Where are Doc Martens made? (brand overview)

Doc Martens brand is greatly attached to British culture. But for their huge market demand, they had to establish their manufacturing factory in different countries around the world.

But most of their shoes are made in Asia. Vietnam produces the highest portion (39%), and England made the lowest portion (1%) of Doc Martine among all. Where Are Doc Martens Made?

Doc Martens are now made in the UK, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, England, and Bangladesh. But England produced the lower portion of DMs now.

Where are Doc Martens made

Where are Doc Martens Made? (the stroy behind this great brands)

Seven different countries made Doc Martens. Among them, England stands in the lower position because they made only 1% of the Doc Martens. And the other countries are the UK, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Bangladesh. Thus, the vast portion of this iconic product (footwear) is produced in Asia.

Here I’ll show you the manufacturer countries with their percentage of producing Doc Martens with a bar chart so that you can understand it more clearly.

How can you tell if Doc Martens are made in England?

Although Doc Martens shares almost the same features and quality, I found some differences between the England DMs and the other DMs. You may think like these differences are tiny, but I think these are important because a little thing of a shoe can make it uncomfortable to wear.

Here are the things I found:

  • Leather: The most significant difference is in the leather. The England Doc Martens use Quilon; it’s harder and more complex comparing to the other leather-like Thai & Chinese Doc Martens. It feels more substantial. On the underneath, it will take forever (maybe) to break-in.
  • Soles/insoles: The insoles of England DMs are a little bit different. It takes a long time for me to understand this difference. They are really very hard. So they are less comfortable than the Thai DMs.
  • Shiny: The leather of England DMs is not shiny as the Thai or Chinese version.
  • Lip: If you gaze at the upper portion of a DMs boot, usually you can see a lip made with plastic or leather. But you won’t find this thing in the England DMs.

are Dr Martens made in England?

Northamptonshire of England is Dr. Martens’s footwear-making country. It has been carrying the reputation of making quality Doc Martens since the earliest 17th century. Not only that, you can find the authentic Dr. Martens producing factories in Wollaston and Cobbs Lane also.

In England, Doc Martens’s produce is crafted with the finest materials using traditional and old footwear-making techniques, which add a premium level to the Doc Martens. Although each and every Doc Martens and their craftsmanship is the ultimate example for a quality shoe, “Made in England” Doc Martens is something that must be cherished.

Are Dr Martens made in Vietnam real?

Yes, of course, they are! Some reports show that “made in England” Doc Martens come with much better & high quality, so the company decided that the production of Doc Martens in Asia &Vietnam will follow the same path & process to meet the high standards of  Dr. Martens.

All the Doc Martens produced in England and Asia are really decent, budget-friendly choices. Though opinions can vary, these footwears are definitely high build quality, comfortable, stylish& trendy. But, of course, the key to any footwear is taking good care!

Are Dr Martens now made in China?

According to the official information of Dr. Martens, China manufactured almost 32% of its footwear. And, around one-third portion of Doc Martens out of their eleven million pairs of footwear produced in China (per year).

Dr Martens is now made in different countries because the company won’t fulfill the consumer demands and cover costs if they make their production limited in the UK.It is nearly impossible to Set up more factories, collect raw materials, and produce footwear in a large quantity.

And most importantly, Doc martens are the most wanted footwear worldwide, but shipping a product from one country to another is costly and troublesome. As China has a large population, they start producing in China to fulfill the market demand.

How can I tell if my Doc Martens are real?

As Dr. Martens is very popular and successful, so for taking this advantage, some opportunistic dealers always try to copy the style of Doc Martens and sell them telling the authentic thing for making a quick profit.

Are you confused that maybe you purchased a fake pair of Doc Martens? No need to worry! I’ll tell you some easy ways to find out if your Doc Martens are real or not.

Genuine Doc Martens contains some unique features and styles that differentiate them from fakes.

So let’s see those:

  • Authentic Doc Martens has across embossed signature stampon the underneath of the footwear.
  • Observe the typos inside the logo of Dr. Martens in the shoe. If it spells the brand’s name correctly, they are real because a fake one often misspells them.
  • There’s unique stitching (yellow shade) around the base of theshoe sole and an AirWair loop added with the back of the shoe heel.
  • Check the insoles carefully. If your Doc Martens soles are air-cushioned (signature) bouncing, then undoubtedly, they are authentic.
  • Real Doc Martens will always have some information printed on them (small size), usually on their tongue. For example,  shoe size, brand name, and the name of the producer country.
  • They feature a unique inspection sticker,  whichverifies their quality standards.

However, every pair of Doc Martens that looks like boots but missing the above features is fake. Authentic Doc Martens are typically heavier than the other boots (different brands), due to their resilient and quality materials.

There is another way to ensure that you won’t lose your money by purchasing fake Dr. Martens; directly go to the brand’s official website, brand’s shop, or the e-shop of Dr. Martens on Amazon.

Our verdict on Where Are Doc Martens Made?

Doc Martens are indeed an amazing brand. Doc Martens are not only made in England but also made in the UK, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Bangladesh now.

Among all, Vietnam made the highest portion (39%). But it’s not a thing to worry about, you can buy any Doc Martine and it will be fantastic (if genuine).

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