Is Cole Haan a good brand? [Brand Overview]

Cole Haan is a fantastic brand. All of their products are so good; particularly their dress shoes made with leather. If you use Cole Haan’s products with care, they will serve you for years with comfort.

Cole Haan’s shoes, bags, and accessories throw back the brand’s quality. It is classically inspired but has a modern sensibility in a befitting manner.

However, philosophy and people’s belief that Cole Haan’s products are the most satisfactory ever remain true. But despite the popularity and admiration, so many people still don’t have many ideas about it. So, let’s find out in detail about Is Cole Haan a good brand?

Is Cole Haan a good brand

Is Cole Haan a good quality brand?

Cole Haan is a fantastic shoe brand, particularly for its formal leather shoes. It is among the world’s best shoe brands that provide comprehensive stylish, innovative and comfortable footwear.

Their hybrid outsoles are made with smooth leather and rubber that are extraordinary. This brand has a strong reputation for producing comfortable footwear. The company thrives on the convergence of comfortable, modern, stylish, and craftsmanship, using premium stuff and delivering befitting and sophisticated products.

I purchased a pair of hiking boots from Cole Haan but returned them immediately because they were not good for me. However, I used some of their brown brogues and other dress shoes and wore them for a long time. They feel like home and comfy to me each time I wore them. And undoubtedly, Cole Haan is a great brand.

Is Cole Haan a luxury brand?

Whatever the materials or whatever prices, as long as the product is made well with comfort, it’s luxury. According to this principle, the Cole Haan brand has become a great part of this luxury brand’s game. Their footwear ensures high quality and comfort with a beautiful look.

However, most of the shoes from Cole Haan are very expensive, but the company also offers some budget-friendly running shoes. Moreover, recently they produced some casual lines which are really budget crowd.

Is Cole Haan good shoes?

Cole Haan shoes are really very fine, especially their classic leather shoes; I personally love them. Because for attending office I need some high-quality dress shoe which will serve me with comfort.

And since I took the first pair from Cole Haan and every time I changed my shoe, I took another pair from Cole Haan again, just stuck with Cole Haan and still using it.

Let me tell you some features of cole Haan’s shoes so that you can understand why I told them so well.

  • They look so perfect and excellent for dressing up; they are the most comfortable dress shoes I own; I won’t wear any other brand ever.
  • Cole Haan shoes don’t miss. They are a steal; I just love them.
  • I have used them for a long time and loved their durability.
  • Cole Haan always fits and gives me a stylish look.
  • The qualities are fantastic and quite comfortable.
  • They exceptionally look adorable, and I can polish them easily.
  • I wear Cole Haan shoes frequently and receive so many compliments.

And in short, Cole Haan has,

  • High-quality materials
  • Anatomical lasts
  • Comfortable and flexible outsoles
  • Lightweight
  • Good fit
  • Responsive foams
  • Comprehensive line
  • Stylish and classic look
  • Innovative

Is Cole Haan made in China?

Yes, Cole Haan is made in china. Although about 15% of  Cole Haans shoes and other accessories are produced in China, they said that their manufacturers in other countries take the material from China. But recently they are deciding to decrease the production percentage there.

But Cole Haan’s American Retailers and Distributors addressed that around 99% of Cole Haan vends in the U.S., and among those, 70% are imported from China. On the other hand,  Kernan said that “Huge uncertainty abounds the manufacturing facilities of China,”

Cole Haan goods are produced in the world’s finest factories, using the best craftsmanship and high-quality material. In addition, many of their products are crafted utilizing time-honored and befitting techniques. Recently, materials and good soles Haan are prepared in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Brazil, India, Vietnam, and China.

What is Zerogrand Cole Haan?

Zerogrand Cole Haan is a complete technical shoe that is hidden inside Oxford pattern shoes. Zerogrand’s inner slips feel more like socks, and the shoelaces are mostly just like a  show, and wearing them feels like an inserted memory foam covering your whole foot. This is a signature shoe of Cole Haan, which offers ultimate comfort with style.

Zerogrand Footwear is designed to provide you with similar sole support, arch support, and condolence level, just like a sneaker, by putting together the chic of the classic shoes. Most of their Zerogrand shoes are featuring with waterproof leather.

So these Sneakers look like hiker cleats, and their utterly padded sock design offers a warm feeling in the foot.

Who are Cole Haan’s Competitors?

Cole Haan is a famous brand, so it is very normal that it has some strong competitors in the market. Jack Erwin, Kate Spade, BootBarn, and Michael Kors are some of its strong competitors. Cole Haan gained 2nd position comparing its competitors in the Gender Score.

Let’s see the ranking of Cole Haan in different sectors compared to its competitors below.

Overall Culture
Company nameRankingScore (in 100)
Jack Erwin1st85
Kate Spade2nd67
Cole Haan3rd67
Michael Kors4th64
Boot Barn Holding5th63
Product Quality
Company nameRankingScore (in 100)
Kate Spade1st4.2
Michael Kors2nd3.9
Cole Haan3rd3.6
Net Promoter
Company nameRankingScore (out of 100)
Kate Spade1st47
Michael Kors2nd38
Cole Haan3rd-7
Company nameRankingScore (out of 5)
Kate Spade1st4.2
Michael Kors2nd3.8
Cole Haan3rd3.3
Customer Service
Company nameRankingScore (out of 5)
Kate Spade1st4.1
Michael Kors2nd3.8
Cole Haan3rd3.1
Employee Promoter
Company nameRankingScore (out of 100)
Jack Erwin1st25
Kate Spade2nd8
Cole Haan3rd0
Michael Kors4th-10
Boot Barn Holding5th-67
Company nameRankingScore (out of 100)
Michael Kors1st73
Cole Haan2nd60

FAQ about Is Cole Haan a good brand

Does Nike Own Cole Haan?

Yes, Nike Inc. owns Cole Haan.  They bought the ‘Cole Haan brand in 1988 and declared (on 31.05.2012) that they are splitting the Cole Haan brand and Umbro, focusing on Nike brands and the other harmonious brands.

The Apax Partners Global LLP purchased the Cole Haan brand for $570 million on 16.11.2012 from  Nike. The main headquarter of the Cole Haan in Scarborough from Yarmouth was in the summer of 2011. Then the headquarters of Cole Haan is relocated again to New Hampshire and Greenland, and its design center is located in New York.

Are Cole Haan shoes made of leather?

The dress shoes of Cole Haan are made with the finest quality leather. Their classic shoes are designed in oxford patterns with brown and black leather. And the shoes are loaded with outstanding innovation as anatomical lasts, comfortable and flexible outsoles, lightweight, and responsive foams.

Our verdict on Is Cole Haan a good brand

Well, I already told you how perfect Cole Haan is. SoI highly recommend the Cole Haan brand.

However, they are expensive, but they are worth it. Well, it won’t be very reasonable to spend so much money unless you take something that makes you feel comfortable and you really want it.

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