do white crocs get dirty or turn yellow? (Explained!)

Crocs is a famous brand around the world because of their great footwear. There is not a single style that you won’t be able to rock with Crocs. Anyone who will wear Crocs once will have to be stuck with it for a lifetime.

Crocs come in various colors and styles. I can see, so many people have a common question, do white crocs get dirty?

Yes, white Crocs get dirty easily and so often. But if you clean them properly regularly, they will come back to their white and true form again.

Do white crocs get dirty after age & use

Do white Crocs get dirty after age and use?

Yes, generally, white Crocs get dirty so often. And after getting dirty, they get discolored quickly and become brown and yellow. But the dirtiness entirely depends on your way of use.

If you overuse your white Crocs or wear them on the dirt surface all day long, then not only white Crocs but any white footwear will indeed become dirty.

There is some specific reason behind the white Crocs getting dirty. So let me tell you the reasons in detail for your clear understanding of this matter.

  • One of the main reasons White Crocs getting dirty easily is because of their color. White is unlike the other colors. It (white) is a pure and bright color, so any unpleasant thing or dirt becomes highlighted on this color and makes it dirty quickly.
  • How quickly your favorite white Crocs become dirty is mostly depends on the kind of surface, floor, or ground you wear the shoes on. However, the fact I’ve experienced by wearing my white Crocs is that these shoes become dirty, especially on the lower or bottom portion and the sides. But if you expect that normally wiping your shoes with a cotton cloth will help you remove the dirt, you are expecting an unreal thing.

Notwithstanding, the Crocs are developed by using foam materials which has closed-cell.So there is a great possibility to get them (white Crocs) back in their true white color by washing or cleaning them with care.

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do white crocs turn yellow?

Generally, the white color is susceptible compared with any other color. This is because they get dirt and turn yellow or brown easily. But the matter of turning yellow depends on you. If you overuse them on the dirty ground, there is a great possibility of quickly turning yellow.

White Crocs can turn yellow for different reasons. Now I will tell you the reason. So let’s see:

  • The main reason the white Crocs turn yellow is because of the color of the Crocs itself. White color is shining, bright, and pure, so any strains or dirts become highlighted and turn the color yellow from white.
  • White Crocs become yellow most of the time because of the strain, dirt, excessive sweat, and air. However, if your maintenance is not good or you don’t clean them well, then your Crocs will undoubtedly turn yellow soon. Also, if you overuse them, then this can happen.
  • “Oxidization” is also a great and common cause. When air change frequently, it can change the color of your white Crocs also.And some unpleasant natural issues can also do it.
  • Sometimes we use the wrong shops, detergent or another cleaner, this can be because of less knowledge about detergent, or it maybe for saving money. Although these cleaners may be able to clean your shoes quickly, they will ruin the color of your shoes.
  • And excessive sunlight can also cause this incident.

are white crocs easy to clean? 4 step to keep white Crocs clean

As I told you before, white Crocs are super sensitive. They get dirty easily. But there is nothing to worry about! If you clean them properly, they will back to their real form again. So if you wear your white Crocs very often, remember to clean them regularly. Actually, keeping Crocs neat and clean is not a very difficult task to perform.

Well, I need to tell you that washing Crocs with a washing machine is a bad idea, I don’t recommend it.

So I will tell you about the handwashing process. Here I will detail the cleaning procedures so that you can clean your white Crocs easily; let’s see:

Ingredients that  need for cleaning:

  • Plain water or lukewarm water
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Mild soap
  • A soft brush or a piece of cotton cloth

Process of cleaning step by step:

  • Step 1:

First, use regular water before diving into the deep cleaning process,  and rinse your Crocs with the water. I generally use plain water to do this; you can use some lukewarm water (not hot) if you want. And rinse by scrubbing them with a cotton cloth. The extra dirt of your Crocs will be removed in this way, and the cleaning process will be easy.

  • Step 2:

Take some plain water in a bucket or a bowl and mix a mild liquid soap with it. You can take some lukewarm water for a better cleaning because warm water can break down the dirt particles easily without causing any harm to the shoes. In this case, I used to use a very mild soap like Woolite.

If you want, you can use some other but remember to prepare the mixture very well. And if you see that your Crocs are too dirty, then put some bleach into the mixture for better results.

  • Step 3:

After preparing the soapy water, let your Crocs soak for at least one hour in the bowl or bucket. After the time is up, start scrubbing with a soft brush or a piece of cotton cloth. And keep scrubbing until the stains and dirt get off.

  • Step 4:

Now it’s time to rinse the crocs with regular/plain or cool water. After rinsing perfectly, hang them inside a cool place and let them air-dry overnight. Don’t try to dry your shoes in the sunlight or heat, because it can ruin your Crocs.

do crocs stain? How do I stop my Crocs from smelling?

Crocs are designed with a type of foam material, which is anti-odor. But that doesn’t make sense that they will always stay fresh. But it also doesn’t make sense that once they become smelly, you will just throw them. Because there are so many ways by which you can get the smell out of your Crocs.

Now I will tell you a great deodorizing procedure for making your shoes almost new and fresh again. So let’s see:

Ingredients needed:

  • Plain or lukewarm water
  • A bucket or bowl
  • A soft brush or a piece of cotton cloth
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar (white)


  • Step 1:

Take some plain or lukewarm water in a bucket. Mix some mild liquid soap with the water using your hands and make perfect soapy water.

  • Step 2:

Put the Crocs into that soapy water. Then take a soft brush or a piece of cotton cloth, dip it in the mixture, start scrubbing the inside and outside of the shoes, and keep scrubbing until the dirt gets off.

  • Step 3:

After being satisfied with your scrubbing process, rinse the Crocs with plain water very well. Now let them air dry, or you can use a towel for drying.

  • Step 4:

For extreme odors, mix some baking soda with the water, or you can simply spread the soda in your shoes, let it be for 2-3 hours. Then rinse them with clean and plain water thoroughly.

Or take the baking soda in a plastic bag, put your shoes on the bag. After that, keep it in the freezer and let it be overnight. Then, the next morning, just shake it out. Are odors still there? Put some newspaper into the Crocs, and let them absorb the remaining odor.

  • Step 5:

At last, mix some white vinegar with some lukewarm or plain water and spray the mixture all over the shoes (inside and outside). After that, let the shoe air dry. It will remove 99% of germs and the tribal smell from your shoes.

Our verdict on do white crocs get dirty or turn yellow

Again I want to answer the main question, do white crocs stain easily? And I also told it already that they get dirty so often. Even any white shoes get dirty quickly.

But Crocs can come back to their true form by cleaning properly (not every white shoe from different brands). So remember to clean your Crocs regularly with care. And if you take care of your shoes now, they will take care of your health in the future! And to know more about crocs, don’t forget to visit our site regularly!

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