how long do doc martens last: Is It Worth To Buy?

Doc Martens are footwear that doesn’t compromise with the intensifying quality, money-worth features, and delicate taste. Also, there are many such things you might have to consider when buying one for yourself.

Well, I would directly depict that, on account, of its promising raw materials Doc Martens will last the test of time. This time interval can even be expanded to a lifetime duration if taken good care of. So, how long do Doc Martens last?

Let us explore the topic in more detail.

how long do doc martens last

Do Doc Martens have a lifetime guarantee?

Doc Martens used to honor lifetime guarantees, but the company has discontinued the offer from 18th March 2018.

But the guarantee comes for the shoes that were purchased before this date. Rules and conditions of a lifetime guarantee offer for the Doc Martens shoes are as followed:

  • Purchases made before 18th March 2018 and registered within two months are applied with the lifetime guarantee.
  • The guarantee is covered the upper leather, soles, seams that are stitched, eyelets, and welts that are not abused unnecessarily. If they are subjected to normal wear and tear, then the guarantee is applicable.
  • The guarantee is applied from the day when the owner activates his guarantee until his natural death.
  • It also reserves the right to choose whether the owner prefers a repair or replacement.
  • In case of a replacement guarantee, the models that are discontinued will be replaced with similar comparable models.

how long do doc martens last?

Doc Martens can offer you mind-blowing durability for its high-quality built-in material. They can last and serve you to the fullest extent of your satisfaction.

A complete guide about the durability and lasting of Doc Martens is mentioned below:

  • Doc Martens will efficiently serve you for 20 years with rough and tough output.
  • They can last even more than you can think up to a lifetime if taken proper care.
  • Doc Martens are made out of genuine leather, suitable for a little rain, water, and snow period. So they will work for your boots to last even longer.
  • Your boots are often more damaged on rainy days. So, if you have to remain for an extended time, consider using a waterproofing spray that will provide them with the feature of rain boots.
  • Your boots are constructed to last longer naturally of their high-quality materials and built-in design.

Are Doc Martens real leather?

Dr. Martens are very much authentic in serving exceptional features for the customer. Genuine and pure natural leather is used during the manufacture of these shoes.

Doc Martens have the options of cow coat and vegan hide. Primarily, cowhide is used while making the Dr. Martens shoes. Interestingly, there is a huge demand for vegan hide, plastic, and synthetic materials-made shoes.

Doc martens are water-repellent. As they are made of high-quality leather, they resist water perfectly. Water-repellant capacity is the most prominent feature of real leather. So, be sure that doc martens are made of real leather.

Here is a quick glimpse at the types of leather they use-

Type of LeatherCharacteristics
Smooth LeatherSmooth and durable. You can either give it a dapper shine or settle for a scuffed-up look. With time the leather gives you a personalized fit.
Nappa and Virginia LeatherFine-grain leather gives you the smoothest feel. The lightweight shoes stretch comfortably requiring very little break-in time.
Patent Lamper LeatherThe extra glossy shine isn’t only for looks. In terms of waterproofing, the Patent Lamper Leather is the ultimate choice.
Vegan LeatherThe two-tone vegan leather is a combination of synthetic polymer and microfiber resembling a close replica of real leather.
Crazy Horse/Gaucho LeatherThe thick and waxy look of Crazy Horse leather needs no added description. The distressed outlook has its own class.

Are Dr. Martens good for standing all day?

Dr Martens are all in one, a must-have in your wardrobe for casual wear, fashion, and as well as a working boot that standout through the day. People working in various fields with these shoes are giving great reviews and are engaged in day-long activities. The features that make Dr. Martens to standout all day are:

  • Dr. Martens is the perfect boot for tough jobs. For construction jobs, outdoor jobs, warehouse jobs, and even office jobs, doc martens are the ideal choice for any job. It provides super comfort and ultimate security.
  • They are designed to survive any rough and tough conditions, including all environmental situations like snowfall, rain, scorching heat, etc.
  • Regardless of the environment, you can wear doc martens anywhere and rock the job you do. If you wear Doc Martens pain whole day, it will not give you a little bit of discomfort.

how to spot fake dr martens?

There is no doubt that Doc Martens are an ever-growing brand in the current market famous for its quality, durability, and exemplary features. So there are many fake products available in the markets through which they try to deceive people and seek benefits. So, some tips and tricks to spot fake Doc Martens are described in detail:

  • Doc Martens shoe boxes come with white labeling where all the product details and specifications are given. Match those with the specifications of the shoes.
  •  Match the product code given on the shoe box with the code that exists on the shoes.
  • See if the sizing written on the labeling of the box fits the actual shoe size or not.
  • The product codes, sizing, and other details are on the inside upper of the shoes. If they don’t match the labels of the box, then they are fake.
  • A unique brand marking is featured on your Doc Martens’ outer soles, which ensures its authenticity.

Why is Doc Martens so expensive?

Doc Martens’ expenses come back from their premium, high-end leather and raw materials they never compromised. Their investment is relatively higher for manufacturing their products, making them categorized on the expensive side. Some of the more reasons why Doc Martens comes expensive are given below:

  • Brand value is also one of the reasons that they are expensive.
  • Their products’ prices had a great transformation over the decades from a family-own factory to an international private shoe company.
  • They provide a wide variety of features in their product along with remarkable durability and quality materials.

Can we get a list of brands that are NO LONGER BIFL?

You may be well aware of many brands that come with the BIFL or “buy it for life” feature in different product criteria. But there also exist many brands that are no longer BIFL or have discontinued the same. A list of such brands are:

    No longer BIFL   BIFL alternatives  
Doc MartensRed Wing boots
Keen shoes and bootsMerrell Mobs
Timbuk2 bagsChrome bags
Maytag washersSpeed Queen
Sony productsLG products.

Our verdict on how long do doc martens last

Finally, we ensured that being supreme quality leather footwear, and now you know How long will Dr. Martens last? right!

Docs do last a digit of time as you wear and take care of them. Curiously, they are made to deliver a delicate taste to your fashion and protect your feet. Thanks a lot for being with us all this time, and I wish you a happy shopping in advance!

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