Wear Boots with Mom’s Jeans?

Boots and mom jeans look great together and create a bold and stylish outfit. Ankle boots, in particular, paired with mom jeans make a classy yet casual look. Chunky boots also look chic and stylish with mom jeans. 

Because of the sudden resurgence of this popular outfit, people are asking what kinds of shoes to wear with mom jeans. In this blog, I’ll explain what mom jeans are and what makes them so popular, as well as what kinds of boots look good with mom jeans.

What Are Mom Jeans and What Makes Them So Popular? 

Mom jeans typically have a high waist that rises above the navel, which helps to streamline the figure and slightly baggy legs. 

These pants gained popularity very quickly for their vintage looks and versatility. They are also very comfortable because of their baggy design on the bum and thighs. The ankle, however, is more tapered, giving the silhouette loved by the ladies. 

Mom jeans made a comeback in this decade as people grew tired of the skinny outfit stigma. 

When people began looking for casual clothing that was suitable for all ages and body types, stylists collaborated in 2010 to bring back this vintage fashion. 

These days, people can very easily pull off both a formal and a casual look by wearing the right tops, the right shoes, and mom jeans as a base.

what boots to wear with mom’s jeans – top 6 options

Be it a formal or casual outfit, you must pair the right boots that go well with your mom’s jeans. So, here are six boots that go really well with mom jeans:

1. Leather Heeled Ankle Boots & Moms jeans

Leather boots that are cut off at the ankle or a little above are called Leather heeled ankle boots.

These kinds of ankle heel boots usually have heels made out of fine wood, and they have a square toe in front, which will be comfortable for your toes.

This particular style of boot goes well with most outfits, including mom jeans. They also look great with ankle dress pants. 

So, how do you style mom jeans with ankle boots?

Wear a graphic t-shirt and add a jacket on top. The mom jeans will highlight the boots even more and give you a badass look. You can carry a small bag to complete the outfit. 

2. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were created with the intention of being practical, but they quickly became popular for their versatility. 

These boots have pointy toes and elasticated panels, which makes them easy to put on and off.

When paired with mom jeans, these boots will give you a bold street style and a confident look. This is a great combination when your priority is comfort and coziness. 

Blue mom jeans paired with a black jacket and black boots make a killer outfit. 

You can also pair them with a brown jacket and dark brown boots to create a striking outfit. 

3. Women’s Cowboy Boots or Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots come in a variety of toe shapes, including round toes, pointy toes, and square toes. 

Cowgirl boots are slightly different than cowboy boots as they have narrower heels and a slightly higher arch. 

The beautiful designs, art, and embroidery on cowgirl boots make them elegant and stylish.

Mom jeans tucked into regular cowgirl boots with no flamboyant designs will give you the best casual you can ask for. 

Women’s cowboy boots make an unusual and bold outfit, so being a little cautious about where you wear them would be great. 

4. Chunky Boots & Moms jeans

Chunky boots are a statement piece in a lady’s wardrobe. They are both highly fashionable and comfortable. 

These boots come in a variety of lengths, with or without laces, and with lug soles. 

You can get laced chunky boots that are cut off just below the calf to go with mom jeans.

Roll up the hems of your mom’s jeans and pair them with these timeless pairs of shoes, and you’re done!

You can add a black jacket and a hat on top to take the outfit up a notch. 

5. Moto/Biker Boots

Biker boots have quilted leather panels with a couple of buckled straps on the top. 

There are various lengths available for these boots. Choose retro leather biker boots with an ankle cutout to go with mom jeans. 

This is a bold and sexy outfit for those days when you are in the mood to rock the streets. 

You can roll up the hem of your mom’s jeans to fully show off the biker boots. 

Accessorize the outfit with the right necklace, watch, and rings — for a more confident look. 

6. Sneaker Boots & Mom’s jeans

One of the classic street-style shoes from the 1990s is mom jeans paired with sneaker boots. 

These boots are lightweight and incredibly comfortable. 

They come in different colors, shapes, and designs. You can put together a chic outfit using the different colors of sneakers and boots available.  

Usually, a pair of white or blue sneaker boots go perfectly with mom jeans. 

If you are wearing blue mom jeans, pair them with black or white sneaker boots.

Brown and off-white sneaker boots are also great options to pair with mom jeans.

What Is the Difference Between Mom Jeans and Straight Jeans?

Although straight jeans and mom jeans both have a relaxed fit around your legs, they are actually different from one another. 

The primary difference between these two items is the shape and fit around the leg, including the hips, thighs, and ankles. 

Mom jeans have a loose fit around your legs, whereas straight jeans have an overall slimmer fit. Furthermore, mom jeans also tend to be shorter compared to regular straight-cut jeans. 

Are Mom Jeans Suitable for Everyone?

Mom’s jeans suit everyone regardless of their height and body type. 

These pants offer a relaxed and comfortable fit around your hips and thighs. Because of their high-rise waist, they can help you flawlessly cover up any unwanted weight around your belly.

FAQ about Can I Wear Boots with Mom’s Jeans

Now that you are certain about wearing boots with mom jeans, let’s wrap up this blog by addressing a few brief questions. 

What can I wear with mom’s jeans?

You can pair your mom’s jeans with a t-shirt. It can be an oversized or regular t-shirt. Complete the outfit by putting on a hat or a pair of sunglass. 

What shoes do you wear with mom jeans in the winter?

Ankle boots, cowgirl boots, and Chelsea boots are the best three shoes to wear with mom jeans in the winter. 

Which body shape is best for mom jeans?

Mom’s jeans look best on hourglass body shapes. But it can look good on both chubby and skinny girls. If you feel comfortable wearing mom jeans, you can pull off the look with ease. 

Do you have to tuck in a shirt with mom jeans?

It really depends on your style. If you are wearing a baggy oversized t-shirt with your mom’s jeans, you don’t necessarily need to tuck it in. However, if you are wearing a regular t-shirt, tucking it in may give a more edgy vibe to your outfit. 

Our verdict on Can I Wear Boots with Mom’s Jeans

So, Can I Wear Boots With Mom’s Jeans? Yes, you can wear mom jeans with any of the six pairs of boots I have mentioned above. Mom jeans are a very versatile piece of clothing and go well with almost any type of top, shirt, jacket, or sweater.

Any of these six boots will work with your outfit as long as you choose the right tops to go with your mom’s jeans. 

I tried to suggest some of the best outfit inspiration with mom jeans and boots. Let me know which combination you liked the most in the comments section.

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