Are doc martens true to size? (sizing guides/chart)

Doc Marten is the brand that can make one feel at home with their footwear. They have become trendy among the old to the young generation. I can see that people love to wear Doc Martens as great workwear also. Other than that, the stylish look of these shoes is just fantastic with any casual or hip-hop look also. Are Doc Martens True To Size?

Normally, Dr. Martens don’t run too big or too small, they are true to their size, so I would recommend getting the regular size you usually wear. However, their (Dr. Martens) size may differ from style to style.

For example, sometimes their classic boots may fit a bit big, so in this case, you should consider getting a size down from your usual size, or you can get an insole.

And also, when you are planning to move the size up (based on your needs), be conscious that this (sizing up) will mostly impact the length instead of the width.

**Doc martens  has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

Are doc martens true to size

What do I do if my Doc Martens are too big?

If you notice that your Doc Marten shoes are really too big, you can try to make them shrink. But, shrinking a Doc Martens is not such as easy a thing to do as it sounds. But no need to worry!

Just follow the instructions or methods properly, you’ll be able to get the things (shrink) done quickly.

Well, let’s see the methods that you can follow to make your big Doc Martens fit perfectly-

Method 1: Using Insoles

I have already told you that, If your Doc Martens are too or a little big for your feet, you can get insoles. And the most adorable thing is that you can get the insoles from Dr. Marten because they sell the insoles themselves.

Using the insoles will fulfill in extra space or gaps in your shoes. And after the space becomes fill, the shoe will fit your feet perfectly.

Besides these, you can also use half insoles inside your docs. These half insoles will fulfill your forefoot area’s space. But, they will not constrict the toes area anyway. So, in this way, you’ll be able to fill the extra space in your shoes and feel comfortable on the toes area. And, the most likable part is your original purpose will get fulfilled.

Method 2: Wearing Thick Socks

Wearing thick socks is good for getting warmth and feel comfortable in the cold weather. But they are not only for warmth and comfort, but they are also very good at filling the extra space in your shoes.

Even though this method may not work every time, you’ll still be able to fill in a little bit of space in your Doc Martens. So, you should give it a try.

Method 3: Using Heel Grips

Sometimes, heels may slip so that you can take heel grips yourself for this reason. Using heel grips will make sure that you will have a slip-resistant surface. Not only this, but they also make the heels secure.

So, along with the non slip surface, these also provide comfort with security. And even fulfill the extra spaces on your Doc Martens. So, in this way, you can make the Docs fit your feet completely without any worry about the extra spaces.

Are Doc Martens good for big feet?

Yes, of course, Doc Martens footwear is perfect for big feet. Usually, Doc Martens comes with a little bit roomy. And for this, they fit great in the big feet.

Plus, you don’t need to be tensed about the extra room in your toes area and wear thick socks (even though your feet are big) as they come with many spaces. So whenever you choose any footwear for your big feet, it will be better to take the footwear that stretches with time. And this is only because you will never know when you will need some extra room and comfort in your shoes.

I have massive feet myself, and interestingly, I had never experienced discomfort or any other issues relating to wearing my Doc Marten shoes. I’ve owned so many pairs of them in different types of styles, and I loved all of them.

I tried various shoes from different brands for having big feet, but they didn’t fit me well enough except Doc Martens; they are just superb for my big feet.

The insole and materials of Doc Martens are really comfy and especially great for big feet. They are just ideal for people with big feet like me, thanks to their roomy designed footwear. And the most adorable part is that they become soft with time (although they are soft but become softer with time).

How do you know what size Dr. Martens to get?

Although I already told you that Doc Martens are true to size. But as their size can vary with their style and some of their boots can run a little small or big, so knowing the true size that you want to get is important.

Well, I recommend getting a size bigger than the regular size would be the best and safest. Additionally, you can wear any thick socks with a roomy little shoe. But sizing up is not mandatory.

So for making you know which size you need to get from Doc Martens, I want to show you the size chart if it helps.

To ensure your true size, just look at the chart (carefully) below:

US FemaleUS MaleUK EUR Inch
 35-35.5 9.21″ 
5 .537.5-38 9.88″ 
6 .538.5-3910.22″ 
7.5 40-4110.54″ 
10 8 .541.5-42 10.87″ 
11 9.5 42.5-43 11.21″ 

Do Doc Martens get bigger as you wear them?

Yes, Doc marten gets bigger as you wear them because they stretch out a little with time.  But, eventually, these shoes will generally conform to the size and shape of one’s foot. In the beginning, Docs seems to be a little snug, but you shouldn’t purchase a large pair to compensate. 

If you need to stretch out your favorite Doc Marten shoes as soon as possible, then try to wear an additional pair of chunky socks and wear them three times in a day for at least 10 minutes (each time). 

Walking around within your house will be the easiest, but remember not to overdo it (walking), or you will end up having sore feet.

Doc Martens will get soft and stretch with the time as you use them! But although they will get bigger, they won’t be that worse. It is not like you wear them, they got bigger, and now you have to throw them out. Of course, Doc Martens will get bigger, but still, you will like to wear them.

I have plenty of Doc Martens, but I still love them when they get bigger.

Do Doc Marten Chelsea boots run big?

Usually, Doc Martens Chelsea Boots don’t run big; they are true to the size. However, these boots may run a little bit big for the people who stay between sizes and choose to get a size up.

So, If you’re one of them who are in-between the size, then choose to size down when buying the Doc Marten Chelsea Boots.

But if you think that your Doc Martens are running too big, try to snug them differently. Like getting a pair sizing them down, wearing thick socks, or you can use insoles also. The Doc Martens Chelsea Boots may feel stiff (if you take a size down) initially, so ensure that you take enough time to break your Docs in and carefully. 

FAQ about Are doc martens true to size

Do Doc Martens Sandals Run Big?

I already told you that Doc Martens are true to size, but sometimes they can run slightly. In this case, you can take a size down from your regular size. So it will fit perfectly.

Are Doc Martens comfortable?

Doc Marten shoes are super comfortable for regular use or work because they are developed for comfort, durable use, and endurance. The super comfy and sturdy cushioning make them great to wear regularly. In addition, they feature an excellent thick tread for an amazing grip at the time of walking, which makes them ideal as a working boot.

I am a crazy Doc Martens wearer, I used to use my lovely Doc Martens at least for 15 hours or even more in a day, and still, it feels like home and comfortable. Many of the customers on Walmart or Amazon also reported that they are excellent footwear to wear at work and spending a working shift on the feet.

Doc Martens are generally true to the size, but their size can vary from style to style.

Our verdict on Are doc martens true to size

So you should purchase your Doc Martens after ensuring your actual size, or you can directly go to the shop and get your necessary shoe in size. So now you know everything about Doc Martens, so buy your Doc Martens with a free mind and make a happy step.

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