does born make wide shoes? – YES! [born shoes Guide/Chart]

Yes! Born makes wide shoes. Even Born is one of the best shoe brands comfortable for wide feet. The largest size of Born men and women are respectively 14 and 12. Born shoes offer pretty much room for your toes.

Once you are comfortable with wide shoes, narrow shoes can feel suffocating. Wide shoes also can be a life savior if you have feet issues like bunions or ingrown toenails. In this case, Born wide shoes can be a great help as they have wide toe boxes and handcrafted construction for enriched comfort. 

In this article, we discussed Born Shoes’ width, width size guide, how to know if you need wide shoes, and much more to banish all your concern regarding wide Born shoes. So, let’s go through the article and explore why Born shoes can be your partner on the go.

Do Born Shoes Run Narrow or Wide? Are They True To Size?

According to Born, most of the shoes run true to size. But, as per the customers’ review, Born shoes run wide in some cases but not narrow.

Still, depending on the shoes’ design and types, it may vary. For example, boots and loafers run almost a half size bigger on the other hand most types of shoes like dress shoes and sneakers are true to their sizes. 

Many customers reviewed that, shoes become wider over time while there is no complaint of narrow shoes. So, even if any shoes seem narrow to your feet you can still buy them as they will widen after some usage. 

Does Born Have A Wide Toe Box?

Yes. Born shoes do have a wide toe box. That makes the shoes so comfortable to wear. Born shoes’ wide toe box ensures the most wanted breathability which prevents the fungal attack on your feet. 

Naturalizer Women’s Talissa can be the perfect example of a pair of shoes that have a wide toe box. A wide toe box and an innovative cushioning system ensure the all-day comfort experience. It is one of the great shoes you may try on to make your go easier.

What Are Some Great Wide Shoes Of Born?

Let’s explore some great wide Born shoes and their features

Name of the ShoesKey Features
BORN – Womens – Sebra100% synthetic rubber soleRubber outsole
Naturalizer Women’s Flexy Ballet Flat60% fabric, 40% textile synthetic soleN5 comfort system
BORN Men’s, Brody BootHandcrafted construction rubber soleRemovable soft fabric suede-covered footbed with extra foam for all-day comfort

How Do You Know If You Need Wide Shoes? 

Measuring your feet can tell for sure, whether you need wide shoes or not. Then, let’s see what to do to know if you need wide shoes or not.

  • Measure your feet at night. A stressful day expands your feet. So, if you measure your feet at night you’ll get the best accuracy. 
  • If you normally wear thick socks then put them on and then get a pen, paper, and a measuring stick. 
  • Set the paper on a flat floor. 
  • Stand on the paper and trace your booth feet’s outline. For some people, one foot can be a half size bigger than the other. So, it is important to measure both feet. 
  • Now, take the outline and take note of the measurement of your feet’s broadest part. It is the width of your feet. And, the length is from the longest toe down to the end of the heel.
  • Now, cross-check your measurement with the size chart to know whether you need wide-fit shoes or just a pair of shoes with a wide-toe box will do the job. For your ease, we added a shoe width chart for men and women in the following section. 

wide width born shoe Chart

Let’s cross-check your measurement with the chart to know which width will fit you perfectly.

Men’s born shoes wide width size chart

SizeA (Narrow)B (Medium)E/W (Wide)
53.2”3.3” – 3.4”3.5” – 3.6”
63.3”3.4” – 3.5”3.6” – 3.7”
73.4”3.5” – 3.6”3.7” – 3.8”
83.5”3.6” – 3.8”3.9”
93.6”3.7” – 3.9”4.0” – 4.1”
103.8”3.9” – 4.0”4.1” – 4.2” 
113.9”4.0” – 4.1”4.2” – 4.3”
124.0”4.1” – 4.3”4.3” – 4.4”

Women’s born shoes wide width size chart

SizeA (Narrow)B (Medium) E/W (Wide)EE (Extra Wide)
52.8”2.9” – 3.2”3.3” – 3.55”3.6” – 3.95”
62.95”2.3” – 3.3”3.4” – 3.7”3.8” – 4.05”
73.05”3.1” – 3.45”3.5” – 3.8”3.9” – 4.2”
83.2”3.3” – 3.55”3.6” – 3.95”4.0” – 4.3”
93.3”3.4” – 3.7”3.8” – 4.05”4.1” – 4.45”
103.45”3.5” – 3.8”3.9” – 4.2”4.3” – 4.55”
113.55”3.6” – 3.95”4.0” – 4.3”4.4” – 4.7”
123.7”3.7” – 4.05”4.1” – 4.45”4.5” – 4.8”

FAQ about does born make wide shoes

Is Born Wider Than BOC?

BOC shoe brand is just a subdivision of Born shoes. Their basic difference is in its style. BOC focuses on more stylish and trendy shoes while Born maintains tradition in its boots. Both brands run standard and wide shoes. Born doesn’t run wider than BOC as both brands follow the same last.

Are Wide Shoes Good For Feet?

Yes. Wide shoes are healthy for your feet. It prevents your feet from blisters and uneasiness. When you are wearing wide shoes, you can move your feet freely inside the spacious shoes. It let your feet breathe and feel comfortable. 

How Can I Make My Narrow Shoes Wider?

Whether your shoes will be widened or not depends on the shoes’ materials. If the material is leather then it will loosen up after some use. Regular use can make your narrow shoes wider. If the shoes are too narrow to wear, fold the shoes up and down repeatedly.

This folding can break in the outsole of your shoe and can make it a bit more comfortable for you. 

our verdict on does born make wide shoes

Born shoes are great for wide feet. And they naturally run a bit wider from the beginning. As Born shoes have a generous toe box too, it is definitely going to win your heart. So, if you are a wide-fit lover, just go for Born.

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