Are Justfab Shoes Good Quality? [Brand Overview]

Justfab (main website) is online subscription footwear, accessories, and clothing fashion store with great intro deals and discounted prices. Any woman who loves fashion and is prone to creating new statement looks would absolutely love this fashion platform.

However, there seem to be many questions about their deals and discounts which seem too good to be true. So most people are left wondering, are Justfab Shoes Good Quality? Is the extremely low prices they offer up to par with the quality they provide? 

We are here to clear up all your confusion and answer your questions about this online fashion platform gaining traction. We will also recommend some of the best shoes they offer for your consideration.

Justfab Shoes

Where Are Justfab Shoes Made And Manufactured?

Justfab was founded in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in El Segundo, California. The company was officially rebranded as Techstyle Fashion Group in 2016. They have now expanded and sold over 50 million pairs to over two million VIP members.

Even though Justfab originated in the United States of America, the company extended its branches overseas. Their shoes are now manufactured in Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Belgium.

Their productions are now famous for shoes, handbags, jewelry, denim, activewear, lingerie, etc. They operate under FabKids, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and Savage X Fenty under Techstyle Fashion Group.

How Does This Shoe Warranty Work?

Justfab does not provide any warranties as stated in its terms and conditions. But they do have a return and exchange policy. Customers can exchange or return a product within 30 days of the shipping date in the US and Canada.

Are Justfab Shoes True To Size?

According to most user reviews, Justfab shoes are always true to size. The customers have shown satisfaction in getting the right size of shoes ordered from this online fashion platform.

Justfab has a wide variety of shoe sizes with different widths and calf styles. They offer shoes up to size 10 on their website.

If you are not sure about your shoe size, they also provide an instructional video on how to measure your shoe size. You will also find a chart helping you to find just the right size of shoes for your feet.

In case you have wide feet or the shoe style you want is too narrow, it is always safe to order half a size up shoes in advance. But there have been no complaints about the Justfab shoes not being true to their size.

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Are Justfab Shoes Any Good? Top 5 Reasons to Buy

Justfab has been producing shoes for 12 years in the making now. Their online platform has become a huge hit because of the exclusive VIP treatment they offer for their VIP customers. They offer highly customized shoes with high-quality fashion trends.

Here are some of the reasons Justfab shoes are popular amongst their customers:

1. Justfab VIP Membership

Justfab membership costs $39.95 a month for their VIP customers. This cost is directly credited to the items or products of choice for the month. You can also save the credit and use it later to buy the latest and trendy shoes in your style.

Upon signing up, Justfab offers the customer a quiz to evaluate your style. The website then curates collections based on your style and offers unique recommendations. 

There is also a Skip the Month option where you won’t be charged for the month. This option is great when you don’t want to make a purchase. But you will need to do it within the 5th of the month.

2. Affordable Prices

Justfab offers you a huge collection of shows at only 30% of the retail prices. Even though it sounds incredible, it is absolutely true. Here are a variety of shoes and their prices on this platform.

  • Sneakers: $20–$45
  • Boots: $25–$60
  • Sandals: $25–$43
  • Pumps: $39–$43

These are undoubtedly a great deal for on-trend shoes like this. The payment for these is cut from your monthly subscription. But if you shop for more, it will go to your credit card.

3. Wide Variations of shoes

Justfab makes sure that it has something suitable for every single customer’s taste. Therefore, their collections have a wide and rich variety of shoes.

Justfab offers heels, sandals, boots, sneakers, pumps, and classic office shoes in hundreds of cute and on-trend styles. They are famous for offering plus-sized products perfectly. Customers of all ages and styles will be satisfied by the wide range of their products.

4. Great Shipping and Packaging

When it comes to online shopping, shipping and packaging is always an important aspect to consider. The shoes will ship within a day or two of confirming the order. After that, it can take 6 to 14 days to reach you, depending on where you reside.

For orders over $49, standard shipping is available within the US states. You will have to pay $6.95 for the shipping if you shop for less than that. 

The packaging of the shoes is extremely great. They take great care in putting the products in cardboard boxes and securing them perfectly.

5. Great Customer Service

Justfab provides the best customer service to everyone. You can contact them with any query about your membership or purchase. There will be a staff readily available to attend you.

Here is their contact information:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live chat on the website (9 AM–9 PM EST)
  • Call 1 (866) 337-0906

They offer their customers their first shoes after signing up for only $10. There are always plenty of discounts and deals for their customers in Justfab.

Top Available Justfab Shoes on the Market

Top Available Justfab Shoes on the Market

Justfab has many shoes that are customer favorites. The preference changes with the change in trend and fashion, of course. These are some of the top shoes by Justfab currently on the market.

Hanna Transparent Heeled Sandal

This sandal is currently one of the top sellers from Justfab. It features the JF Form Foam, which is twice the thickness of a standard foam insole. The material is PVC. This sandal never flattens and always keeps you supported and comfortable.

The heel of the sandal is 4’’. It has a strap along the ankle for better support too. It comes in clear, leopard, rainbow, and hot coral patterns.

Leli Chain Detail Lug Sole Loafer

This loafer is beyond perfect as formal footwear that you can wear to the office or your job anytime. It is the perfect edgy combination of prep and ‘80s charm. 

The insoles are made of JF Form Foam, and the loafer material is great quality faux leather. The loafer has a heel height of 2.25” and an inner platform of 0.75”. The link on top is the unique touch of this loafer.

Easton Sneaker

Easton Sneaker is a great option for regular wear footwear. The insoles are of JF Form Foam, and the material is textile.

These sneakers are extremely comfortable at the same time and look fashionable as well. They come in four different colors suitable for any style. It will keep your feet warm and soft inside the sneakers.

Are there any good alternatives

There’s hardly any need to look for alternatives when you have such a unique collection of shoes right in Justfab. However, the top choices as alternatives could be:

Platform High Top Trainers

These Primark shoes can be an alternative to Justfab sneakers. They are chunky and have raised platforms. These will give you a 90s vibe while acting as comfortable footwear.

Metallic Clear Chunky Heeled Ankle Strap Sandals

These sandals from Shein can be an alternative to Justfab transparent sandals. These are glamorous shoes with their golden color and clear high-heeled platforms. The sole is made of rubber.

FAQ about Are Justfab Shoes Good Quality

Can you buy from JustFab without a membership?

Yes, you can buy from JustFab without a membership. In that case, the prices won’t have the same discounts as the VIP members. So you might not get them as much of a lower price.

Does JustFab sell men’s shoes?

No, Justfab does not sell men’s shoes. In 2015, they added a men’s section to their website. But now they have stopped producing men’s shoes again.

Can you cancel a JustFab membership?

Yes, you can cancel a JustFab membership at any time. Just call this number- 1-866-337-0906 and cancel it whenever you want.

Our verdict on Are Justfab Shoes Good Quality

Are Justfab shoes good quality? Yes, they are of good quality for such a reasonable price. Their eye-catching offers and discounts are always a huge blessing to the customers. You can definitely save up a lot of money by shopping from Justfab.

Justfab can be the right choice to level up your fashion and upgrade your wardrobe right away. Just fill up their quiz and sign up for the VIP membership to get access to gorgeous pairs of shoes for yourself.

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