Are doc martens worth it: how long do they last?

When Doc Martens were first invented in the early 50s, they were being sold for 3 US dollars a pair. These days, however, a pair of Doc Martens boots can set you back as much as 280 US dollars. The question is are Doc Martens worth it?

Doc Martens boots are the expensive cause of the costly production and high-quality material that goes into manufacturing their signature boots.

Over the years, the costs of making high-quality boots that can withstand the harshest element have increased dramatically, and that in return has made boot prices go up. Doc Martens has adjusted itself to the current economic circumstances to make a profit on its boots.

Are doc martens worth it

Differences Between Cheap And Costly Doc Martens Leather Boots?

Doc Martens boots, though expensive, make up for their price point in their record durability. Doc Martens goes in-depth to make sure their shoes are made with the most high-quality materials, and through rigorous methods of production, they create boots that’ll last you for many years to come. Generally, you can differentiate an expensive leather boot from a cheap leather boot by the material used in production.

  • The critical difference between cheaper and expensive boots is leather. While the more affordable boots will use thinner low-quality leather for their construction, expensive boots have thicker leather that can last longer than their thinner counterparts.
  • Higher-quality boots will typically have soles that are made of a material that won’t wear out quickly or be uncomfortable after extensive usage. At the same time, low-quality boots will use low-quality rubber for their soles along with Vibram.
  • Higher quality boots compared to cheaper alternatives will provide the wearer a superior level of support. The leather footbed will have a leather arch support built in.

Doc Martens Are Generally For Women or Not?

There’s something of a misconception among some people that men wearing Doc-Martens is a taboo thing. This is not the case; Doc Martens makes footwear for people of all genders. And they are a fashion statement if you want to make one.

Their stylish black leather look has been adorned by the likes of celebrities and world leaders. Even the late Pope John Paul snagged himself a pair of the iconic leather boots. So yes, wearing a pair of Doc Martens is very much a fashionable thing for men.

How Long Before They Get Comfortable?

It depends on the size and the shoe in question to answer that question. Some people’s shoe sizes match comfortably with their feet, while others might have to wait for 3 to 6 weeks before the leather breaks in to fit their feet comfortably.

People are often confused about the hold-up period of doc martens after a break-in. The usual compatibility period is stated above, but if it takes longer than that, I can provide some tips.

  • Firstly, check out if the shoe size is correct for you. If you think it’s way too tight for you, then consider replacing it with a comfortable pair.
  • If you are convinced that the size is OK, you can use a boot stretcher to fit perfectly.
  • On the contrary, if your boots are a bit loose, then wearing socks can be the best option if one pair of socks is not enough to tighten up the boot-feet duo, then try out a couple of pairs of socks.

Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive? How Long Do Doc Martens Last?

Doc Martens boots are renowned for their longevity. They can survive extreme wear and tear. Doc Martens can last up to 20 years without needing to be thrown out for a new pair.

But twenty years is a vague dream, and who really needs twenty years of service from doc martens? A good five years is more than enough to enjoy the premium features of any luxury boots.  

The truth is, you can not always depend on the manufacturer’s quality for a long-lasting boot pair. After buying a durable, water-resistant pair of boots, it’s your responsibility to take good care of the boots. Obviously, as a boot lover, you must know how to keep shoes from disintegrating.

Here are a few tips for those who are new:

  • Tip One: After every trip with your boot, clean it with a dry brush or cloth. A clean surface of the boot is a prerequisite for its longevity. Check out if any organic matter is present on the surface of the boot or under the sole. Get rid of any unwanted substances.
  • Tip Two: After cleaning, pack the shoe with paper packets or zip-locked polythene packs. It will protect the boot from environmental moisture and dust.
  • Tip Three: You might consider using a shoe protector if you are not planning to use it for a long time.

How To Make Your Docs More Comfortable?

I have had the fortune of owning a pair of Doc Martens, mostly cause one of my friends is a diehard fan of Doc Martens and gifted me a pair of them on my birthday. I do wear boots, but I generally never got to buy a pair of DMs. Now, I have some tips for anyone looking to rattle up a pair of DMs.

  • Wear thick socks, it’ll protect your feet from getting blisters, and besides protecting your feet from painful blisters, it’ll help you break into your boots.
  • Start wearing the boots on days when you have ample time on your hands around the house for 10 to 20 minutes; it’ll help break in the shoes and decrease the chances of your feet hurting from wear.
  • As anyone wearing any boots knows, generally, painful blisters are ordinary due to continuous rubbing. To mitigate that, you should get a feel of the boot. The smart way is to pad the area if you feel constant rubbing or any discomfort. Simply pad the area with any plaster, bands, or moleskins. This will decrease the chances of getting a painful blister.
  • I picked up an unorthodox method from my friend, Bend the heel to soften up the leather before you wear the boots; this will help make the leather bed feel free in the most uncomfortable parts of the boot.

Are Real Doc Martens Made In China?

Doc Martens, over the years, has shifted most of its production base to Asia to meet the soaring demand for shoes. Currently, Doc Martens are produced in various parts of Asia and China, with China constituting most of the Doc Martens boots in circulation.

Our verdict on Are doc martens worth it

Doc Martens is the attire of excellence and aristocracy. Nothing can be compared with a fabulous pair of hand-stitched doc martens.

This statement is self-explanatory about why is Doc Martens so expensive. Is dr Martens worth the money? Indeed, if you ask my opinion, I will say it is worth more than that.

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