Does Keen Make Wide Shoes – YES! [keen size guide/chart]

Yes! Keen makes wide shoes. The Keen footwear brand offers you various wide shoes like hike, casual, and worksite wear. For women the available width is B, and for men, it is D. Keen shoes and boots are available in widths up to E (the largest size). 

If you have enormous feet you might search for comfortable wide shoes. Also, certain health conditions can also expand our feet. And, for swollen feet, a normal pair of shoes can be real torture. But, we all know that it is not easy to find wide shoes in the market. 

You can stay rest assured if you are a fan of Keen shoes. They do make wide shoes. luckily, Keen is a very good brand for wide shoes.

Do Keen Shoes Run Wide or Narrow?

Keen offers standard, regular medium-width, and wide shoes, and Keen shoes do not run narrow. Keen shoes ensure your comfort by providing enough room and breathability. 

From many other shoe brands, Keen is a little bit different. Keen is called the peasants’ shoe brand. Wondering, why?

From the very beginning, Keen is producing shoes for normal people, who have to work outside or in adverse places all day long. Continuous work can cause swollen or expanded feet. For that reason, Keen makes wide shoes and that’s why people called Keen the peasant’ shoes. 

Is Keen Good For Wide-Fit People?

Yes, Keen is undoubtedly good for wide-fit people. Here’s why:

  1. The keen wide shoe gives your feet enough space to breathe. Your feet will not get sweaty even if you wear them all day long, and that can prevent the fear of fungal infection.
  2. Wide shoes provide you with extra space for the insole. Many of us think that flat shoes are good for our feet but it is far from the truth. Flat shoes can cause collapsed arches. So it is better if you add an insole before wearing them. 
  3. Keen wide shoes help to prevent bunions. Though many foot experts believe that bunions are hereditary, still wearing too tight or narrow shoes can lead you towards bunions. So, Keen wide shoes are the safest option here. 
  4. You can avoid corn and blisters by wearing keen wide-fit shoes.  

How Do Keen Shoes Fit? Are They True To Size?

Keen has acquired a huge reputation not only for its quality and comfort but also for its great fit. But, if they are true to size or not, it is not 100% guaranteed. Most of the keen shoes are true to their size. It depends on the type of shoes.

Suppose you normally wear sneakers, which usually run bigger than boots. So, if you want to buy boots, you should buy a size down than the sneakers. Then again, if you wear normal dress shoes or work shoes, you can buy the same size boots. 

According to the user’s review, men’s shoes and boots are true to their size, but very few users complained about the fitting as Keen shoes have a wide toe box. It is very rare to hear any complaints about small fittings. 

keen wide shoes Size Guide/chart

Let’s go through the men’s and women’s size charts for a better understanding, 

Men’s Size chart 


Women’s size chart


Do Keens Have a Wide Toe Box?

Yes! Keens have a generous wide toe box and ensure your comfort and breathability. You can naturally splay your toe. The wide-toe box feature of Keen shoes keeps your feet healthy and blister-free. It does not allow you to tire off your feet from the shoes. 

KEEN Utility Men’s Flint 2 is a great example of a wide-toe box. These shoes are super comfy and provide enough inner room to breathe. It is also an electrical hazard-rated shoe. 

Do Keens Make Wide Hiking Shoes?

Yes! Keens make wide hiking shoes. Wide-fit shoes are great to accompany in hiking; Keen knows the fact. Let’s check some incredible shoes that work well for hiking,

Name of the shoesGreat Features
KEEN Men’s Targhee 3 Low Height WaterproofI. waterproof shoes
Ii. provide a high-traction grip on rocky surfaces and muddy environments.
Iii. Low profile upper ensures comfort and a padded tongue secures the well-fit. 
KEEN Men’s Targhee 2 Mid-Height WaterproofI. waterproof shoes
Ii. high traction grip in all environments.
Iii. Low profile upper ensures comfort and a padded tongue secures the well-fi.
KEEN Men’s Targhee 3 Oxford Casual Hiking ShoeI. anti-odor shoes
Ii. super high grip on the craggy surface
Iii. great sustainability
KEEN Women’s Targhee 3 Mid-Height Waterproof Hiking BootI. specialized for superior traction.
Ii. made with women-specific foot form.
Iii. the cushioned collar prevents irritation and discomfort around the ankle

Additional Tips For Buying Wide Keen Shoes 

We all face problems while buying a new pair of shoes with the fitting issue. Regarding this issue, Keen has a special suggestion to buy the best product you want to get. Let’s see,

  1. Always keep socks and try your new shoes with socks to see if they are okay.
  2. If you can, then bring the old pair of shoes with you. Salesmen can suggest which shoes will fit you best based on these old shoes. 
  3. Buy shoes after your daily work or at the end of the day. Because the whole day’s work expands your feet a bit. 
  4. Put on more shoes to check and see which one fits you properly.
  5. Never forget to confirm the return policy. 

What things should you consider before buying shoes online?

Here are some tips for buying shoes online,

  • Confirm the shoe size by measuring your feet perfectly. Follow the article to get the perfect size for your shoes. 
  • Measure the width of your feet and must mention it while buying shoes.
  • Don’t forget to check the customers’ reviews. 
  • You can order multiple shoes to check which one fits you correctly and return the rest.
  • Check the return policy. 

FAQ about Does Keen Make Wide Shoes

What is the difference between D, E, and EE in Keen boots?

In Keen boots, D stands for standard size, while E stands for wide. EE refers to the extra wide size. E is ¼  inches bigger than the standard size, and EE is ¼ inches bigger than the wide size.

Can I Wear Wide-Fit Shoes With Standard Feet?

Yes. you can wear wide-fit shoes even if you have a standard-size foot. Wide-fit shoes provide your feet with enough space to breathe and splay. If you are a newcomer to wide-fit shoes, it may take time to get comfortable with you. But, once you are comfortable with wide-fit shoes, it is a healthy habit for your feet. 

Is It Okay If My Shoes Are a Little Tight?

It depends on the shoe’s material. If the material loosens up after somedays use, then it is okay, even if it seems a little tight when you first try them. They will stretch and will be a little bit wider over time. But if the shoe’s material is not stretchable, then you should try to avoid buying tight shoes. 

Our verdict on Does Keen Make Wide Shoes

Keen makes a variety of different kinds of shoes. Most of the shoes offer wide sizes. Keen shoes are comfortable and well-fitted for your huge toes, so there is no doubt that you can rely on Keen shoes. They are enough comfortable to accompany you on hiking and also during stressful weekdays. 

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