Are Doc Martens good for snow: Is Doc waterproof?

Doc Martens being a popular show manufacturer in the market gets preference during the wintertime to protect people from frostbite and colds. But are Doc Martens good for snow?

During our investigation, we found that Doc Martens perform fine during winter. But what should a good snow winter boot consist of? Also, what makes Doc Martens a good-quality winter boot?

let’s dive in!

are Doc Martens good for snow

can you wear dr martens in the snow?

Doc Martens shoes are made of the finest quality leathers of different textures. While these leathers work brilliantly during different conditions and bring about an aristocratic feel to the feet, it also has drawbacks.

This being said, we found that the leather used in Doc Martens’ upper sole is likely to get damaged during long exposure to snow and winter. Thus, these safety boots don’t have greater resistance in the wintertime.

However, the water-resistant Doc Martens shoes will still score a good mark in the wintertime. It is because these shoes won’t get spoilt by light water spillage or snowflakes. Thus, you should use waterproof sprays on the sole to protect it from water.

This way you can enhance the working performance of the shoes in winter.

Are Doc Martens good for outdoors/snow?

Doc Martens have built a unique style with their boots in the shoe market. Their work and safety boots are marked by yellow stitching, air-cushioned soles, and welted construction. Another selling point of these boots is their comfort.

Nonetheless, the performance of these boots in the snow has always remained under close inspection. Well, we have to understand that a boot isn’t specifically made for snow. Instead, other factors will define the boot’s performance in winter.

These factors include-

  1. Waterproofness or water resistance of the boots.
  2. Warming and insulation facility
  3. Slip-resistance score on the wet surface
  4. Will the sole of the boot get damaged in winter?

So, let us find out how Doc Martens perform in these categories.

Firstly, Doc Martens aren’t waterproof. Also, the shoe’s shape, size, and function will determine its water-resistance ability. Thus, there’s a highly likely chance that the boots will get damaged in water, snowflakes, and rain.

You may consider using shoe spray or shoe protectors to safeguard Doc Martens from winter.

Next, Doc Martens come with a thin lining inside. Thus, they lack the warmth and insulation you would like during the wintertime. Hence, the boots again fail to come with flying colors in the aspect of suitable winter boots. We recommend you use thicker woolen socks to increase the warmth of these boots during winter.

Thirdly, Doc Martens are made with rubber soles underneath. The manufacturer claims that these soles have excellent traction. Thus, it has incredible slip resistance on wet surfaces. But most users found that these work boots aren’t highly slip-proof in winter conditions.

Also, Doc Martens’s upper sole gets damaged in winter as well. Henceforth, it would be fair enough to say that Doc Martens doesn’t cut a brilliant score in winter.

Nonetheless, these boots are highly comfortable and reliable for long hours of use in extreme conditions. You won’t have to face arch pain or sores with these pieces of boots.

Are Dr. Martens Slippery On Ice?

When you navigate on the icy surface, all you want is a pair of slip-resistance boots. The slip resistance comes from the traction underneath the sole. In this regard, the rubber soles of Dr. Martens score dependable performance.

The sole has great traction that is less likely to get damaged on icy surfaces. Nonetheless, for the best safety, you should choose the Doc Martens Winter Grip line on icy surfaces. It has groove cleats. Its traction and comfier grip ensure you have the firmest grip in snowed conditions.

How To Protect Doc Martens From Water?

Doc Martens shoes come with water resistance. Yet, many people would want to add an extra layer of protection for the shoes from water. There are multiple methods to protect shoes from water. The list includes-

  • You can choose Wonder Balsam to protect the shoes from water spillage. Dr. Martens build the shoe care item using coconut oil, beeswax, and lanolin. The product also protects the boots from salt and other liquids too.
  • Black polish is another Doc Martens shoe care product that you can use to protect the boot from rain, water, and stains. It is made from solid wax to protect boots from water. Also, it restores the damaged look of the leather from water and stain.
  • You may also use Neutral Polish to safeguard the boots from water and rain. It would help you keep the shoes safe from water spillage.

Alternatively, you may use water-resistant spray on the sole to make it water-resistance.

Do Doc Martens Make Good Winter Boots?

Winter boots should come with warmth and insulation inside. If any boots lack proper insulation, your feet might get frostbite. In this regard, the regular Doc Martens doesn’t score much. These boots come with a thin lining that doesn’t have great insulation.

Are you frustrated?

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The WInterGrip boot line from Doc Martens is surely a suitable option for winter uses. These boots have groove cleats. Also, the thickened cushion keeps your feet warm and cozy during wintertime.

What Boots Are Good For Snow?

Winter boots can be of many types, including regular winter boots, extreme-cold boots, and hiking boots. We have researched the topic and found the following suggestions for you-

  • The Wintergrip line from Doc Martens is reliable in winter. It has snowplow leather, fleecing lining from warmth, and winter grip outsoles. Also, the boots have great traction with their grooved cleats and salt and water resistance.
  • Kamik Nation Plus is also a good choice for the winter season. Whether it is a snow-packed field or icy driveway, the pair of boots work fine on every snowy evening. Its traction is above-average and suits light activities in the wintertime.
  • We recommend the Sorel Women’s Caribou Boot for women who can’t help going out in winter for their professions. The rubber sole offers great lifting while ensuring perfect footing on snowy ground. Also, its insulated inside keeps your feet toasty warm.

When you go to purchase a winter boot, make sure it has proper traction on the slippery surface. Also, the boots need to be lightweight and easily liftable from the snow-covered surface. Last but not least, you have to get a pair of boots with proper insulation.

Otherwise, you will not get protection from the snow and cold air. The insulation is a must-have feature for good winter boots since it protects the feet from frostbite. Also, it should be water-resistant.

Our verdict on Are Doc Martens good for snow

We must say that not all Doc Martens are suitable for winter use. Regular work boots with leather soles will soon get damaged in winter.

However, the Winter Grip line from Doc Martens indeed excels in snowy conditions thanks to its increased traction and insulation. You can also use water-resistant sprays on the shoes to make them a suitable option for winter. You may even consider buying thicker-lined shoes for winter time.

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