How to Shrink Crocs? (Using dryer, warm water & sun)

Crocs are famous trendy footwear globally for their unique design, quasi temperance, and obviously, here are some reasons behind this. It was initially built for boating. But later, it became fashionable and attractive to everyone including males and females of every age.

However, wearing it will give you comfort when it fits snugly on your feet. But if for some reason, it gets a little small or big for your feet, there is no need to worry. Because in this article, I will give you three tips so that the crooks can wrap your legs nicely and give you comfort while moving.

As crocs are made of Croslite, which is soft and stretchable, it is possible to compress them with heat. So you can shrink it with heat to make it wearable. I also got magical results by following this technique.

Should your size be up and down in crocs?

Before buying any footwear, you must know its size and also the size of your feet. But where to use the footwear is also essential.

First, of course, you should buy a pair of crocs according to the right size of your feet. As I said at the outset, whether or not you get comfortable wearing crocs will depend on how well your legs wrap with it.

There are footwear-sized tables across the country. However, there is a standard chart in the matter of crocs that you can follow to buy crocs from online and offline shops. Moreover, you can choose the size by wearing the shoe in the following way.

  • First, you need to take the sandal and carefully place the foot inside it with the ankle
  • The crocs are stretchable, so if necessary, the legs should be well moved around up and down, before and after wearing this.
  • Make sure the toes do not stick to the head of the footwear

If you are fashion conscious, then you can give the versatile shoe a part of the dressing. The classic crocs are perfect to fit. It grips your ankles well and makes them comfortable both for males and females. Yet, doctors said that it is better not to wear this footwear for a long time. Fake crocs are available in the market nowadays. So keep a look at the logo and try to buy authentic crocs sandals.

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Is it possible to shrink crocs?

Yeah! Of course! It is possible to shrink the crocs unless it becomes too big for your feet. It has been observed many times that it also stretched out as a result of extended use. As I said, crocs are made with Croslite, which is soft, stretchable, and lightweight material.

It can be affected and expanded by heat. If you have a dryer or stove, you can do this easily. Even if you don’t live in a cold country, you can shrink crocs with the help of the sun’s heat. But keep attention; you can’t shrink it too much.

Step by step guide on how to shrink crocs with a dryer

This is the way you can shrink up your crocs with the help of a dryer

Necessary materials:

Dryer and two wet towels

  • Step One: Insert the shoe into the dryer with two towels. The wet towel here will keep your crocs wet because it is necessary.
  • Step Two: Now, set the time for about 10-15 minutes in the timer and go for medium to lower heat, and start to run your dryer circle.
  • Step Three:  you should stand by the side of the dryer and observe the whole process until the action is over. Then, if necessary, check the dryer every 4-5 minutes.
  • Step Four: After checking the dryer, if you find that the crocs become too hot, take them out and let them cool; otherwise, the shoe material may be damaged.
  • Step Five: As soon as you wear it after cooling, you will observe that the shoes are wrapped around your feet very snugly. Then you feel your comfort again.

How to shrink crocs with warm water

Necessary materials:

A pot, some water, and a stove

  • 1st step: Take the pot with water and set it up on the fire. Then boil the water for some time but make sure it is not too hot.
  • 2nd step: Now, you can put your crocs inside the pot of water, but the stove cannot be turned off, and the heat must be kept medium to low for about 10 minutes.
  • Last step: After a while, you can take it off the stove and check if it is adjusting with your feet. As long as it is not happening, keep boiling the shoes in water like this. But don’t damage the shape.

How to shrink crocs with the help of the sun

If you don’t have to shrink your shoes too much, you can follow the steps below

  • First Step: When the sun gives off intense heat, keep your crocs under the heat for about 30 minutes.
  • Last Step: Then cool away from the sun and take a look at the magical result. I think this is the most effective way.

Do crocs stretch after wearing?

Yes! Crocs stretch after wearing. It will feel a little bit tight when you wear new crocs. However, after wearing them, the shoes will gradually become loose if you walk for a while. It’s not a matter of enormous tension; footwear and every intact wearing products feel tight on the first trial.

Day but day, it will be slack and stretched. Crocs are not an exception. But it depends on your using system. If you take your crocs for rough use, you will get the result very early after your first trial because if the crocs get pressured, they will slack quickly. But crocs can also be stretched a lot as the materials of the crocs are unstable in the heat.

If it is any crocs sandals with skinny straps, you can hold it until it stretches. In that case, you can try the footwear with socks.

Do crocs shrink in the heat?

As I said before, crocs are made of soft materials such as Croslite, which is closed-cell resin, and it is like foam so that it can be stretched and also hastened by heat. In the summer or hot weather, crocs, you will notice that your shoe is slightly extended.

If you notice the methods mentioned above, you will understand that everything is accelerated by heat. If you left the crocs in the hot weather, it could shrink a little in hot air. If the heat is given beyond tolerance, it may burn, or the shoe sole may be damaged.

Can Crocs be stretched?

Crocs can be stretched in many ways. The strap of the crocs and arch arena will feel a little tight when you wear the shoes. Then you will wear footwear with socks. After a few days of use, the shoes will stretch, and the strap will get broader.

Indeed, a tight one is not good for your foot. You can also stretch the shoe before wearing it. After that, you will feel relaxed to move.

Our verdict on How to Shrink Crocs

I hope this article can make you clear about the famous crocs shoe to shrink crocs for suitable fittings. If you have purchased the original crocs, then follow the steps above and enjoy impeccable results.

Crocs are fantastic footwear and also a favorite for children for their non-slippery and waterproof quality. So, why throw away your crocs when you know how to make them usable again? Go now and enjoy the movement by applying the steps.

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