Does Hey Dude run true to size? (Hey Dude size guide/chart)

Hey Dude is a shoe company widely recognized for its stylish, lightweight, comfortable, yet easy-to-afford shoes. The brand was founded in 2008, starting in Italy, and the company has flourished since then.

The most demanded designs from this company are the boast shoes and loafer. All the shoes come in an affordable budget range with guaranteed quality, and yet, they are very responsive to their customers with online 24/7 customer support.

Even with its fame and recognition, there are a lot of questions stirring up in the current world about sizing.

Does Hey Dude Run True To Size? How are they supposed to fit? Do they shrink? These questions are the most common ones. Here’s a rundown of answers and what you need to know about the sizing of this brand.

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**Hey Dude  has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

Does Hey Dude run true to size

here is the brief answer Does Hey Dude Run True To Size or not?

If you already checked their official website, you may have already figured out that some shoes may run bigger or smaller than others. So, I really can’t give you a specific answer of yes or no to this particular question.

But what I can do is explain to you the sizes of Hey Dude.

1. Hey Dude Youth Shoe:

If we compare Hey Dude to other popular brands like Nike, you’ll find no clear answer if the Hey Dude shoes categorize in the small or big sections. The size differs from one model to another.

So, Hey Dude’s dudes (I mean the workers, never mind) created a size chart meant for all the youths out there.

2. Hey Dude Men Shoe:

These shoes run bigger than Nike shoes in most cases. But there are also cases where I have found that Hey dude shoes run smaller than Nike shoes.

3. Hey Dude Women Shoe:

It’s pretty much similar to the men’s shoes, but they run big in almost every case than Nike Shoes. But there are shoes where you’ll find no difference between Nike and Hey Dude shoes in size.

So, it is tough for me to give you a conclusive answer.

How are Hey Dude Shoes supposed to fit? (hay dude size chart)

The most popular fit from Hey Dudes is the Wide Fitting Style. The ultra-wide fit that the company says and claims by buyers to be the most comfortable in the market. The style incorporates a removable memory foam insole and is lined with leather. These shoes are incredibly comfortable and fit very well.

Most people like to wear a snug fit that Hey Dude usually offers. But not every person is the same, so, there are people who like to wear a kind of tight-fit. That tends to be a worry. But you really don’t have to worry about it at all. You can tighten your shoes by pulling the knots of the laces on each side.

What you have to do is bring the footwear closer and knot it in such a way so that the knot is nearer to the eyelet of the shoes.

While Hey Dude Shoes are supposed to give you a loose fit for comfort, there are ways to tighten your shoes to your feet with the knots of shoelaces.

Hay dude men’s size chart

7 40
8 41
9 42
10 43
11 44
12 45
13 46
14 47
15 48

Hay Dude Women’s Size Chart:

5 36
6 37
7 38
8 39
9 40
10 41
11 42
12 43

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dude shoes?

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dude shoes

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if you wear socks with Hey Dude Shoes or not. As long as you are precautious about keeping your feet dry and clean, your feet will be free from fungus, and you can adapt any style you want; however, you want. Wearing socks will not make any difference to the comfort of Hey Dude Shoes.

For example, The Farty Model from Hey Dude is the first shoe to remain in the market for over a decade. You can wear them with or without the socks.

But you may ask, what makes the shoes comfortable to wear without socks? Well, let me discuss it a bit.

  • Flexible Upper: The materials of the upper of the shoes are unique and flexible as well. The uppers are usually made of canvas or knit and sometimes the regular stretchy textile, which is all very comfortable. They bring a sense of freedom to your feet and gives it protection.
  • Generous Cushioning: The shoes have a memory foam insole inside as cushioning footbed. It absorbs any shock and omits the need for socks.
  • Lightweight: If you didn’t already know, the Hey Dude Shoes weigh about 5 ounces (150 gm), the equivalent weight of two pairs of socks. So they are incredibly comfortable.

So, you decide to wear your shoes with or without socks. No matter how you want to wear it, I’m sure you’ll look absolutely stunning.

Do Wendy Hey dudes run big?

If Wendy Hey Dude shoes were a day in the week, it’d definitely be Sunday. Generous, relaxed, and chill mode on. The shoes are canvas, ultra-light, and slip-on, and you can wear them almost anywhere. You can also wash the shoes by machine.

In most cases, these shoes run wide. But they are not too wide so that they slip off. They are wide enough so that they are comfortable and slug in your feet with maximum flexibility. Sometimes they run a little large, and sometimes they are exactly like Nike shoes.

So, if you are trying to find your own size, please look at their size chart on their website.

Do Hey dudes shrink?

No, Hey Dude Shoes do not shrink even if you wash them with the machine. But there are a few exceptions that you can’t use a machine to clean for wool, leather, and suede shoes. Otherwise, you can wash most of the shoes from Hey Dude with a machine.

To wash the shoes, start by removing the laces and insoles. Because the memory foam will get ruined, and the laces will get tangled. Then use a little bit of detergent (the liquid one, the powder one is most likely to cause irritation) and wash with cold water. There you go, clean shoes without shrinking.

How To Tighten Your Hey Dude Laces >> Check out this video below:

FAQ about Does Hey Dude run true to size

Do Hey Dude Shoes come in toddler sizes?

Yes, they do come in toddler sizes starting from size 7.5 to 12.

Are Hey Dudes made in the USA?

No, they are made in Indonesia and China.

Our verdict on Does Hey Dude run true to size

Hope we are able to give you the details about Hey Dude shoes and size comparisons for different feet. We tried answering every relevant question about it.  Hey, Dude shoes have a lot of cool features, and they are wide-feet-friendly. There is no doubt about that.

Hope you got all the answers you needed.

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