Are Propet Shoes Good Quality? (Top Reasons To Buy)

Propet shoes are revered highly for their comfort, unique design, and value-for-money pricing. If you have foot problems such as bunions, hammer toes, calluses, etc. Propet shoes are a must-have for you. The shoe is famous for being lightweight while still offering greater support and cushioning. 

But are Propet shoes good in reality? Can you rely depend on these shoes to walk comfortably in daily life? Do Propet shoes offer better longevity and support? We will answer all these questions so that you can decide whether to buy Propet shoes. 

We will also discuss the top three Propet shoes and even their alternatives. So, you can easily find one for your budget. 

are propet shoes good quality

Where Are Propet Shoes Made And Manufactured?

Propet shoes were established in 1985 as an American shoe brand. So, they haven’t been long in the market. Within less than 40 years, they have become one of the crowd-favorite shoe brands in the USA market. 

However, Propet doesn’t make their shoes in America. Their shoes are made in Fujian, China. Fujian is internationally famous for footwear. Propet makes walking shoes, canvas shoes, regular boots, rain boots, sandals, and slippers in their Fujian facility. 

They maintain American standards in their production facility in Fujian. So, you don’t need to worry about their quality at all. 

How Does Propet Shoe Warranty Work?

Propet provides a limited 6-month warranty for its shoes against any material defect and improper craftsmanship. Nonetheless, you will need to buy the shoes only from Propet’s original dealers to avail of this warranty

You won’t get the warranty if you purchase the shoes from non-authorized sellers. So, you must be careful to buy Propet shoes only from their authorized dealers to claim the 6-month warranty. Also, they don’t offer any money-back guarantee. 

Are Propet shoes true in size?

According to most customer reviews, Propet shoes run true to size. You don’t need to upgrade or downgrade your size to find the right fitting for Propetshoes. However, customers with extra-wide feet claimed it is tough to find Propetshoes with extra-wide size. 

Hence, you will find it difficult to find the right fit for Propetshoes if you have extra-wide feet. Then, you might need to look for different alternatives. 

Are Propet Shoes Good? 5 Reasons to Buy One

Are Propet Shoes Good

Propet shoes have been in the footwear market for 37 years now. It is amazing to see how they have grabbed attention in the market within this short period. It has been made possible by their wide variety of shoes, comfort, support, and cushioning. 

Wide variations for every foot:

Whether you want a pair of rain boots, sandals, or even standard office shoes, Propet has it in its inventory. So, you will never fail to choose the right design of shoes from Propet. On top of it, Propet manufactures shoes for different foot conditions. 

If you have bunions, foot diabetics, calluses, or hammer toes, you will find the right shoe from Propet. The company has certified orthopedics that helps them manufacture orthopedic shoes. So, their shoes and boots have a firm heel and steady sole to support your feet, leg, and ankle for better comfort. 

Improved support and comfort:

One of the top reasons for Propetshoes’ popularity is their increased comfort and support. These shoes have stable heel and ankle support for added comfort. Whether you want shoes for heel slippage, toe discomfort, or high arches, Propetis ready to deliver them for you. 

On top of it, you will get the right boots for slim heels and a wider front toe from the Propet. All these variations ensure maximum support, cushioning, and comfort for you. These shoes will reduce foot pain and problems considerably. Henceforth, customers are highly obsessed with Propetshoes’ comfort and support. 

Longevity and customization facility:

Another top selling reason for Propetshoes is their enhanced longevity. The walking shoes from Propethave an industry-leading warranty for their sole’s lifespan. They provide you with 1000 miles of warranty for the sole of their walking shoes. 

On top of that, there’s an option to customize your shoes for different foot problems. For instance, the “All-Width Comfort Sizing” is their trademark system. It allows you to customize the shoe to meet their unique size and width without any problem. 

Diabetic shoes for senior people:

Propet is one of the fewest companies bringing truly usable diabetic shoes for seniors. If you have foot diabetics, you will appreciate the effort Propetputs in their diabetic shoes and boots. Moreover, you won’t have to choose dull designs for diabetic feet, which is often a common problem with other brands. 

Propet has the widest styles and designs available, even for diabetic shoes. 

Value for money shoes:

Lastly, the top reason to buy Propetshoes is their affordable pricing. We have found that Propetboots and shoes are priced 10% to 20% less than their competitors. They also haven’t compromised their quality for their affordability.

Therefore, you may easily choose a pair of Propetshoes with the right design within your budget. 

Top Available Propet Shoes on the Market

Propet is amongst the market leaders in the footwear industry. There’re many high-end shoes you may buy from the company. 

Propét Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On:

This slip-on shoe is made of 100% leather with a removable footbed. The PU sole is also comfortable. You will find its firm heel counter quite responsive and supportive too. Therefore, these shoes are ready to maximize your comfort and cushion. 

Lastly, you will get an oxy cleaner to keep your shoes clean and new like the first day. 

Propét Women’s Lumi Ankle Zip Snow Boot:

This Lumi Ankle snow boot is the perfect choice if you are up for a fashionable boot. The upper of the boot has maximum waterproofing and insulation. So, you may easily choose them for walking in extreme conditions. 

Its Vaporex insole will keep your feet warm and toasty even during the coldest moments. Plus, the boot has a suede upper with a stylish design. The rubber outsole of the Lumi boot is also famous for better traction and grip, even in the wettest terrains. 

Propét Men’s Viator Strap Sneaker:

The sneaker is made with specially knitted mesh fabric. It maximizes your ventilation to keep the feet cool and dry. You will find it useful during scorching days. On top of it, the heel counter is lightweight, and the PU fabric is breathable. 

So, you will find the sneaker incredibly comfortable. You can walk for miles with the sneaker on your feet and still feel most comfortable. 

Are There Any Good Alternatives?

Propet shoes are highly durable, comfy, and wearable. Thus, you hardly need an alternative to propet shoes. Yet, you might be keen to have a pair of different pair of shoes other than propet. So, here’re our top two choices:

  • PUMA Men’s C-REY Sneaker: This sneaker from Puma is a perfect alternative to the Propet Sneakers. The upper is made with suede leather, and it has quite cushioning. Lastly, the sneaker has a lightweight design for a comfy walk. 
  • Chooka Women’s Waterproof Plush Chelsea Bootie: If you want an alternative to the snow boots of Propet, this waterproof Chelsea boot is a good deal. The boot is made with waterproof material, and the upper interior has furs for warmth. So, you will find it truly comfy during the cold days. 

FAQ about Are Propet Shoes Good Quality

Is propet a good brand?

Yes, Propet shoes are a good and reliable brand. The company has become popular in the footwear industry in less than 40 years. Thanks to their unique customization facility, you will get the widest shoes from here. 

Are propet shoes made in China?

Yes, Propet shoes are made in China. Their footwear production facility is situated in Fujian, the production hub for footwear worldwide. 

Who owns propet shoes?

Propet USA Int. Co. Ltd. Is the owner of Propet shoes. The company was established in 1985 and hugely expanded its business in early 2010 to be one of the industry-leading shoe sellers in the USA. 

Our verdict on Are Propet Shoes Good Quality

Are Propet shoes good? Yes, Propet shoes are affordable, comfortable, and offer excellent long-lasting performance. What’s more, Propet has therapeutic shoes for different foot problems. Their inclusion of orthopedic specialists in their production line helps them manufacture shoes for various foot problems with added cushioning and support. 

You can also order extra-wide shoes through their “All-Width Comfort Sizing” facility. Propet even has diabetic shoes for senior people. 

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