What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants for male? [5 choice]

Khaki pants are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man can have in his closet. Khaki pants can be styled in a variety of ways using different types of shoes. These casual pants can easily be substituted with jeans because of their comfortability and lightweight design. so What Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants for male?

For a casual occasion, the best shoe to wear with khaki pants is white sneakers. For a formal occasion, the best shoe to wear with khaki pants is Oxfords.

In my previous blog, I discussed what shoes go with black and black pants. Today, we are talking about khaki pants

What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants

What Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants for male – on a formal occasion

A well-dressed man is perceived as a high-value man. And, in order to seem like a high-value man, you must dress appropriately for the environment. 

So, if you’ve decided to wear khaki pants to a formal event, here’s the list of shoes that you can wear to look your absolute best. 

1. Derby shoe with khaki pants

Derby shoes are one of the classiest formal shoes, and every man should have at least one pair of Deby shoes in his closet. 

These shoes are made from leather and are perfect for both formal and semi-formal occasions. 

Derby shoes have an open-lacing system which makes them fit you perfectly and are comfortable to wear.

A black or dark brown pair of Derby shoes go really well with formal khaki pants, and this combination will make you stand out in an office environment or any other formal event. Avoid pairing light brown Derby shoes with khaki pants as their contrasts don’t work together. 

2. Oxfords shoes with khaki pants

how to wear Oxfords shoes with khanki pants
Oxfords shoes

For weddings, first dates, offices, meetings, or any other formal occasion, Oxford shoes are the safest option.

Oxfords are low-heeled leather shoes with a closed lacing system. The shoes have a slim design. Traditionally, the color of these shoes was black or brown, but they are now being made in numerous colors. 

A pair of dark brown Oxfords look best with khaki pants.  There are two different types of Oxford shoes: Cap-Toe Oxford and Plain-Toe Oxford. Both of these pairs go perfectly with khaki pants. 

3. Brogues

Brogues are also a fine option to go to a formal event with. Pairing them with khaki pants makes an elegant and gentlemanly look. They are perfect for wearing to work as well as at weddings and dates.

Brogues are made of leather and have a shiny look. The shininess contrasts with the tanned tone of the khaki pants. 

Brogues are offered in a variety of brogueing styles, including full brogues, Semi Brogues, quarter brogues, and more. Full Brogues shoes can be too fancy for formal events. The semi-brogues or quarter-brogues shoes complement best with khaki pants.

4. Monkstraps

Monkstraps are very professional and formal shoes for men. Monkstraps are leather shoes with no lacing system. As the name suggests, the shoe uses one or more straps and buckles to cling to the feet.

Although older men usually wear monk straps, they are also becoming popular amongst the younger generation. 

You can wear monk straps with khaki pants to weddings, business tours, evening cocktail parties, etc. It’s best to put on a formal jacket or suit when wearing the monk straps. 

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5 Casual Shoes to Wear With Khaki Pants For Men 

Although you can wear them in formal environments, khaki pants are generally most suitable for casual occasions. Khaki pants can be styled with t-shirts, shirts, and also with casual jackets. But, what shoes should you wear with khaki pants on casual occasions? 

Let’s find out.

1. Black Boots & khaki pants

how to wear boots with khanki pants

When it comes to casual occasions, boots are the most versatile choice. It’s bold, stylish, and comfortable. You will stand out in the crowd if you are wearing a pair of dark brown or black boots. 

Below are two styles of boots that go best with khaki pants. 

2. Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot is very attractive and was a popular fashion in the early 1960s among young men in the UK. Chelsea boots are made of leather and can be worn on many casual occasions, like parties, dates, hangouts with friends, traveling, and many other environments. 

If your khaki pants are slim and have a snuggish fit, a pair of Chelsea boots would look amazing with them. Add some accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and rings—and you will look ten times more attractive. 

3. Chukka Boots

Chukkas are classy and they match well with khaki pants. 

Chukkas are high ankled boots that have an open-lacing system. They are usually made of leather. These boots are available in many colors and they can be worn on both casual and semi-formal occasions. 

You should go for dark brown or shining black chukkas when wearing khaki pants. The combination looks rugged and bold. Chukka boots can make any dude look confident and assertive.

4. Loafers

Loafers are one of the most versatile and fashionable men’s footwear options, and they pair perfectly with khaki pants. Loafers are low-heeled or no-heeled shoes with no lacing system. 

They are appropriate for both casual and business casual settings. Just make sure your khaki pants are properly tailored for casual occasions and ditch the socks. However, you can wear ankle socks if you feel uncomfortable barefoot. 

5. Sneakers & khaki pants

how to wear sneaker with khanki pants

Khaki pants with athleisure shoes are a trendy combination nowadays, and there are good reasons for that. Khaki pants and sneakers (usually black or white) are very comfortable and contrast perfectly with each other. 

Khaki pants paired with a t-shirt and sneakers are a go-to outfit for school, hangouts, running errands, etc. 

Our verdict on What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants for male

Khaki pants are a classic and elegant wardrobe piece that can be worn in both formal and casual settings. Pairing them with the right shoes can make you feel confident and look stylish.

If you wear any of the footwear items I have mentioned in this blog, you will build a solid ten out of ten outfits. No Doubt. 

Let me know if you think I have missed anything. 

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