Do Crocs Run Large or Small? (Crocs Sizing Guide)

Buying a pair of Crocs online can be frustrating. You never know if you’re getting the right or not. Even though it seems a bit complicated, once you get the hang of it, you’ll know which one to buy. do crocs run big or small?

It depends on what type of fit and model you’re getting. If you go for Crocs that are designed for professionals, it’ll run smaller. But go for their roomiest fit and you’ll see the clogs run bigger. The extra space in comfortable fits creates the misconception of running bigger or smaller.

As you can see I’ve pretty much jam-packed all the information into this one paragraph. I wanted to make sure you don’t go away without knowing what you came for.

** Crocs has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

do crocs run big or true to size

crocs size up or down for half size

You can find right-sized shoes without sizing up or down. If you’re getting ordinary models like the Crocs Classic, know that they’re true to size. At the end of the day, it depends on what purpose you’re buying the shoes for.

I’ll be talking about a few different models in the next segment. After you go through those, you’ll know everything there is to it.

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are crocs true to size?

Crocs neither run big nor small. For most models, Crocs remain true to size. Crocs have a variety of models, each designed for individual purposes. Depending on the usage, the size and fit will change a little.

It makes sense if you think about it. When you’re at home, chances are you don’t want your shoes holding onto your feet without leaving any gap. You’d want some airflow in there. Most people would appreciate a little room for comfort.

However, that changes when you’re in a professional environment. For instance, nurses and doctors have to move around in hospitals all the time. As they work for long hours, they want something comfortable as long as it doesn’t restrict their maneuverability. 

Here’s a more in-depth analysis of the different models-

1. Crocs Classic Clog

The Crocs Classic Clog is one of the most popular designs out there. The shoes run true to size, are comfortable to wear, and look great. These might be what you’re looking for in those comfy leisure walks inside the house.

2. Crocs Bistro Clog

The Crocs Bistro Clog runs somewhat bigger than the Classic Clog. Unlike the Classic, there aren’t any holes for ventilation. If you have a hard time finding shoes for your wide feet, this is the one you should go for. Crocs didn’t name it their roomiest shoes for no reason.

3. Crocs Crocsband Clog

The Crocs Crocsband Clog with its colorful stripes gives off a youthful and sporty vibe. Needless to say, the sporty pair of clogs don’t have a lot of room inside. Make sure to get a bigger size especially if you have wide feet.

4. Crocs Slipper

You could say the Crocs Slipper is the love child of the Classic and Crossband. The true-to-size slippers are great for walking around inside the house. On top of that, it has a fuzzy lining for providing extra warmth. If I had to choose between the Crocs Classic and Crocs Slipper, I suppose I’d go with the Slipper for its added comfort.

5. Crocs On The Clock Shoe

These shoes were designed for people who are always on the clock like nurses and food prep people. Instead of a roomy fit, these focus on a tight and secure fit, providing maximum mobility.

How to Choose Crocs Size?

When choosing Crocs shoe size, you need to take a different approach. In the case of most footwear brands, you measure your feet and get a pair of shoes according to that. You’ll do the same for Crocs and something extra. Along with your foot size, you need to figure out how each type of Crocs differs in size.

I don’t think I need to elaborate anymore. You should get a pretty good idea from the previous segment. Nevertheless, let me point it out for you-

  • Measure your feet and find out your size.
  • Choose which model you want to buy.
  • Check whether that specific run big or small.
  • If it was made for comfort, chances are it’ll run somewhat bigger.
  • Crocs focusing on secure fit are more likely to run smaller.
  • Finally, cross-check the size and buy them.

Do Crocs Run Big for Toddlers?

When it comes to toddlers, Crocs tend to run a little bigger. Kids grow right before your eyes. Needless to say, their feet grow too. That’s why kids’ Crocs are bigger than the regular size. This way they don’t grow out of their shoes. 

That said, it’s better if you stick to a smaller size. But remember you might have to settle for another pair after a few months as your kid’s feet will grow faster than you can imagine.

How Do Crocs Fit?

Crocs divided their fits into 3 types, Roomy, Relaxed, and Standard. First, figure out what you plan to do with the shoes. Once you figure that out, finding the right fit is a piece of cake-

Roomy Fit

One thing you can say for sure is that there wasn’t any shortage of generosity when Zappos designed the Roomy fit Crocs. There’s enough space in all directions. No matter how wide your feet are, they won’t touch the sides. While there are straps on some models, a lot of them don’t.

These are perfect for spending leisure time on weekends. The soft and warm cushioning keeps your feet at ease.

Relaxed Fit

The Relaxed fit doesn’t have as much room as the Roomy fit. But it should provide a tighter fit. Then again, you’ll be relaxed. So, don’t worry about toes touching the top of the Crocs as there’s enough wiggle room.

Similar to the roomy fit, some models come with straps and others don’t. Regardless of that, you’d have no problem walking in them or doing household chores.

Standard Fit

Standard fit Crocs offer the least room inside. But don’t get the wrong idea, these are in no way uncomfortable. They’ll hug your feet from all directions, ensuring you have maximum mobility.

This type of fit is perfect for people who need to move around a lot. That’s why it’s widely popular with healthcare professionals and food prep people.

Do Crocs Stretch?

Every pair of shoes will have a break-in period. After that time, it’s only natural that the shoes stretch out a little bit. That’s not any different for Crocs. However, it’s not something you can notice that much.

You’ll feel that the shoes have shaped more like your feet but there won’t be any drastic change. Unless you boil them in hot water or keep them under the sun for 3-4 hours, chances are they won’t stretch that much.

And even if they do stretch you can always bring them back to their original shape. However, if somehow the shoes run smaller, there are ways you can stretch them out a few millimeters.

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How True to Size Are Crocs?

Standard fit Crocs are true-to-size. They offer the snuggest fit of all the fittings. Nevertheless, you’ll still have wiggle room for your feet. In any case, your toes won’t touch the front part. These true-to-size shoes are perfect for professionals who want to stay comfortable while working.

However, that’s not the same for other Crocs clogs and slippers. Their Roomy fit isn’t true-to-size. Turns out, it runs a little bigger. The Relaxed fit doesn’t have that much space inside. But it’s still roomier than the Standard fit.

What Size Is 8.5 in Crocs?

The US 8.5 size for men is the same as 42 of the UK size chart. When measured in inches, it gets up to 10.25 inches. And when it’s in centimeters, it’s 25.9 cm.

What Size Is A 9 in Crocs?

For women, US size 9 is equivalent to UK size 7. On the other hand, for EU sizes, it’s 39-40.  In terms of measurement, it reaches 10 inches or 255 millimeters. 

What Size Is W7 in Crocs?

W7 is Crocs’s own billing size for women. It’s the same as men’s M5 size. In EU size, it’s 37-38. And when it comes to measurements, it’s 23 centimeters or 9.37 inches.

Our verdict on Do Crocs Run Large or Small

Do Crocs run big? Well, you know it better than me now. I’ve always seen people having trouble buying Crocs online. While they match the model, they can’t match the fit or vice-versa.

Now that I’ve explained everything, it should be clear as day to you. Nevertheless, tell me about your experience with buying Crocs online. How many times did you get the wrong-sized Crocs?

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