Are Brahma Boots Good Quality? [Brand Overview]

No, unfortunately, Brahma Boots are not good. But they can still be an option if you are looking for a cheap alternative.

Brahma Boots offers a wide selection of brand-new, high-quality western boots. They sell shoes for both men and ladies. Brahma boots are handmade in Canada using bull hide, aniline, and Deertan leathers, exactly as they’ve been since their inception. 

Brahma boots claim to have good slip- and- moisture resistance that can manage any weather situation.

Regarding price, convenience, and durability, these boots strike the correct compromise. Brahma boots work well in most circumstances. It is good water- and slip-resistant.

I would advise spending more money on a quality brand if your feet require comfort over anything. Brahma boots will fit you perfectly if your feet just sometimes cause you any trouble.

To know about these and more about are Brahma Boots good quality or not, read this article right now!

Who Makes Brahma boots?

Who Makes Brahma boots

The boots are a Walmart brand and are produced at factories in several foreign nations before being imported and put up for sale in local stores.

Offices for Brahma are located in Mexico, Columbia, and Florida. The major store Walmart is the only place to get the boots. The Brahma work boot is produced by the Brahma footwear company.

The trademarked name in the US and Canada doesn’t belong to the original Brahma. According to their official website, boots marketed in those nations have no affiliation with that business.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Brahma Boots

There are a few variations of Brahma Boots on the market. Let us first analyze the common key features of these boots.

The Upper

This boot upper appears to be made of leather, but it is simply phony leather with a cheap plastic covering on top that has been printed with and colored to resemble leather. The fake leather has the drawback of splitting very quickly.

Once this upper surface has been scraped off, it is less sturdy and more likely to pick up dirt. Because of this, it might not be the best material for a work boot. So the top of this boot does not excite me right away. This phony leather is 1.3 mm in thickness.


An unpleasant fact about Brahma Boots is that the interior counter portion lacks a countertop and is covered only by a cheap mesh liner.

Therefore, the inexpensive cloth will ultimately deteriorate rather rapidly. You’ll have a significant hole in the heel of your footwear.

You won’t have a lot of moisture and dirt safety from getting anything on the interior of your boot because the heel is gusseted quite lower on this pair.


It’s likely that this boot’s structure consists only of cement. For work boots, there is probably only one sole that has been cemented to the upper. Since they begin to fuse once they become warm, your entire boot will break apart.


This boot’s insole is a very thin yet high-quality foam footbed. Honestly, considering the cost, I’m amazed.


This boot’s base is a clear 74 Shore firm latex outsole. Regarding the features listed on the box, including a steel toe, an oil-resistant ground plate, and slip resistance.


These are meant to resemble a lace-to-toe boot but are rather rough underneath. Simply put, the boot has an odd, crooked appearance.

is it Composite or steel toe?

Second, the design must be devoid of metal. The safety boot’s heaviness is decreased by taking off the metallic components, but because there is no longer a heat conductivity, the feet stay warm in the cold.

A boot with a metallic object at the end to safeguard your toes is known as a “steel toe,” and persons who work in the construction sector significantly often wear them.

Steel toe boots are more impact-resistant than composite toe ones, providing better support. Compared to composite toe boots, they are less costly.

Conversely, composite toe boots ventilate better and are lighter than steel toe ones. They become less cozy to wear for extended periods as a result.

Are Brahma Boots Good For Hiking?

Brahma boots are suitable for hiking, but they are not designed to be such.

These boots are ideal for short, easy walks because of their heaviness and the absence of comfort.

Let’s examine the key factors to compare when comparing hiking boots and Brahma boots.


A hiking boot weighs far less than a Brahma boot, and this difference in weight can significantly affect how much you enjoy your journey.

Brahma boots are for safety and injury avoidance; therefore, extra-heavy elements like steel toes are frequently used.

Most hiking boots come with rubber toe coverings, offering the required shock and friction safety.

Pay particular attention to the overall weight if using a work boot on your trek because the extra weight of Brahma footwear will increase the energy you use on the hike.


The majority of hiking boots have ridges and other designs that are intended to increase traction or grip on a range of terrain.

Brahma boots often have simpler sole designs with shorter creases, providing some slip prevention but not as much traction as most hiking boots.

When choosing hiking boots, keep in mind the kind of paths you’ll be using and the environment and terrain conditions you’ll encounter. Hiking boots function significantly better in puddles and rainy or snowy circumstances.


Brahma boots are made with safety and damage resistance while creating their soles. Usually, this denotes the presence of sturdy rubber soles for safety.

Despite being a great safety device, it’s not the best feature for hiking. Brahma boots’ firm bottoms will make it harder for you to grasp rocky or hilly ground, which will lessen your balance.


Hiking boots are comprised of materials that are intended to soak up pressures while you trek, keeping you comfortable over longer times.

The majority of Brahma boots won’t offer enough comfort for prolonged trips.

Water resistance

You might have to cross rivers or other water sources while trekking, based on the landscape.

Most hiking boots available now have water-resistant and fast-drying features, enabling the boot to soak as you trek.

Although most Brahma boots are water-resistant, they will soak up more moisture than trekking boots and take more time to dry.

Foot Support

Consideration of the arch support in walking boots as opposed to Brahma boots is crucial, particularly if you want to carry a rucksack.

Hiking boots can provide you with flat, medium, or high-quality support according to your demands, whereas Brahma boots generally only provide half or a high degree of safety.

How To Look For A Good Quality Brahma Work Boot?

How To Look For A Good Quality Brahma Work Boot

When looking for new work boots, there are five factors to consider. Those are discussed below. 

  • Lightness– The boot’s minimal weight comes first. You can prevent foot pain all day long by lessening the weight of the boots.
  • Water-Resistant Membrane– Your foot needs a shield from wet grass by the membrane. preserving their dryness. Check your boots for the GORE-TEX logo. Between the upper fabric of the boot and the inside lining is a TEX membrane. It has tiny holes that keep snow and water from getting into the shoe. Through the TEX membrane, the TEX system transfers water vapor from the foot, resulting in a ventilated and comfy boot.
  • Working Conditions– Your workplace environment is the focus of the fourth component. To offer the fullest safety, it is crucial to evaluate every component of your workplace. 

Consider asking yourself a few questions, like What are the soil conditions? What are the dangers of having something fall on my feet? Is there a chance of getting electrocuted? You’ll be able to choose wisely based on your responses to these and several other questions

An Overview of Brahma Boots

Boot NamesUpper MaterialUpper HeightKey FeatureMidsoleOutsoleLining
Brahma Men’s Combustion Steel Toe Work BootsMan – Made6 Inch

Padded collar and Tongue and Anti-fatigue footbed
Flexible MidsoleOil Resistant lug TPR and 
Slip Resistant TPR outsole
Breathable mesh lining
Brahma Men’s Bravo Waterproof Soft Toe Work BootCow suede Leather upper6 InchPadded collar and tongue and Waterproof constructionInsole made of recycled material and  Flexible MidsoleOil resistant outsoleMesh Lining
Brahma Men’s Grate II Steel-toe work shoesLeather and manmade upper and man made outsole6 InchEnduroPro Anti-fatigue footbed;Flexible MidsoleSlip and oil resistant outsoleBreathable Mesh Lining

FAQ about Are Brahma Boots Good Quality

How Do You Wash Brahma Boots?

Scrub them manually and gently with low-pH shampoo or in the washer with a moderate detergent. Air dry in any scenario. 

With a moist towel and a low-pH shampoo, clean the inside of the boot. Use a cloth that has been wet with water to remove any remaining shampoo once the odor has subsided.

Are Brahma Cowboy Boots Good?

Cowboys that expect the best in durability, fit, and workmanship use the rugged Brahma Cowboy boots.

Contains rawhide counters, high-layered leather wedges with strengthened ledge, and high-quality leather uppers. Full leather midsoles with constructed metal shanks between the welt and the rubber.

How Often Should You Oil Work Boots?

To keep the leather smooth and supple, you need to use decent leather conditioning once a month to assist it in retaining its natural oil. 

For boots that don’t go through the everyday workload, intense use, and abuse, treating leather every three to six months are appropriate.

Our verdict on Are Brahma Boots Good Quality

Brahma shoes are altogether not a bad choice if your main concern is affordability. It provides you with everything under 30 dollars. 

If you don’t have comfort issues and don’t require longevity, this boot might fulfill your need for other attributes of a good boot which are resistant to water, oil, and slipping through the terrains.

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