Do Puma Shoes Run Small? (Sizing guides & Chart)

Puma is a top brand for both sports and casual footwear. The company is known for bringing trendy and foot-friendly shoes for men, women, and kids. Thus, many people worldwide love Puma as their best footwear companion.

However, many people complain Puma shoes have issues with their sizing. So, we come across questions like, “Do Puma shoes run small? Or, do Puma shoes run big?”

To answer it shortly, Puma shoes are indeed a bit smaller to your feet compared to other brands. The company says it allows the wearer to have a snug fit with their sizing.

Henceforth, you should understand Puma shoe size charting when you plan to get a pair of these fantastic shoes. It will help you get a custom fit and enjoy the luxury and fun better.

**Puma  has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

Do Puma Shoes Run Small

Do Puma Shoes Run Small: true to size?

Compared to different brands, the Puma shoe is smaller to your feet than the true to size chart. Although the manufacturer claims it offers a snug fit for people, it isn’t 100% true. Also, the fit depends on the brand you are comparing it to for the right fit.

For instance, Nike shoes are almost similar to Pumas. So, those who have worn Nikes for a long time will also find Puma with a snug fit. Both brands manufacture shoes half size smaller than the actual size.

 But those who wear Adidas shoes will have the opposite experience. Adidas maintains a true size for their shoes. So, who shifts from Adidas top Puma will find the new pair of shoes a bit smaller. Thus, we recommend they go one size up for a snug and comfy fit.

Since Puma shoes run a bit smaller than other famous brands in the market, you need to learn the tips for measuring Puma shoe sizes.

Tips to Measure Puma Shoe Size

You need to measure your feet accurately and compare them with the Puma shoe size chart to find your right fit. The good thing is you can do it with a few steps within a couple of seconds only. For this, you will need-

  1. A piece of clean paper
  2. A ruler or marker
  3. Or, a measuring tape

The steps include-

  • Find a flat surface and keep the paper on it. Then step your forefoot on it. Don’t overstretch your feet and maintain your normal stance.
  • Use the pencil to create an outline of your foot across the border. Ensure that the outline is straight and as accurate as possible. Don’t hurry and do it calmly to get the most accurate results.
  • Mark the points on your heel and top of the toe. Then, measure the distance using the soft measure tape.
  • Once you have measured one foot, do the same for your second foot. Don’t worry when you find two different readings for the two different feet. It is normal.
  • Take the larger reading as your foot measurement and compare it with the Puma shoe size chart.

We recommend you measure your shoe size at the end of the day. It is because human feet stretch throughout the day. In the morning, it remains the smallest, and as the day passes, it stretches slightly. When people sleep, the foot compresses again.

Thus, measuring the shoe at the end of the day will give an accurate reading, and you won’t feel any tightness with it.

Also, when you pick your shoe size, it is preferable to choose one size big than getting one size small shoes. Firstly because Puma shoes run smaller, and secondly, they will protect your feet from unwanted blisters and bunions. So, you will enjoy a snug fit.

Suggestions for in-between sizes

Many people may get caught in between two sizes. Thus, you might get panic, and it’s understandable. But the solution is so easy that you will be surprised to know it.

  1. If you want a tight fit, choose one size down. For instance, if your feet measure 7.5 inches, you can choose Puma size 7 shoes for a tighter fit.
  2. Choose one size big if you prefer a loose fit. Thus, those with 7.5 inches of feet may choose Puma shoe size 8 to enjoy a loose feel.

Puma Shoe Size guide

Puma offers the widest shoe size range for men, women, and children. For men, Puma shoe size starts from 6 and goes all the way up to size 16. Also, the size 6 features a 9.2-inch distance from the toe to heel of your feet. Also, the UK size for shoes is 1 size smaller than the US size. So, in the UK, Puma starts from size 5 and is available up to size 15.

For women, Puma size starts at 5.5 with toe to heel measures 8.9”. The largest size for women in Puma shoes is 11, which features a 10.7-inch distance from the toe to heel.

Also, Puma has a few unisex shoes. They run, usually, 1.5 sizes down for women compared to men’s shoe sizes. So, for unisex Puma shoes, women should get 1.5 sizes down than their precise fit. For instance, if a woman wears a size 7 women’s shoe, she should get size 5.5 for the unisex shoe models. Men can get their actual size as unisex shoes follow men’s shoe chart.

For children, Puma has three different size charts. The list includes-

  • Babies and toddlers: The chart includes kids from 0 to 3 years old, and it starts at size 4 and ends at size 10.
  • Children: The children’s size chart for Puma shoes includes 4 to 9 years old kids. The smallest size is 10.5, and the biggest size is 3.5. Don’t be surprised! Puma shoes for children follow an opposite direction of the size chart.
  • Big kids and teens: This Puma shoe size includes teenagers from 8 t0 16 years old. The smallest size is 4, and the biggest size is 7 on the chart.

An Interesting Fact about Puma and Adidas

Before we wrap up our article on Puma shoe sizes, give us an interesting insight into Adidas and Puma.

Did you know that in the beginning, Puma and Adidas used the same brand?

Don’t freak it out…..

Puma and Adidas started their journey from a small town in Germany as the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. Two brothers named Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. However, their honeymoon ended soon as two brothers engaged in a feud.

The main company parted into two parts: Adidas, owned by Adolf (Adi) Dassler, and Puma, owned by Rudolf Dassler. The conflict got so intense and nasty that the town Herzogenaurach was also divided into two parts. In the southern parts, Puma established its company, and Adidas was in the northern part of the town.

The rivalry spread among even the workers, and it continues till date. What’s more surprising is two brothers were buried at the opposite end of Herzogenaurach cemetery.

Our verdict on Do Puma Shoes Run Small

Puma tends to run half a size short than Adidas and Nike. But compared to Reebok, Puma runs true to size. So, when you decide to get a pair of Puma, you should measure your feet size accurately to find the right feet.

Once you find the right fit, Puma shoes will offer you unmatchable comfort and durability. Plus, their trendy design will surely elevate your look and style.

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