Are Crocs Edible? (Interesting Facts about crocs)

Crocs are edible as the primary material Croslite is made entirely from organic materials. But then again, the taste is going to be horrible and you’ll have a hard time digesting it. While you won’t face long-term side effects, you might have to deal with a bloated feeling and gas.

Well, there you have it. But the story doesn’t end there. If you want to know more about everything about are Crocs edible or not, don’t go anywhere-

Are Crocs Edible

what are crocs made of?

Back when Crocs were first introduced, they used materials such as plastic and foam. The foam was there to provide the cushioning and rubber for holding the shape. But that was a long time ago. Now, Crocs only uses pure organic material.

It’s their unique material called Croslite, which is neither rubber nor plastic. Croslite is an organic resin material that provides ideal cushioning. Being organic, the material is entirely non-toxic. On top of that, it’s got antibacterial properties.

But that’s not all. Apart from Croslite, these also have polymers made from crude oil. Needless to say, it’s also organic material. The Croslite provides the ideal base while the polymer ensures soft cushioning.

However, keep in mind that Crocs aren’t made in Canada like they used to. Now, the manufacturing factories are in Brazil, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico, Bosnia, and China. But regardless of the location, all Crocs slippers go through extensive QC processes.

can you eat crocs shoes?

Crocs are made entirely from non-toxic organic compounds. In a sense, you can eat Crocs without getting sick. But as the compound’s purpose is durability and comfort, eating it might be uncomfortable. Even though you might not have side effects, you will feel gassy and bloated for a couple of days.

I mean, think about it. It’s your shoes. Why would you want to eat them? Even if you manage to eat them after boiling. Your digestive system has to process it. While it’s not an impossible task, it won’t be easy either.

However, you won’t have any long-term side effects. As soon as your stomach processes it, you’ll have it out of your system. The fact that there’s no toxic or inorganic material is what makes them edible.

But that doesn’t mean you should eat them. Crocs are plenty more expensive than food. Unless you’re stranded on a deserted island, don’t think about eating Crocs shoes.

Are Crocs Made Out of Crocodiles?

Crocs are in no way made from crocodiles. Let me explain what happened here. Crocs, and crocodiles, sound a bit similar, right? At one time, someone told someone that Crocs are made from Crocodiles and it started spreading that way. The similarity in both names is what triggered this incident.

But in reality, there’s no way the manufacturer would do it. Managing the Croslite and polymer has already made it expensive enough. And if you think about it, crocodile leather wouldn’t be so comfy not to mention the lack of raw material.

As I’ve already explained above, Crocs use a combination of Croslite and polymer to produce their footwear. While they do opt for 100% organic material, no animals get harmed due to their manufacturing process.

Do Crocs Get Smelly easily?

Crocs are made from odor-resistant organic material so they won’t smell right out of the box. How long you use the shoes and how you maintain them is what determines whether the shoes get smelly or not.

Anything can get smelly if you put in a dark and damp smell with less air circulation. Other than that, wearing them for long hours without breaks can also lead to a smell.

But you have to blame your feet for that. Sure, there’s less air circulation as the material isn’t breathable. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of holes to let air in.

So, take a break between wears if your shoes smell. Taking care of your sweaty feet is what I’m trying to say.

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5 most common reasons Why Do My Crocs Smell So Bad

Crocs are known to have a couple of issues, a stinking smell is one of those. But it’s nothing serious. So, don’t stress too much. Here’s why it’s happening-

1. Inadequate Airflow Due to Non-breathable Material

Even though Croslite isn’t plastic, for someone who doesn’t know much about Crocs, they’ll think it’s plastic. Despite that, Crocs aren’t really breathable. They do have plenty of holes but that’s not enough.

2. Excessive Wear without Breaks

You shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every single day. Give them a chance to rest. Otherwise, they’ll develop a stinking smell in no time.

3. Bad Maintenance

While your Crocs might not need that much cleaning, you still have to clean them from time to time. Otherwise, the bacteria and dirt together are going to pair up for a nasty smell. Not to mention, it’s bad for foot hygiene.

4. Not Drying Properly (Bad Storing)

You need to dry out the shoes after you’ve washed them. If you throw them in the shoe cabinet right after washing, the stink will be there the next you use them.

5. Sweaty Feet

This is probably the most common reason. But it differs from person to person. The easiest solution is to wear socks for absorbing the sweat.

Why Do Crocs Have 13 Holes?

More or less, all Crocs come with enough holes in their designs. But the Crocs Classic and a few other lineups have exactly 13 holes. The holes were carefully placed on the top and sides for maintaining adequate airflow.

  • The 13 holes let air inside to ensure your feet stay cool
  • You don’t have to worry about odors with enough airflow
  • It’s not a big deal if your Crocs get wet. The water can easily pass through the holes.

The bottom line is the holes are there to provide sufficient airflow. Sure it lets water out and doesn’t stink up shoes. But ultimately, they make sure the user experience is comfortable.

Our verdict on Are Crocs Edible

Are Crocs edible? Yes. Should you eat Crocs? Don’t do it. Those were made for your feet, not your stomach. Even if you don’t have any food at home, it’s never a good idea to eat Crocs.

I’ve never eaten those. But I can say for sure that the taste is going to be horrible. So, stick to regular food, the ones that are good for your body. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

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