Does Hey Dude Make Wide Shoes? [Guide & Width Chart]

Yes! Hey Dude has wide shoes in its collection. And worth mentioning, their shoes are recommended to people having foot problems. Featuring Flex & Fold technology, memory foam, and breathable material, Hey Dude shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. 

Although Hey Dude doesn’t classify their shoes as wide shoes, they do run wide. Furthermore, they also have a wide toe box which is a defying feature of a wide shoe. 

Read on to know does Hey Dude make wide shoes and in detail about the nature of Hey Dude shoes, whether they have a toe box or not, some of the great wide shoes from Hey Dude, whether you should wear socks with Hey Dude or not, and how to measure your wide foot.

Does Hey Dude Make Wide Shoes [Guide & Width Chart]

Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Narrow or Wide? 

Hey Dude shoes do run wide and thus making them comfortable for most people. These shoes are designed specifically for individuals who suffer from foot problems or need additional arch support. 

Their Flex & Fold technology, which plays a crucial role in cushioning the heel and sole upon impact, makes it one of the most comfortable options available. Additionally, it is available in a wide fit, and it has a memory foam footbed that is built into the shoe for even more comfort.

The majority of their offerings are available in a wider fit, which is perhaps the best aspect of their designs.

Does Hey Dude Have a Wide Toe Box

Yes, Hey Dude shoes have wide and extra-wide designs with a rounder and broader toe box than standard shoes. And thanks to this, Hey Dude shoes help avoid the development of foot conditions such as hammertoes and bunions. These shoes offer more space than others, so your toes won’t feel squished in them.

There are shoes that have a toe box that is both broad and squared off, and there are others that have a toe box that is both narrow and pointed. It’s hard to believe, but the comfort of the shoe isn’t the only thing that this part of the shoe impacts. 

The construction of a shoe’s toe box can have a significant impact on the health of the foot and even alter the form of some of the structures found internally in the foot.

What Are Some Great Wide Shoes of Hey Dude?

Some Great Wide Shoes of Hey Dude

If you’re about to buy the hit button of a pair of Hey Dude shoes, pause for a moment and have a look at the best options first.

Name of the ShoeKey Feature 
Hey Dude Chan Stretch LoaferRounded Toe Design and Flex & FoldLightweightComfortable Durable High-Quality Material
Hey Dude Wally Sox OnyxRounded Toe Design and Flex & FoldLightweight with Elastic LacesRemovable memory foam cushioned insole 
Hey Dude Wally Wl FunkRounded Toe Design and Flex & FoldComfortableMachine Washable Friendly
Hey Dude Wendy Lace-Up LoafersContrasting, faux-fur lining Easy-On System with elastic lacesUltralight outsole 

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

In short, Hey Dudes are made of cotton and canvas, so they can be worn without socks. Even barefoot, you can feel comfortable in them. 

Whether you choose to wear them with or without socks, your feet will feel supported and comfortable thanks to the cushioned and flexible footbed. 

Socks, however, are important for preventing foot problems including calluses, fungal infections, and blisters from footwear. If you’re going to be staying somewhere very cold, socks are a must.

There will still be some exposure to the cold if you wear shoes without socks, but it won’t be as bad. Likewise, socks will absorb any sweat that may have accumulated on your feet, but shoes will not.

The Hey Dudes are incredibly easy to wear and comfy. However, your feet will be more secure if you wear socks with Hey Dudes, thus socks are suggested but not required. 

How Do You Know If You Need Wide Shoes? 

The best method for determining your correct shoe size is to measure your feet. The following instructions will guide you through the process of accurately measuring wide feet:

1. Take Your Measurements at Night

First and foremost, consider the time of day. You probably know that you weigh more at night than during the morning. Your feet expand during the day because you use the feet for quite a long time which leads to blood and fluid accumulating in them to a greater extent. So, they’ll be slightly bigger in the evening. For accurate foot measurements, wait till night.

2. Measure and center yourself.

Get a pen, paper, and tape measure. We advise putting on some thick socks first, especially if you frequently wear shoes with thick socks. Lay out the paper. If your flooring is uneven, measure on the flattest part.

3. Trace Your Feet.

Trace each foot’s outline while standing. This outline lets you record foot length and width. Measure the width of your foot. The length is determined by measuring from the tip of your longest toe all the way down to the back of your heel.

4. Don’t Forget Both Feet.

You must take exact measurements of both feet because they are typically slightly different in length or width. Most folks won’t notice. Some people have one foot that’s a half-size (or more) larger.

5. Go over your measurement results.

After measuring your feet, you can decide if you need wide shoes. Just keep in mind that wider shoes are necessary for many reasons than just your foot’s width. Additionally, it depends on your shoe size and gender. Your shoe size is determined by how long you are.

Shoe Width Chart

Let’s compare your size to the chart and choose the width that works best for you.

Men’s Shoe Width Chart

SizeA (Narrow)B (Medium)E/W (Wide)
53.2”3.3” – 3.4”3.5” – 3.6”
63.3”3.4” – 3.5”3.6” – 3.7”
73.4”3.5” – 3.6”3.7” – 3.8”
83.5”3.6” – 3.8”3.9”
93.6”3.7” – 3.9”4.0” – 4.1”
103.8”3.9” – 4.0”4.1” – 4.2”
113.9”4.0” – 4.1”4.2” – 4.3”
124.0”4.1” – 4.3”4.3” – 4.4”

Women’s Shoe Width Chart

SizeA (Narrow)B (Medium)E/W (Wide)EE (Extra Wide)
52.8”2.9” – 3.2”3.3” – 3.55”3.6” – 3.95”
62.95”2.3” – 3.3”3.4” – 3.7”3.8” – 4.05”
73.05”3.1” – 3.45”3.5” – 3.8”3.9” – 4.2”
83.2”3.3” – 3.55”3.6” – 3.95”4.0” – 4.3”
93.3”3.4” – 3.7”3.8” – 4.05”4.1” – 4.45”
103.45”3.5” – 3.8”3.9” – 4.2”4.3” – 4.55”
113.55”3.6” – 3.95”4.0” – 4.3”4.4” – 4.7”
123.7”3.7” – 4.05”4.1” – 4.45”4.5” – 4.8”

FAQ about Does Hey Dude Make Wide Shoes

Are there different widths of Hey Dudes?

Some styles of Hey Dude footwear do come in a wide width. For instance, the sneaker brand Hey Dude Wally Sox releases numerous versions. You can find “wide fit” descriptions for both the Hey Dude Wally Sox Tri-Tone Shoes as well as the Hey Dude Wally Sox Stretch Shoes.

What qualifies as a wide foot?

If your feet feel boxed in when you put on shoes, you likely have wide feet. You’ll know for sure once you have your foot measured. Wide feet (C/D) are those with a foot width of at least 4 1/16″ in a size 9 shoe or 3 3/16″ in size 7.

Should I Wear Wide Shoes?

Shoes designed for wider feet are preferable for those with wider feet. It’s not a good idea to buy wide-width footwear for a regular foot only because you find the shoe’s design too constricted.

our verdict on Does Hey Dude Make Wide Shoes

In short, if you have wide feet, you can safely choose Hey Dude shoes. The fact that Hey Dude sneakers come with a roomy toe box is just one more reason why you’ll adore them. That being said, Hey Dude is the way to go if you prefer a looser fit. Good luck!

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