Do you wear socks with Hey Dude shoes? (easy Guide/ FAQs)

Hey Dude is a famous footwear brand that specializes in quality, comfort, look, and fit. It is considered best for the outdoor geeks, tour, hiking, and adventure; their signature designs ensure that the poor-quality shoes don’t hold back your journey.

Even so, many people like me consider Hey Dude the only dependable shoes for any occasion.

As socks are one of the essential parts of the shoe, people often ask me, do you wear socks with hey dude shoes?

Yes, I wear socks with my Hey Dude shoes because I like them. And whether you will wear socks with your Hey Dude shoes or not depends on you.

Do you wear socks with Hey Dude shoes

Do you wear socks with hey dude shoes?

The straightforward answer to this question is that, yes, I wear socks with hey dude shoes. But it isn’t a matter of concern if you use socks with your Hey dude footwear or not. So until you take safeguards to keep the feet clean, fungus-free, bacteria-free, and dry, you can carry any style or preference with your Dudes. 

So wearing them without socks or with socks, Hey Dude footwear will comfy you as always.

The Farty model of Hey Dude was one of the primary and still existing in the industry for years. The footwear is designed specially so that they can fit both wide and narrow trousers. In addition, you can also wear the shoes with your socks or on your bare feet.

So, Thanks to the flexible bands at the heel and sides, they adapt carefully to the feet and fit it nicely. As a result, the whole thing of this shoe is particularly comfortable.

Are you supposed to wear socks with shoes?

It totally depends on the wearer. But sometimes wearing socks with shoes can create unwanted problems. However, if your feet are sweaty or you like to wear socks with shoes, there is no problem.

So you can wear a pair of socks with your shoes. But if you want to know about me, then yes I like to wear socks with my shoes, and the other reason is my feet are really sweaty.

Well, let me share the merits of wearing socks and the demerits of not wearing socks.

1. Advantages of wearing Socks with the Shoes

Our feet are more sweaty and contain extra sweat glands (around 250,000 glands) than our body’s other parts. On the other hand, socks help us keep our feet dry and moisturize by wicking the additional moisture from the sweat and protecting from the harm of fungal, virus, and bacterial.

Socks protect the foot from rubbing with shoe sides and prevent blisters, pain, and chafing. They also provide amazing cushioning and help to keep the feet warm on very cold days.

2. Drawbacks of  Not Wearing Socks with Shoes

Typically, the critical risk of not wearing socks with shoes is, it can cause fungus and bacterial infections in the feet. In addition, shoes without socks are not good for sweating feet and wicking moisture.

And the other things are, your feet can odor awfully due to the sweats, and the rubbing of your feet with the shoe can cause blisters, pain, and chafing. But in this case, Hey Dude footwear is very breathable, which helps keep the feet aerated. 

If you want to wear shoes, I want to give you some advice. Don’t wear too many dressed socks with your shoes, unless you will attend a meeting or wear dress shoes. Choose some light color or transparent socks to wear that will be the best.

Do Hey Dude Shoes stretch as you wear them?

Yes, maximum shoes from Hey Dude will stretch because they are made with elasticated fabric. They are designed especially to try and adopt your feet’ shape with use and time. Also, the fabric of the Hey Dude shoe is a little bit more delicate than the other textiles.

A perfect example of Hey Dudes designed with Stretch material is their‘Wally style’. The fabric of this shoe is amazing, and the rough seam can release the threads of your toe area in the primary stages of use. This is only because of the finest threads of the material and the seams that are stitched throughout the vamp.

Do Hey Dude shoes get smelly? (ways to deal with this problem)

Although Hey Dude’s are breathable enough, there is an excellent possibility for your shoes to develop some awful odor after wearing a while. But don’t worry, it is very normal. So here I’ll tell you about some ways to deal with this problem.

1. Deodorizing using Baking Soda

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Baking soda is great for deodorizing shoes. Simply spread it to the shoes and leave it all over your Hey Dude and leave it overnight. Then Dump the soda in the next day. Alternatively, take a plastic bag, put the baking soda in it, but the soda bag inside the shoe, and leave it overnight—this process won’t make your shoe dirty.

2. Rubbing with the White Vinegar.

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This is another amazing deodorizer. Remember not to pour the vinegar directly on the shoes because it can damage them. You need to take a piece of cotton cloth and dump it into the vinegar, then rub it inside the shoe with it. And after that, let it air dry; there is no need to rinse. Avoid apple cider and balsamic vinegar because they may cause staining.

3. Using Dryer Sheets 

You can also use some dryer sheets to deodorize the Hey Dude shoes. Just put the dryer sheets inside of your shoes (one for each)and let it be overnight. Then, on the following day, pull the sheets off from your shoes.

For getting the best outcomes, use some scented dryer sheets. Unscented will also be good, but those won’t give your shoes a cleanness and smell fresh.

Tips for Reducing the Odor of your Hey Dude Shoe

Here I’m giving some tips for you; hopefully, it will help you reduce your feet odor. So let’s see:

  • Avoid using the same shoes rapidly or two successive days so that the shoe can dry perfectly.
  • Always wear a pair of socks with your Hey Dude footwear. Because socks will help you to absorb your sweat and the shoes will be fresh.
  • After wearing a pair of shoes, let the Air out of the shoes properly.
  • Using a good shoe deodorizer is a great way. Use baking powder or deodorizing shoe spray inside the shoe after every wear.
  • Take a pair of shoe which is made with breathable materials and roomy enough for your feet.
  • After washing, let your feet get dry properly because wet feet is one of the main cause of the odor.

Do you wear socks with sock liner shoes?

There are so many people whom I saw not to wear socks with sock liner shoes. But I really like to wear socks with them. I often see that people have some wrong concept; they think that sock liner shoes need to wear without any pair of socks.

But let me tell you, the sock liner shoes are specially designed to wear with a combination of other socks.

FAQ about Do you wear socks with Hey Dude shoes

Are Hey Dude shoes supposed to be tight?

No, Hey Dude footwear is generally designed for providing a roomy-fitting and breathable enough supposedly for move & comfort. But if you want to make them tight, you can do that anytime by tightening your shoelaces properly.

Why are Hey dudes so popular?

Hey, Dude is trendy for their fantastic footwear all over the world. Even they are my husband’s favorite shoes now. He replaced his very first pair, and from then, he wore it constantly. So let’s see why Hey Dudes are so popular.

Very much comfortable
-True to the size.
-Good for people with plantar fasciitis and foot pain.
-Best budget-friendly shoes
-Lightweight and breathable enough
-Sustainable, High-quality & ethically sourced material
-Stretchable and tightly
-Roomy enough for the people with wide feet
-Sherpa Insoles
-Perfect for any active lifestyle
-Trend style

Our verdict on Do you wear socks with Hey Dude shoes

The wearer will choose whether they will wear socks with Hey Dude or not. And it also detailed every necessary thing about Hey Dudes and other shoes.

So, buying a good shoe is more worthy than spending money on some poor-quality footwear. Isn’t it?

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