Does Cole Haan Make Wide Shoes – YES! [ sizing guide]

YES! Cole Haan makes wide shoes. Normally men’s and women’s oxfords, loafers, and sneakers are available in width with shop sizes 11, 12, and 13. 

If you have naturally wide feet or swollen feet, or any kind of foot condition like bunions, ingrown toenails, calluses, and hammertoes, then wearing extra wide shoes can just save your life from pain.

But, it is tough to find extra wide-size shoes in the market. Normally, the fanbase of extra wide shoes is not that great in number. That is why many companies do not make wide shoes at all. 

Does Cole Haan Make Wide Shoes
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does cole haan run big or small

Yes, Cole Haan’s shoes are true to size when it comes to sneakers. You don’t need to worry about the size when you are going to buy sneakers. Just follow the size chart given below in this content and get your favorite pair of shoes. But, many reviewers claim that Cole Haan shoes are not true to size for all types of shoes.

For instance, many users reviewed that loafers are larger than their size. Then again, not all types of shoes are larger or narrower than their sizes. Whether the shoes are true to their size or not completely depends on their materials and types of shoes. 

Cole Haan dress shoes run a half size larger than their actual size, so you can just order half size smaller than your foot size.

That is why we always recommend buying shoes from their outlet when you are physically available. If you order your shoes online, then you should get yourself prepared to exchange them.

Once you buy a pair of shoes, then you can get the measurement of your Cole Haan shoes appropriately, and then you can order online and can get the perfect size of your shoes. 

Does Cole Haan Make Wide Shoes or narrow?

According to the customer’s report, many Cole Haan Shoes run narrow. The very probable reason can be the company’s last. Maybe their last is narrow, which is why the shoes they make also run narrow. So, Cole Haan shoes are not always the best option for customers who want wide shoes. 

But some Cole Haan shoes offer a great variety of extra wide-size shoes. So, if you are a real fan of Cole Haan shoes, there is no reason to worry. You can still get a pair of your desired shoes. 

Do All Cole Haans Fit The Same?

No, not all of the Cole Haan shoes fit the same. The shoes will fit the same depending on their measurement and specific style. According to the customers’ review, Cole Haan shoes seem too narrow when you wear them on the first day. But at the end of the day, it loosens up significantly. So, even if your shoes seem a little bit narrow, do not worry; wear them and give them time to loosen up.

Cole Haan shoes for women run large. Sneakers are true to size both for men and women. 

Loafer and dress shoes run large, and running shoes run narrow. Therefore, all Cole Haan Shoes do not fit the same. You need to sort out how the Cole Haan shoe size chart differs from your feet size and then just order a bit large or narrow size.  

Do Cole Haan Sneakers Run Big Or Small?

As we have already discussed, Cole Haan sneakers are true to their size. They do not run bigger or smaller than their size chart. If you just follow the given chart of Cole Haan wide shoe size chart, then you can get your desired extra wide sneakers. 

For your ease, here we added some great extra wide-size sneakers from Cole Haan

Name of the ShoesOverview
Men’s GrandPrø Rally Laser Cut SneakerI. Rubberized EVA outsole
ii. Ultimate breathability
iii. Ortholite foam for comfortable footbeds.
Men’s GrandPrø Topspin SneakerI. lightweight leather
Ii. plush heel padding
Iii. added traction
Women’s GrandPrø Rally Court SneakerI. details are crafted by hand-sewing
Ii. Ortholite foaming
Iii. Lightweight EVA Cap-sole
Women’s GrandPrø Tennis SneakerI. EVA outsole
Ii. simple tonal stitching
Iii. pure leather upper
Men’s GrandPrø Rally Laser Cut SneakerI. ultimate breathability
Ii. lightweight EVA outsole
Iii. Ortholite foaming

Cole Haan Wide shoe Size Guide – cole haan size chart

It is a hassle to find out the size chart and get to know what size will fit you. So, for your comfort, we added here men’s shoe size and width guide:

CMUS SizeRegular width (M or D)Wide width (W or EE)

And here is the women’s shoe size and width size,

CMUS sizeRegular width (M or D)Wide width (W or EE)

how do cole haan shoes fit & comfortable?

If you are a fan of stylistic and comfortable shoes, then Cole Haan your one of the top priorities. Cole Haan ensures comfort within their shoes.

So, they are undoubtedly comfortable. But new shoes can make you feel uncomfortable. They seem too narrow to fit in, even though you bought the perfect size. 

Don’t worry. We are here with your solutions, 

  • Wear lighter dress socks with synthetic fiber; they can reduce the fit problem for the first few days.
  • Do not try to stretch the shoes on your own with some wooden pilar. That can ruin your shoe size permanently. Rather go to a professional, they have the right tool, and they will stretch it for you. 
  • If the shoes are too narrow to wear, fold the shoes up and down repeatedly. This folding can break in the outsole of your shoe and can make it a bit more comfortable for you. 
  • Break-in period takes time, depending on the shoe’s outsole. Do not soak them to make the process faster; then, you may even have to face a real problem. Just take your time; wear them regularly. They will fit in perfectly. 

FAQ about Does Cole Haan Make Wide Shoes

How Does Cole Haan Measure Shoe Size?

Cole Haan determines its shoe sizes based on foot length and width. Here is the process:

  1. They ask the customers to stand on a level surface and tells them to place their heels against a wall.
  2. Then, they use a tape measure in order to determine the length of the customer’s foot, starting from the heel and ending at the end of the biggest toe.
  3. Then, they find out the width of the widest point of the foot.
  4. And finally, they consult with Cole Haan’s size chart and find the perfect shoe for the perfect fitting. Which provides you with the best size for your feet. 

What is D, E, and EE width in Cole Haan?

In Cole Haan Size guide, D or M means Medium size. E refers to Medium plus, and EE or W means wide. So you can just understand the shoe size by their letter code. 

Will Cole Haan’s leather shoes stretch?

Yes, Cole Haan’s leather shoes will stretch. So, even if it may seem slightly narrower, they will stretch later. That means you must need to keep this in your mind while buying a Cole Haan Shoe. 

Our verdict on Does Cole Haan Make Wide Shoes

Cole Haan shoes’ quality and comfort can convince you easily to become a fan of them. And, yes. Cole Haan shoes offer a variety of wide shoe collections. You can buy a pair of wide shoes from Cole Haan.  

But when it comes to size for loafers and dress shoes, they are not always true to size. So, you should sort out if you need a half size up or down.

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